Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

In the Zone

     It's an incredible postulate that it is possible to "remain in the zone" of the Spirit, and that it is entirely based on the choices we make, albeit by the Spirit's power alone. But we do have that power of choice to "choose life" and it is each time we act and react to things and people in our life. We can truly be in the Spirit's presence 24/7, but many times we "choose death" instead.
     God encourages and wants us to "choose life" instead as He puts both before us. This means choosing to respond in love to ourselves (letting His life indwell and transform us) and to others.(choosing to let His life and love flow through us to others.) It really is that simple. Not easy, because of our flesh and the enemy working against us, but simple.

Friday, June 28, 2013

His Purposes

     Do ever wonder what God wants out of you? I do. As He says in His Word, "write in on a tablet; make it plain," in which He was talking about a vision someone had. I wish He would do that for me.
     Many years ago, the thought came to me through Christian T.V., that we had a destiny; a specific pre-ordained purpose in the heart of God, that we were supposed to determine. Well, it was then I set out to do that, and life hasn't been the same since. I searched many roads in attempting to find out what my destiny was.
     As far out as it sounds, I thought I was to become a pastor-and I was a married woman with children at home, who were floundering because of the struggles both my husband and I were dealing with internally, the pitiful condition of farming at the time, and just general dysfunction and the pain that results from all of that.
     As I look back, I wonder if I was just wanting to run away, and would try and justify it by saying I was fulfilling my God-given destiny in doing so. The only suitable  place (in my mind) to prepare for becoming a pastor, denied my request because I was a married woman who would have to leave home. I have taken this as a "grace barrier" God put in my path to stop me from doing something, which wasn't His will.
     Then I came across the book, "The Search for Significance" which piqued my interest, thinking reading it could help me "determine my destiny." Well, it helped me alright, but not in the way I thought it would. In it the author, Robert McGee, showed how we have false beliefs, and because of them, we launch out on a search for significance, but when we begin to replace those beliefs with the truth of how God sees us, (we are perfectly loved, accepted and forgiven) we begin to know we are significant, and the search stops. Then, we can rest in that, and be content.
     I went through the workbook and answered each question completely and with the degree of honesty I could see about myself at the time. I read the words about how God sees me, but I don't think I really received them fully, at that time. Even though I mentally ascended to these truths, there was something in me that still desired to be significant. I wanted to fulfill God's purpose for me, and I wanted to leave my mark on the world somehow.
     Today, I am beginning to see that His purposes through me, many times seem insignificant to me and the world, but in His eyes they are major. Showing His love and acceptance in even small ways release His Spirit's flow to bring healing and restoration and hope in another person, and I believe, draws them to Himself in unseen ways. It is so significant eternally and in view of the company of Heaven, but is not discerned many times with the human eye. Eventually, the result of "letting His Spirit be released through us" does manifest, but only  with  spiritual vision.
     He has a destiny which was totally completed on the cross, but which is yet to be played out fully in this physical world, but will be for sure.  And it is this destiny that we "get" to be a part of that is significant. How this plays out in our lives happens in so many individual ways.
      It's only when we accept the truths of how God sees us, that we can truly let go of wanting to be somebody, and receive His destiny as ours, and that becomes good enough. And not only good enough, but it becomes the only thing that will truly satisfy us, because we know it satisfies Him.  Let HIS Kingdom come, let HIS will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven-Amen.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love Never Fails

     Today I am beginning to get ready to leave for California for a few days to attend my husband's family reunion. It's a big deal for us, because it's the first time in our 43 years of marriage, that we have flown together to do something for our enjoyment. Other trips have taken us to funerals, or overseas to do missionary work.
     In all our years of being married, we have only gone to about 3 family reunions, because my husband stayed home and took care of the farm, while his Dad attended. It was his Dad's brothers and sisters that decided to have these reunions many years ago. It evolved from a sad situation, when my husband's grandparents were both killed in an auto accident. The siblings decided that in order to make sure they stayed connected, because they lived far from each other, that they would start having reunions. And they have ever since.
     I like my husband's family; the brothers and sisters, the aunts and uncles and the cousins, and all their children, etc. They are, what they say,  from "good stock." They are "good people," and from what I have heard over the years, it is mainly because of MawMaw Blount, who was a kind and caring mother and person, who didn't discriminate between people, but loved all who she had contact with.
      She had a strong faith in God, and even wrote a poem of how she wanted to be remembered; a treasured, and hand-written piece of her heart. It was given out at one of the family reunions for all to read and have, and is a testimony of what were the priorities of her life. It shows that the living out her faith in the Lord was number 1. Because of this, I believe, her families' hearts were blessed by the love she deposited in them, and that is what made them "good stock." Even though they may not all be Christians today, she obviously plowed their hearts with her love, so that it made it easier for them to receive "the implanted seed of the Word of God through Jesus Christ," when they came in contact with it.
     So, as we go to this reunion, this love which I've been exposed to over the  years through the various people we've visited with, will meet and greet me. What a good thing blessed fellowship is, and how amazing it is how "love, given away" from one person can continue to flow through the generations, and even to those who married into the flow like me.
     Thank you, MawMaw Blount, for your love. It is still alive in your family, and is touching hearts even today in the year 2013.

P.S.-If you'd like to read her poem, it is printed in my father-in-law's book, I Always Had a Dream, by Thomas Cecil Blount. (

      He wrote the memoirs of his 95 years of life last year. It is an amazing story of his growing up days of moving all over the country with his family, and tells of his vision for a farm, and how his God given characteristics of perseverance and optimism made that dream and much more, become a reality.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, so help me, God

     Have you ever been in a situation where you were trapped (had no control) and it was blocking you from doing what you felt was God's will? It is a horrible place to be, full of sadness and despair. It's that you would fill God's desire, but the decisions of someone else is preventing you from doing that. To make matters worse, in the past, the person who has the control, was once in unity with you. Then you wonder if God holds you accountable or not, and feelings of anger (at who, you don't know) are experienced.
     Today I told God that "it wasn't fair," for me to want to do His will, and someone is getting in the way of me doing that. It was with tears that I said this. I didn't want to blame God, but deep inside I guess I have been, and when I finally let these feelings come to the surface, a dam broke in me.
     Now, maybe I will see more clearly what is truly going on, either in me, the other person ,the situation, and/or in what God is trying to show me through it all. There is something about being completely honest, with one's own buried feelings, (right or wrong) that brings other things to light also; that more understanding will come.
     One thing for sure, is that a person always feels better when they get out their true feelings. Have you ever noticed that? Repressed feelings kill. They are buried in one's soul, and are rehearsed over and over, and we don't even realize that's happening. We keep them hidden sometimes even from ourselves, and in this dark place they always bring destruction to us, and to our relationships.
     Slowly, God has been changing me so that I will be able to share my feelings with another, without attacking them personally, mainly just for the purpose of offering myself to them  in truth, and to clear the air which hangs heavy, if we harbor these thoughts and feelings underground.
     I  believe God wants the same from us. David, in the Psalms, speaks plainly to God, with everything he thinks and feels. He praises Him unashamedly, and He shares his feelings and thoughts about his enemies and the often bleak situations he finds himself in, whether self-induced or innocently. He calls for vengeance from God on his enemies; an attitude I feel is not of God, but David is feeling that way, and so he says it freely to God.
     "I desire truth in the inward parts", God says. ( Psalm 56:1) Again, He points out the fact that Nathaniel has no guile in him whenever he spoke out freely and honestly. (John 1:47) To feel or think one way, and to present it another way either to others or to God is being hypocritical. Learning to not try and hide my true feelings and thoughts to God first, is a step in not doing that with people. That is where I'm at; that is where He's got me. He is intent on cleaning the inside of the cup, and He will do it.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Stress Free Living

     I am beginning to understand that it is not God that puts pressure on us. It's either ourselves, someone else, or the enemy. Pharoah was a type of the enemy, and his mantra was "one more brick, one more brick, one more brick" causing stress and hardship for the emprisoned Israelites. And that is what we become if we succumb to these weighty orders, either in our heads or even outwardly.
    Well, what if we have an oppressive boss or spouse or someone else in our lives that trys and puts this on us? I believe that if we surrender ourselves and it to God, then He will either supply us with a place of rest so we are not affected by these externals, or he moves the person out of the way somehow, or sometimes He even asks us to make a change by being bold and addressing the person head-on. By the power of the Holy Spirit, this usually breaks the power we've allowed the oppressive person to have over us as we bring it out into the light and assert ourselves. In the case of it being the enemy who has successfully driven us to perform, possibly due to a weakness we have of being accepted or measuring up; once we recognize that, we can point to Jesus and His acceptance and love for us, and end it there, by the power of His blood. If we ourselves put this pressure on ourselves, perhaps due to oppressive people in our past who did that to us, (and now these voices are resident in us); once we recognize this, we can bathe our hearts and minds with the truth of the word of God who accepts us totally even if we are not productive one day of our lives!!!! Once we embrace His unconditional love and acceptance, we can immediately reject any interfering voices which tries to contradict these eternal truths. Overtime, they will get so soft we can barely hear them, and then if they do try and raise their heads after that, we can ignore them unabated.
    To really chew on what unconditional love is can bring freedom from the stress to perform and produce. Before the Fall of man, Adam labored with God in peace and rest. I believe we can be restored to that, if we allow God's love to permeate our hearts and minds. We can produce, but it will be from a place of being loved and forgiven and accepted, and not from a place of stressful fear and driveness.
     "My yoke is easy and My burden is light" Jesus said. Oppression coming from anywhere is not from Him. He calls us back to walk in the cool of the evening with Him; to bask in His love and grace, with freedom to be ourselves, and to receive acceptance for who we are because we are who He created us to be.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Son will Build the House

     God does an extreme makeover on us! I'm not sure if He does it automatically, or if we have to volunteer and then He does it. I think the latter because of the fact that He doesn't violate our wills.
     There are many aspects to our salvation which Jesus "won" for us on the cross by His dying. It's up to us if we want to receive any or all of it. Of course, eternal life we grasp readily; that doesn't require anything of us, just "believing." But our sanctification is another story. Our sanctification requires that we be willing to "lay down our lives" and let God do in us what He wants to do, which results usually in pain and suffering. The outcome, of course, is worth it. It works "righteousness"- His righteousness in us, and becomes a part of who we are with His goodness shining through us, to the praise of His glory.
     So, when we submit to this process, He begins the work that lasts a lifetime. His willingness to work without quitting on us is inexhaustible. Even when He has to strip us down over and over and over again. He is intent on making us a new creation! He will  finish what He starts, and the zeal for His Father's house consumes Him.  We are His Father's house, and His Son will build a suitable one for Him. He is indeed building that House through us.
    Our sanctification, or the remodeling job He does in us, is not something most seek out. Our flesh likes itself, and wants to have it's way and do what it wants to do, and not change. So, even when we decide to ask Him "to create a new heart" in us, we are saying that we want Him to work against what we want (in our flesh) and have His way, so we should expect a struggle at that point. And struggle with us He will to have dominion over what is in us to defeat and destroy us. In His mercy, He overcame the devil and the flesh, and He will overcome it in us if we yield. Only in this way, will He be glorified in our lives. Even so, come Lord Jesus.  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Internal Springs

     I know what it's like to draw from the fountain inside of me; the living waters; the wellspring of life-Jesus by His Holy Spirit. I have been experiencing dryness lately, and I expressed it on the previous post. Well, I guess God heard me and answered.
     Today His grace was manifest to me from the inside out. It was as if I was self-sustained, and this is something I haven't experienced to this degree before. I have always needed others approval or attention or affirmation, but today was different. Today I feasted on the truths of how God sees me, and it was enough! In one way, I couldn't believe it. I would be ignored or interrupted or even criticized, and I went on in my peaceful bliss with the Lord and being nourished by the truth that I am accepted, celebrated, encouraged, and rejoiced in by His heart. And it was in this posture that I remained secure.
     I wish I could live in that forever. On one hand, it's true that I will, (eternal life with Him) but on the other hand, my darned flesh rears it's ugly head and interrupts this existence, while I am still in this body.
    Just one drop of His presence and peace, though, makes it worth it all. I have longed for this place in Him for a long time, and I experienced it today.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dry As Corn Shucks

     Sorry no new posts. I turned the faucet on, but nothing came out. Not even a drop. Waiting for new inspiration from above. Until then, keep your eyes on Jesus, and press on towards the mark of the high calling. Can't go wrong with that. Love to you.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

God's Creative Power

   In 13 years my husband will be 80 years old. I tend to look ahead like that.  I try to scope the future to approximate how much time we have left here together, so that if we feel the Lord would have us make changes, than we could and would. I brought this up to him yesterday, and he said he had been thinking about the same thing a few days ago, and felt that there was really nothing different he would want to do.
     This left me in a tizzy somewhat, as I had always believed that our lives have been building to a crescendo, and towards the end they would create a picture that the Lord Himself had been drawing, and everything we had been through would then all make sense. Not that we would be well-known by others, but that we would know finally what the Lord had been up to in our lives, and feel confident that He had used everything which made up our lives for His glory and purposes. 
     In the course of the conversation, I had mentioned that we could continue our missionary work, and he asked where would we go, to which I had no answer. Since our lives recently has taken a turn due to circumstances beyond our control, things have changed with the people we had formerly worked through, and now our focus has been altered somewhat. In this transition period, we are not sure where and on what our focus is to be centered now. The question remains at this late date in life, "where do we go from here?" and we are asking it to the Lord. So far we haven't heard an answer.
     I've had some ideas, but as a friend of mine said recently, "there are alot of ideas, but if the anointing isn't on them, then they are just ideas." So, we seek God's anointed ideas for the rest of our lives. I hope when He imparts them to us, that it will be perfectly clear and resonates firmly in our souls, as I don't like one little bit, doubts and ambiguity. And especially conflict between my husband and I, and this is the area that he is speaking to me about lately.  It is perhaps this one area that has slowed us down from seeing or hearing what God has for us, and I am asking Him to help me with this.
      I had stopped this post with the sentence above and had saved it to finish later. Now is later, (6:00 p.m.) and I'll continue.

       I went about my day, and God was so good to share so much with me concerning what I had asked Him for help with. I put all the cards on the table, that I knew of for His scrutiny and discretion. Either He could change them, deal me new cards, or tear them up. I was all His to do with as He wished. I submitted to so much that I unknowingly had never been able to surrender before. When He brought things into the light in me which had not been according to His will, I (by His enabling power, of course) was able to let go of them. I'm talking about long held beliefs and perspectives I thought had been His will before, and had decided I would hold onto them come hell or high water; even stake my life on them. Now, He was showing me I had been wrong and it was stunning, and so refreshingly humbling. I felt a peace, excitement and a lightness as a result.
     Also, within a few hours, He had restored something I thought He was going to take away, and had brought agreement between my husband and I and it felt good and right. With those changes, hope was renewed and new purpose and direction was seen in our lives.
     It makes me think of how seemingly quick God works, like when He brought things into creation. And God said, and there was. That is what it seems like He's done in us. He's created harmony, hope, direction,  and purpose in what seemed like a nano second.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

His Sovereign Healings

     Trying to explain healing as a doctrine can lead to confusion and trouble. Some say if someone isn't healed, then it is due to the fact that the one needing healing didn't have enough faith. Others, perhaps subconsciously, think that if someone prays for their healing and they don't get healed, then it is because the one praying didn't have enough faith. As a result, a sort of "blame" game, albeit secretly, happens.
     Recently, I got stung on my finger by a wasp, and I believe that I am slightly allergic to the venom. Three days later, there was still alot of swelling, and the itching was waking me up at night. I then asked for prayer from my husband and 3 adult children. There was no miraculous healing that took place. Today (the 4th day) it seems to be a little better. Hopefully, it is healing now.
     It seems that in the area of healing, that if we don't allow for God's sovereign way and timing in it all, then we are left perhaps feeling neglected personally, and even un-loved, and the ones praying can feel like "their prayers weren't good enough," or the ones praying can judge the one being prayed for  as "not having enough faith." This round robin can result in many people's faith beign attacked, doubted or weakened, or worse, people may even "blame God."
     When God decides when someone gets healed, and it doesn't line up with when people think they should or when they want to get healed, I think He has His reasons. In my case, I believe that He wanted me to ask for prayer, which is a humbling action. If I had been healed instantly, instead of having to suffer a little, I wouldn't have reached out to my family, shared my hurt with them, and let them love me by praying for me in this way. God has been bringing me out of isolation lately, and teaching me my need of others and of their love, and so I think that He used this episode in a small way to help me in this process. 
     There are so many ways, means and strategies of God that we can't even begin to try and figure out the what, why and when of His healing plan for us and others unless He reveals it to us. He may even reveal some, and not all of it to us. That is His sovereign choice. Again, He is God. 
    We'd all like to understand healing, in a nutshell, and so many groups of people have come up with a succinct teaching about it. Some say, "if you truly believe" than you will be healed now-period. The implication is that if you don't receive a instantaneous healing, than something is wrong with your faith. The enemy surely can use the doubt and fear that comes from this teaching to bring condemnation and guilt on someone.  
     God uses many ways to heal, but make no mistake, He is the Healer. He may have someone dunk 7 times in the pool of Saloam, or He may speak to them and say, "pick your mat up and walk," or He may choose to make a mud salve out of his spit and rub it on your eyes. These different ways seen in the Word of God
I believe, are trying to show us that He doesn't have a specific format, neither when He walked the earth, and even today.
     A physical healing is wonderful, and from His blessed Hands, but I truly believe that He is after so much more than that. He is the lover of our soul, and wants to touch, heal and make whole our minds, wills and emotions to be conformed to His image for the sake of His glory.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Make Me a Servant

     I just read Matt. 20:20-25. It tells about a mother who asks Jesus if He could reserve 2 places on either side of Him for her 2 sons in His Kingdom, to which He responds in saying that if anyone wants to be special in His Kingdom, that they need to serve others as He has done. By implication, He is saying that to "be somebody" special is not to be well-known by association, (Him, in this case) hold a favored position, or be elevated above the rest.
     Today in our accomplishment driven, goal-seeking, it's all-about-me society, it is difficult to even hear this message. I mean we can hear it, but to really tap into it's meaning, and put it into practice in our daily lives, would mean we must go against the flow. We must consciously decide not to pursue our dreams if they involve us being the center of attention and glory, and instead focus on other people and their needs.
     There is another complication that can arise when we place ourselves in this position, and that is knowing when we have gone overboard with this. The sheer mention of the word "codependency" can cause us to run far from this posture of serving. What I mean is when is helping someone else really helping them, and when does it turn into a dependency that is keeping them from growing strong in their own right?
     When I think of a serving person, I think of one in the background who quietly is attuned to and willing to put other's first. This person is usually thought of as spineless, mousy or even insecure. But what if they are the most secure person of all? What if they are so secure in Jesus that they don't have to be #1, or be seen by others, and who can love others freely and serve them because they truly do understand and receive His acceptance of them, and want to pass that on? They understand that God and the company of heaven sees them and what appears to be their insignificant life, and graciously serves others with this awareness. They serve God by serving others, and great is their reward in Heaven. Not only this, but they have unlocked the secret to happiness in their serving, and truly live in the truth that it is better to give than to receive.
     How can a person lay out their own plans, hopes and dreams, pursue them with all their determination and serve other people? Some could argue that they can serve others and their own plans too, but I believe that in attempting to do both, the "I" will come out winning (losing?) in the end. Because when we pursue our own dreams, we end up ignoring, neglecting or by-passing others whose needs are in our way.
     My heart's cry presently is for God to help me love people the way He does. I know that if I have His heart, I will not want or need to elevate myself, and I will be open and willing to serving their needs, and by His Holy Spirit, He will balance it all out according to His vision and purpose. Let His dreams and purposes be fulfilled in all of our lives, and let Him only be glorified.

     This might help explain why so many people end up attempting to fulfill their own lives, instead of being willing to serve God and His purposes; they've been "set free" from bondage through Jesus, but then they become a "slave" to themselves, and don't use their freedom to serve Him.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Get Out of the Way; God is Coming!

     I've heard the adage that if we trust God, He will prove Himself to us. Sometimes it feels like I am not trusting God, but deep inside I am. When I am not feeling Him or not seeing Him work is when I feel this way. Another adage is that our feelings can deceive us-Amen to that! That is what I am talking about.
     But, inspite of our feelings, He does indeed eventually come through, and brings life to us, and to situations in our life. Sometimes He moves in a few months time, and sometimes years. "Those who wait upon the Lord will never be put to shame"-Psalm 25:3. This isn't an adage, but a timeless truth or promise of God.
     In our waiting, He develops so much in us, that when the promises we are trusting in come to pass, we are ready to receive them in a right way. We then realize that it is all Him and not us who has brought the provisions and not by our own efforts. The only thing that we provided is the waiting and the trusting. We receive them in thanksgiving and humility, especially if our own efforts to gain anything has been constantly defeated and/or brought us pain and suffering. Finally, we step back and wait and trust.
     We can bemoan ourselves because we didn't let go sooner, and reason that if we had, the promises would have come to pass sooner. This is probably true, but if the truth were known, there are some things in us that have to be removed/destroyed first in order for us to let go. I think that sometimes we have to go through certain things (reaping in the form of pain and suffering) in order for our flesh to be convinced that in it "dwells no good thing." Then, we become ripe for the picking, or we become ready to receive.
     When God gets us in that position, He can work and bring about His promises. We have more/less given up on ourselves, and are ready and waiting for Him to move, and trusting Him for the way and the time of it all.
     In this place, we begin to see "things fall into place" in our lives. No credit for what we have done is taken, as we now know, that trusting in ourselves merits nothing of life. Even though we may have material goods from our striving, the life of God inside us is not present. Our own rewards ring of sterility and deadness. God's work in us and in our circumstances in response to our trusting Him brings with it His presence and His life. Now that is worth it all, and is what makes us truly prosperous. (or flourishing)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Random Questions, Thoughts and Statements

1) How can God forgive you if you feel justified in your sinning; if you truly believe you haven't done anything wrong, even though you have? The same question applies with each other. Until someone is willing to admit their sin, can we truly forgive them? If so, I never understood how. Maybe that is why we first confess. This is an admission of our accountability before one another and before God of taking responsibility of what we have done wrong. It is an agreement with what God says is sin, and not trying to run from it, excuse it or deny it, and it includes feeling sorry for it.

2) I will never give up on God never giving up on me. This is just a declarative statement that came into my head the other day, and it gave me great hope. Deep inside, I truly believe that God will be my constant, come what may, that He is on my side, and that He is true to His Word; that He WILL complete what He started in me, even though it seems that I take many, many detours and progress, as I see it, is slow. But, again, He sees entirely different than I do so much of the time, and I have confidence in His seeing (which I know is true and real) over my seeing. Praise God!

3) I honestly believe that in America, we Christians, are suseptible to blindness to the true riches of the Gospel, and of being "in Christ" because of the prosperity all around us. I believe our minds have been infected unknowingly by this, and they cannot help but process one without the other, without being opened to what the Word says about riches, and without consciously resisting the lure of them in the here and now. Maybe it's because so many of us have abundant provision, and somehow feel guilty about it; because we know there are so many others in the world who are truly oppressed and hungry and we aren't sharing with them, and we know we should. We remember God said for us not to lay up treasures on earth by building barns to store our things in, but we know we have amassed those things regardless, and we are storing up our money (CD's, etc.) anyway. So, we rationalize what we do using the Bible (gotta be like the ant in Proverbs, etc.) when really we don't trust God in continuing to provide for us. On top of that, we include "our prosperity" in the Gospel, saying that He provides and wants prosperity for us, and that if we are under grace, we would be prosperous.  Frankly, I don't see that in the Word at all. I do see the word "prosperous" but in looking it up, it means to flourish. Our souls are truly prosperous and flourishing,  and we truly are rich because of having Christ in us. God OR  Mammon (money)- we must make a choice, and quite trying to combine them, and disgrace the King of glory.

4) The renewing of our minds, by the Word of God is one of the most important elements in maturing in Him. The other is to open yourself up to His inner work, by allowing Him to clean us up inside. The Word of God has been maligned today, by a train of thought that is going around (planted by the devil) that uses that fact that Jesus' coming to the earth was "the Word made flesh." This is true, but shouldn't discount the truths of the written Word, which I believe, it has. Other things, like "listening to the Spirit" and not making sure the written Word backs up what we hear, is another way the enemy is gaining ground in people's minds to have increased distrust in it, and they are increasingly not reading it, and their minds are not being renewed to truth. This makes them subject to further lies of the enemy to distort their minds, and all the while, they think they are getting closer to God and His truth, while they are getting further from Him. This is delusion and deception which leads to blindness. Serious business. I am beginning to understand why God said He would  shorten the days of His return; if He didn't, He said that even the elect would be deceived.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Blessed Submission to an All-Knowing God

     Today is a new day and a new week. It's Monday. I don't know what it will hold, but my Father in Heaven does, and that is awesome. Just to think of Him and know that He is all-knowing blows me away.  I mean He even knows what my minute by minute decisions will be in each day, and what circumstances will present themselves in my life, and what other people I come in contact will think and do, and how that will affect me, and what I will do in response to them, and how that will affect them, and on and on and on. He knows the beginning from the end, and He is the beginning and the end, and He is without beginning and without end.
     Now wrap your mind around that. The truth is we can't, and I don't think we are meant to. Even though God does reveal certain things about Himself to us, through His Son, there are parts of Him we will never be able to truly relate to, as He is the Potter and we are the clay. Or simply He is God, and we are not.
     Because He is God, He holds attributes so far above ours, that He is held in supremacy over us, as it should be. Because He is above us, and we are under Him, the right order is established for us to follow Him and His will. Even if we don't acknowledge this truth, we still run into it when we violate His Lordship in our lives in the form of reaping what we've sown.
     A life which is in constant resistance to this established order will never get rewarded with His peace, but will always be in perpetual conflict, until  there is submission to His will and ways. There is a peace the world gives, but He says that is not His peace. His peace is  inward and is ever present inspite of any and all circumstances.
     So, this all-knowing God, who is already aware of what mine and your week will look like and what will happen, is the One who governs the universe with all wisdom and truth, and He'd like to govern our universe. The question is whether or not, we will let Him, and get in line with His established order of Him being Head over us, and receive blessings untold. These blessings, I'm convinced have nothing to do with material goods, but are blessings that affect our soul of peace, love and joy unspeakable. He promises that if we put Him first, then all these other things will be added to us.
     As we approach this new week, let's trust the One who died for us, and submit under His blessed will for us, and see how differently our days become. I know I have a very strong will of my own, but I truly want to trust Him more and more and I want to do as He'd like me to do every minute of every day. I'd like for Him to be glorified in my life as I do, and for Him to fulfill every purpose He has for my life. I want my decisions to be His decisions, and for me to get out of the way. Even so, come Lord Jesus. Come and have your way in me. Amen.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

True Fellowship

     Below is an article a brother wrote, who I consider to have the gift of teaching in the Body of Christ. This article is taken from his monthly newsletter which I receive through my email. This month, in particular I was touched as he described what true fellowship in the Body is, and frankly, caused me to yearn for it even more. Could it be my will on a level I don't know about that is rejecting it? Is it right before me and I don't even know it? If so, I want to see and respond to it, embrace it and participate in it, "even more so as I see the Day approaching." Enjoy hearing truth from the Word of God. God watches over it to perform it.
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 Basis of Fellowship
Art Nelson


Fellowship is one of those things that seems to have multiple meanings in our cultural, historic, churches. The word is used for anything from a pot luck meal in the “fellowship hall” to a church sponsored football party in a member's home. Churches even put on their signs “come fellowship with us on Sunday”. Are these the true meaning of the way fellowship is used in the Bible. Or have we once again brought a spiritual function from its proper place and purpose and moved it into the world system and allowed it to take on the attributes assigned by the world instead of those assigned by God? What is the biblical basis for fellowship—its central tenet? Without a biblical basis can we have biblical fellowship?

Beginning Point of Fellowship

The Scriptures make it clear where fellowship begins and the end result of fellowship as designed by the Lord.
1 John 1:1-3 NASB
(1) What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands, concerning the Word of Life--
(2) and the life was manifested, and we have seen and testify and proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was manifested to us--
(3) what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ.
The beginning point of fellowship is the Word of Life—what was from the beginning. The Word of Life was with the Father but was manifested, revealed to us. Because we have seen the revelation of the Word of Life, we can testify and declare this revelation to others. How is this done?
It is done by us testifying and proclaiming
  1. what we have heard
  2. what we have seen with our eyes
  3. what we have looked at
  4. what we have touched with our hands.
This is done for the purpose listed in verse 3. “ what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also, so that you too may have fellowship with us”. So, based on this, where does our fellowship begin? It begins with our experience with the Word of Life—what we have seen, heard, and handled of the Lord.

Believers Without Experience

Our easy believism has brought into being entire churches of people who have no experience with the Word of Life. They have “received Jesus into their heart” but have not seen, heard or handled the Word of Life. They have no personal experience with the Lord and as a result have no basis for biblical fellowship. Without that basis, fellowship becomes a soulish, worldly activity based on the world's criteria for social activity.
However, true fellowship is a function of the spirit and not the soul. It's basis as seen above relates to experience and interaction with the Word of Life. A soulish person can have social interaction but it takes a spiritual person to have fellowship. The traditional churches preoccupation with worldly things has caused us to substitute social activity dressed up in religious terminology for true fellowship, which is spiritual interaction with the Lord and each other.
The goal of our testimony, as verse 3 of I John 1 tells us, is that they might have fellowship with us and with the Father and His Son. So, fellowship brings people together with spiritual interaction between each other and with the Father and Son. We experience the Lord collectively.

Results of Fellowship

Because fellowship is a spiritual function there are quantifiable spiritual outcomes in our lives.
1 John 1:6-7 NASB
(6) If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth;
(7) but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.
It is easy to say that we have fellowship with Him as verse 6 above tells us; but, we are unable to fellowship with Him if we are walking in darkness. Why? Because He is light and in Him is no darkness at all (v.5). Light exposes darkness and overcomes it. Fellowship brings us into light with the Lord and with each other. Verse 7 seems to indicate that there is an aspect of cleansing of the Blood of Jesus that is only applicable as we fellowship with one another. This probably has to do with confessing our faults to another [James 5:14-16].

Finding Fellowship

The current church environment with its social climate has made it very difficult for those of us who are actually seeking true fellowship to find it. I encounter few people with whom I can share what I have seen, heard, and handled of the Word of Life. I find few who even want to discuss anything about the Word, yet they are quickly ready to argue their denominational doctrine.
We need others with whom we can share what we have seen and heard of the Lord and they need us too. However, finding others who have experience with the Lord is difficult. You can find many who have experience with traditional church but fellowship with them is close to impossible. They tend to be either so entangled with the world system that they can only interact socially or they are steeped in religious doctrine that hinders or blocks spiritual fellowship.
I don't want this to sound arrogant or prideful with what I am about to say but I am sure that many of you receiving this Present Truth Teaching Letter will be able to identify with it. Paul told the Corinthians that he could not speak to them as spiritually mature adults but instead had to speak to them as infants in Christ [I Corinthians 3:1]. While this is necessary sometimes, we can grow tired of speaking “baby talk” and need some adult conversation and fellowship.
It is natural that some of those we encounter for fellowship will be infants in Christ but it is not natural that all would be. Where are the more mature? Where are those who are growing in the Lord and being changed into His likeness? Where are those who have experience with the Lord and spiritual things? Have our traditional churches turned into perpetual nurseries?
I am looking for those who are seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. For it is in the Kingdom that we find His subjects and we can have fellowship with Him and His citizens.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Using the Temporal to Infuse the Eternal

     This past week I was asked to keep my son's 4 children for a week from 10am-4pm. This was my shift to watch them while they went on a vacation for their 15th wedding anniversary, out of the country. I was more than glad to do it because they haven't been anywhere together, for any length of time, since they've been married.
     Because they had asked me early enough, I had time to prepare, and really give some thought as to how we could spend the time in a valuable way. Because I do better if I have a schedule, and I think children do to, I decided to have "Grandma's Day Camp." I divided the day into time slots which were: Swimming or Outside Play, Inside Games, Lunch, Read, DVD, or Rest, Crafts or Outside Play, Bible, Snacks, and Share Time. I planned in advance what I would have for Crafts, Bible and Share Time. I also bought a medium sized swimming pool, and some new toys for the sandbox and inside play. I had the time of my life!
     We went to a zoo 2 hours away mid-week and had a blast! One of my grandaughter's commented, "That is our field day." They were just as excited and entertained as I was with it all. All the effort and energy and planning made it worthwhile and the memories it created for us all were invaluable.
     On the last day,  I cooked a special hot meal for them, to which the same grandaughter exclaimed, "Mmmmm....thank you, Grandma!" And we also had a special craft of decorating T-shirts I bought for them using fabric markers and iron-on decals. Each one was so unique and creative and they all enjoyed making them.
     What made it all worthwhile, though to me, was when one of them said in passing, "My favorite part of Camp was Bible and Share Time." This particular grandchild, I've noticed lately, is very interested in spiritual things. I've seen the enemy try and attract her to his power because of it, but I have full confidence that she wil fulfil her God given purpose and use the spiritual gift I believe she's been given by Him.
      Because He's pointed this out to me about her, I will continue to pray for her protection, and speak the truth to her when He gives me an opening. In fact, one of the Bible times we had this week, was spent sharing Scripture that was just for her. When she was dabbling in satan's allurements later this week, I was able to remind her of the Scripture we had studied to try and help her not do what she was doing at the time. (Although what she was doing would be considered harmless to most, God has shown me that it is an open door for satan to come in.) She remarked, "Oh yea, I remember we talked about that," and really seemed to understand, and seemed excited to be reminded of the truth. Somewhere deep inside her I know she wants to know His truth. She is seeking it in her spirit.
     I can remember when she was a young child of 2 years old and we were all worshipping at a home group at our house. The song had words that said, "There is a river whose streams make glad the city of our God." This grandaughter quietly went into one of our bedrooms and got her innertube, put it around her neck, came back into the living room where we all were, and was dancing around and around in circles. When I opened my eyes, there she was. I knew then that she understood on some level, that the River of God was a good thing, and that He was saying through her that we needed to trust Him and not fear. It was awesome! She had a penchant for spiritual things even then. 
     So, you could say that this Day Camp was just for her, even though we all enjoyed and got something positive out of it. But when eternal things are accomplished by God (and I believe something was planted in my Grandaughter by Him) then that is the true thing of value!!! To God be the Glory great things He has done!!!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Reality is Truth; Truth is Reality

     Lately God has been showing me how the truth involves more than just what has traditionally been taught and thought. In addition to being equivalent to what light and life is, it also is "what is real." Think about it. When something is true, it is real, and it is not corrupt, it lasts forever, and it provides safety. Ultimately, Jesus Christ is the Truth.
     On the other hand, lies and what is not real, includes pretending or pretense, in any way, shape or form. We are involved in darkness (or lies, or not being in the truth) daily, either coming from others in what they say or do, or coming from ourselves. And, it opens the door for the enemy to come in. He is the Father of lies and in him is no light. (or life or truth)
     Let's take the idea of pretending. In our imagination, are "tools" we use to try and protect ourselves by pretending, or we just dabble in ideas by creating things the way we want them to be. Our carnal minds delight in these things; so does the devil. If we begin to exercise this power we have to create, apart from reality (or what it true) the enemy takes advantage of this, and adds his own power to it. If we don't resist and repent, by turning to God and call on His power to deliver us, overtime he will take over and control our thoughts and actions, leading us further and further into darkness. If we don't realize what is happening, we go on ignorantly thinking we are just playing harmless, little games. At the same time, we are going deeper and deeper into a dark hole with blinders on.
     That is why I am blogging this today. It is in hopes that someone reads it, asks God about it if they are involved in this kind of mind activity and turn and be saved. It becomes withcraft and demonic oppression, if not possession, overtime. Even so called innocent "imaginary friends or animals" of children is dangerous. Anything which takes someone away from reality (or truth) the devil can use by adding power to it, which many find hard to resist. In children, it is my belief that the younger he can snatch them, the better, especially in the formative years.
    Escaping from reality either in imagination or in taking drugs or drinking alcohol or by eating, or by whatever means can become a snare, which can cause a stronghold of the enemy to result. Becoming aware of his devices can either help save ourselves, our children or others from becoming trapped in his clutches. Calling on the Holy Spirit's power is the only way to resist him if someone is tempted in these ways.
     Walking in the truth in terms of staying in reality is part of the protection God offers us. As we grow more and more in His likeness, by continuing to yield to the work He does in us, helps strengthen His power in us, which in turn dispels the darkness which would try and come our way.
    "Help me look at reality, Lord, and give me the strength to stay in reality with Your help, and not resort to my own means of escape or avoidance," is my prayer today, as the fiery darts of the enemy are pointed towards us, as God's children if we open ourselves up to him. "Close the gaps in me, oh Lord." Amen.   

Thursday, June 06, 2013

God-the Only Trustworthy One

     When trust is violated between persons, it takes time to recover from that. The mental and emotional pain involved in a betrayal requires healing. Sometimes an outcropping of this includes becoming wary of trusting anyone. What is worse is when doubt has been cast on someone by accusations and you don't know if they are true or not. Then there is the case of when someone does something that doesn't make sense, and where there is an influence involved that has seemed to control them, but you can't prove it.
    My husband and I have experienced these situations over the past few months with several persons we thought we knew, and we knew we loved. Not knowing what to do about it and how our decisions would affect our relationships, we sought the Lord for His wise counsel and direction. Overtime, He gave us direction step by step, but it seems like the relationships are suffering anyway on their side.
     When we seek God, sometimes, we think His direction and outcomes are going to end up where everyone lives happily ever after. Not necessarily so. Perhaps He is wanting the relationships to end, for His purposes. In our case, maybe the relationships we had were "built on sand" and when the testing came, they failed. Maybe the other persons only kept relationship with us based on what we were doing for them only, and weren't really based on love.
     Because of this shaking, we are now hesitant to make new friends, or even get closer to anyone without wondering what they "want" out of us. I know this is not good, but after experiencing these things, it is only normal to atleast be more careful in the future in joining with others. And that is also what the Lord may be trying to get out of this-He may be wanting to be the One who directs us in who to join with to protect and/or grow us in Him.
    So, we are in the healing and restoring process currently, and we'll see what the Lord has in store for us. I am thinking He is re-directing us specifically to certain people who we could bless and who could bless us simultaneously. Then again, He may just have us be used again, so we can learn to pray for and love our enemies. That, I feel, is more in line with what He would do in order to stretch and grow us. Again, it's the dying to self process He's after. Ultimately He wants our complete trust and availability whether it feels good to us or not. And the beat goes on.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Little Lights

     Little lights on a black grid all around the United States is what my daughter once saw in the spirit, which represented God's sons and daughters. It looked kind of like a starry sky at night. What it also said to me is that because they were not arranged in clusters, like they would be if each "church" was represented, that "not all of Israel is Israel." In other words, all who call themselves His, are not necessarily His, in Spirit and in Truth. Afterall, He says that the tares (false sons) grow alongside the wheat. (true sons)
     He tells us that those who are His do the will of the Father. We don't just claim faith, but we respond to that faith in obedience, or atleast in desiring His will over our own, trusting Him to change us inside to enable us to do that will. We don't justify our own actions or self. We let Him "have us" so to speak, so that we can do His will and we love His will and honor it. We understand that we are not our own, but that we have been bought with a price, and we love that ownership He has over us, knowing that He is all wise, and that our own self-will is nothing but filthy rags, full of unclean ways and motives. In fact, our own selves, get in our way, and we despise in us what interfers with His will, which is our flesh. He tells us in our flesh is no good thing, and we know it and believe it, as we've experienced it first hand.
     So, the whole creation groans and travails for the manifestation of the sons of God. Who is who and who is true? So many in America claim sonship and yet go about fulfilling their own wills, justifying that by claiming the Scripture, "delight yourselves in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart," knowing nothing of denying themselves to follow Him and His will for their lives. It seems to be the ultimate case of "wanting your cake and eating it too." In truth, if we truly do delight ourselves in the Lord, His will and His desires will be our own.
     It may be for now, in many cases, that the Lord is having His family live apart to develop them individually, so that they can learn to hear His voice. The herd mentality, or consensus, when heard through carnal ears, brings false direction and understanding, where one influences another. He could be doing this so that His true ones are not tainted by the crowd who is being led astray; those who don't love the truth.
      I am only speculating, of course, but that's how it is in my life currently. There seems to be no one who wants to fellowship around the Lord anymore. Most of the talk and focus is about SELF- that loathsome creature who pushes to the side our Lord.
     "Where two or three are gathered, there I am in the midst of them" He says, and this may be the way it will be from now on until His return. He may want us to be content with that occasional fellowship that comes our way instead of what we formerly had and may desire. Let His precious Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Pray for the strength and endurance of the faith of the saints in this time of seeming isolation.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

God's Holistic Health Program

     I'm realizing lately that part of being made whole is me taking care of myself, or should I say, that the outcropping of what God has done and is doing in me, is that I am beginning to care about my own health, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. God takes a holistic approach, or wants total restoration in our beings.
     For example, I am seeing that I need to be around people with the gift of encouragement. This upbeat, edifying gift in operation helps me come out of my leaning towards despair as the people who have it speak life giving words to me.  I have the gift of a "see-er", and with that gift comes burden bearing, intercession and blowing the trumpet when truth is being confronted and a spiritual enemy is near. As a result, I  experience other's pain, and the result to my spirit is to dampen it and bring it down. The person with the gift of encouragement offers a fresh and light perspective to the situation which counters that. We need one another.
     Realizing this about myself, I seeing that to be around an encouraging person, is just what I need to do whenever I am beginning to "go down," and that it is o.k. to do this, and probably even what the doctor is ordering for me at these times. So, I will try to make a point of availing myself of this opportunity.
     Availing ourselves of what God has provided for our needs, is one of the new things He is opening my eyes to, and I am feeling He wants me to take advantage of, or access. His Word says that He provides everything according to Life and Godliness for us, and so why not receive what He has provided? To deny His provision may be due to pride (I can do it myself) or false humility, and could mean we are pushing back His Hand, and ultimately His Help. It's no wonder we feel distant from Him, if that is the case.
     I can't pinpoint the "thing" God has done in me to even consider me to open up to all He's provided for me in all these different ways. I only know that before I had closed myself off from them, thinking that if I availed myself of them (such as the encouraging person) , "just for me" that doing that would be selfish or self-centered, which in reality, it is just the opposite. It shows that I realize my own lack, and am opening up to what He lovingly has provided for me. It's to "let Him" provide for me, which is not selfish, but really shows humilty. So,whatever it is that He has done on the inside of me is good.
     I can't just tell  you to open up to His provision, and then expect you to do it, but I can say that if you open up to His work in you, He will get you there. This all encompassing work of wholeness is something He's provided for us on the cross. He not only has died to free us from our sins, but also died to make us whole, body, soul and spirit. In prayer today, you can tell Him that you want Him to cleanse you and make you whole, and I truly believe He will start that process in you.
    It will be the hardest thing your flesh has ever gone through, as it is called, "dying to self." But, in the end, it will be the most glorious.

Monday, June 03, 2013

True Worship

     For those of you who follow my blog, you noticed that I went off on writing poems (prose?) about God. My purpose was to just focus on Him and who He is and express that as I did. I was tired of the way I was writing, and thought that it was becoming too self-focused, so I switched gears. I also thought that if I kept my eyes on Him,  it would be better all the way around.
     I may be back to my regular style now, because I  have something to share with you, my "invisible to me," readers. I am going through a rough time now. Although struggling is no stranger to me, this particular phase (and I hope it's just that) is unusually unsettling. It is affecting not only my emotional and mental self, but also my spiritual. By that I mean that I am feeling distant from the Lord in some aspects, but at the same time, feel it's Him that is creating the distance for His good purposes, which is in itself reassuring. As I've always believed, if it is Him doing it, it is worth it in the long run. Not that it doesn't have to do with my own behavior, because, I'm sure, in many ways it does, but He is using the reaping of that, and adding His own pressure to it, so that I will "be forced" (and I say that lightly) to submit to be trained in righteousness.
     And I'm glad He is doing it. Even though I am feeling far from Him during it all, I know He is creating that feeling and using it too, so that He can create the desired results in me. The reason I say that I am glad about it, is that with less pressure and pain, (sad to say) I would probably not choose to submit to Him. He only knows "what it takes" for each one of us to walk in the way He would have us walk. It's not that we can't choose to do it, because He says in His Word, that He has given us everything for Life and Godliness, and His Holy Spirit's power to make those choices that He is pleased with in our daily lives. It's that we choose not to walk in these ways, usually, until we get in circumstances beyond our control and which are pain-filled that we decide to.
     Someone last night texted me and ask if there was anything they could pray for me about concerning these changes I am going through, and I told them "no" that it is God's work. I don't want Him to stop even though it it very, very hard. It is the reaction of my flesh that is calling it "hard" and truly it does not want to loose having it's way. It doesn't want to die, but it must. So, that is why I feel as if,( as God sees it and my spirit does too), it must go on. I want Him to get what He wants from me and out of me. As Reese Howell (Intercessor) once said, "I teamed up with the Holy Spirit against myself."
     So, in that aspect, you can pray for me. Pray for me to "submit to the Father of Lights and live." To truly live, I believe, is to live as He wills, not to "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die," as so many people think of it.
     Each new day, we have so many choices to make in what we will do and in how we will do them. It is in those small decisions, we can either live unto ourselves, or unto Him. Using the power of His Holy Spirit inside of us, we truly can choose holiness, or living unto His will and ways. It is then that we worship Him with our lives. If we choose not to, then there is more pain ahead. Let it be.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Your Heart

Your heart is ever loving,
Your heart is ever pure,
Your heart is our salvation,
Because of it, you cure.

We cannot overcome it,
It's love we cannot fight.
It is ever powerful,
It is strong and ever right.

It's warm and full of glory,
It's true and never dark.
It pulses holiness,
It changes all it touches.

Conforms us to it's image,
When we let go of life.
It changes our very motives,
So we have Yours.

But death to our own hearts is needed,
So that Your heart will take it's place,
It's not easy and it's painful,
But worth it in the end.

Only glory to your name, Lord.
Not us, our sinful selves,
But You alone remaining,
Is what new Life is about.


Saturday, June 01, 2013

Your Eyes

Your eyes shine like fire,
Piercing, and yet loving,
Healing with a look,
Compassion overflowing.

They see all that we have done,
Whether good or evil,
And still you call out to come,
And be forgiven.

They hurt when we forsake you,
And your heart too breaks.
Tears of pain and crying for us,
Knowing we will reap what we've sown.

Eyes that see the Kingdom,
Coming and yet here.
Eyes that see destruction,
When we choose to not draw near.

Eyes of Life and Eyes of Peace,
Eyes that see joint and marrow,
The cracks in all our souls,
The motives of all we do.

Eyes that reflect Your heart,
That beckon us to wholeness,
Saying,  "Father, forgive them,
They need Your help to stop sinning."

You see it all, and yet still open Your arms of grace,
You still ache for our salvation,
And you paid for it Yourself.
As the perfect spotless Lamb.

Now, You want to give it to all,
You want to see us all delivered.
You want to see with Loving Eyes,
 No one ever hurt again.

Your Eyes long to see completely,
The Day of Restoration.
That none would ever perish,
So your suffering would not be in vain.

As we look into Your eyes,
And see Your soul inside,
We will be changed into Your glory,
And reflect who You are.