Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beneath the Surface

    The manifest sons and daughters of God are currently operating in a stealth manner. They are privately, but no less effectively, binding and loosing creation from the futility that has been upon it. This includes, but not limited to, standing in the gap, and commanding satan's strongholds off people they know. According to the grace of God, these sons and daughters are able to see that which has bound others, which has brought destruction into their souls. This happens in the spiritual realm,  and after the loosing occurs will be made manifest in others'  minds, wills, and emotions.
      This warfare the sons and daughters have been prepared to do, because they have faced and agreed to being dealt with the crucible of God in their own souls. This martyr-like position they have willingly offered to God as a living sacrifice to Him. Creation is being loosed from the futility it has been under, even though it appears (to the physical senses) that things are getting worse.
     When the time is right, what is happening in secret will be made known, and will eventually result in a new earth.  Amen.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stopping at the Jordan or Claiming the Promised Land

     We, as His Body, are not only joined because He is our Head, but also because of our beliefs. Like-mindedness also creates a bond. Those beliefs include who He is, and what He came to earth to do on the cross. If God so desires, He reveals more to us about His Kingdom, but these things are not ones we are to propogate necessarily, but we are to hold them in our hearts, and when the time is right and He creates a situation where people are willing to hear, we then can tell of what He's shown us. Not in a dogmatic way, but just by painting a picture of the revelations, and offering them to others. If they "see with their eyes" and "hear with their ears" their spirits can absorb them, then their vision is expanded. They then can decide to ask God to help them walk in them. This does not happen without their consent, or the work of the cross continuing within them.
     The ability to receive revelations is dependent on the capacity He creates within us. Imagine an internal container/ The size of that container is enlarged as crucifixion has been brought to our soul, because revelation is of  the spirit. One has to decrease (our soulish operations) and the other increased (our spiritual) as we become conformed to His image. This transformation is painful and full of struggle.
     The result of this process is the ability to see and hear more and more clearly what the Spirit is saying, or what is in God's mind and heart, the place where real truth lies. The advantage of this is that when a picture is presented to us (revelation) we can see where we are headed, or where He is taking us, and launch out in that direction by the power of the Spirit. The destination is to live in His will, not so that we will have accomplished something within ourselves to take glory in, but so that He gest glorified. If we are truly lettng Him do this work in us, we will know it is Him, and out of it, He will come forth through us.
     So, as far as the Body goes, we are all connected as we look to Him and as we believe in the primary things together. All can go on further in Him, but all don't choose to because of the pain involved in the process. But, oh, the richness of seeing Him that  is missed. It is the difference of seeing Him in black and white, and of seeing Him in color with panaramic vision. And it is the difference of realizing His greater purposes, and walking in them, and of just living for oneself in that dull, unfulfilling existence.

Friday, April 18, 2014

I Can't See Christ

  I had a vision last night. I saw a pastor of a church rising up from his padded chair on the podium, approach the pulpit, and then stop. He paused there for a second or two. Then he started setting up chairs in a circle on the ground floor. He took a seat in one of the chairs and waited. After about 15-20 minutes,  a middle aged man got up from the pews and took a seat in one of the chairs in the circle. The vision ended.

I Tim. 2:5-
New International Version
For there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

There's Gold in Them, There Hills!!!!

     How exciting to enact the Lord! I can say that but I don't really know what it means-Odd!
     He has been unveiling for me and others who have been asking Him, His vision for His Body. It is funny how, when we ask to see what He sees, and lay down what we have formerly seen, how He is ever ready to reveal, and He is doing that to us. And what He is showing us is more awe-inspiring than the Grand Canyon, or any other wonder of this world. The spiritual vistas He's allowing us to see are stupendous!
     One of these is the reality of the close connection that I am now feeling with others in His Body in the Spirit. My husband and I don't meet physically with other believers on a regular basis, and it has been my hope and desire to do so. From time to time, I would try and gather us to a small group out of this need. Each time it wouldn't work out, and it would leave me frustrated and sad. I am currently "meeting" with 9 other people, some of who I know, and some who I've never met, by praying "together" every Friday night. It was by email that the invitation was given to 51 of my contacts, and 9 people responded favorably. And what I want to comment on is that I FEEL SO CONNECTED TO THEM!!! That is the amazing part. And I don't feel connected by who I have known them to be in the flesh, but by their spirits. God has shown me that the reason this is possible is that when they are enacting Him in prayer, they are looking to Him only, and it is then that I sense good and true connection-spirit to spirit!!!! And that's how He wants our fellowship to be; our looking to Him together.
     As anything given and understood by revelation, words often seem inadequate. But, I can't help my excitement at what He is showing us. Of course, we don't even see a milligram of the whole, but only a crumb of what He sees, which He is revealing to us, but, nonetheless, it is so fulfilling to our spirits. I'm realizing too, that what I have tried to understand of His truths in the past which were by my own mind, will and emotions, (soul) has been wood, hay and stubble compared to the gold He is showing me now. Just like a person would stare at a nugget of gold, his revealed truths have the same effect on our spirit. Our spiritual eyes are opened real big and we gape in amazement at their beauty and purity!!!And they prepare us to receive more!!!
     I am beginning to live in a new place with Him. It seems that I've crossed over somehow. It is an ever expansive land to discover. Anyone can come here, if they are willing to let go of their own fleshly visions, which is only killed at the cross, so it is a costly trip.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Many Loaves; One Body

    " Take and eat; this is my Body given for you"-When Jesus offered the physical loaf to His disciples at Passover many years ago, was there something else He was saying through it? He had said earlier that He was the Bread of Life, and at the supper He was calling bread His Body. Many who had followed Him were repulsed when He told them to eat of Him and to drink of Him.
     In all of this, I can see that the hidden spiritual meaning was what He was and is referring to. He is saying something to us, His Body, through it. Christ is in us, and He desires to be expressed through us to the world. As we, His Body, recognize and succumb to the fact that we died with Him, and go through that process, He comes alive in us. Progressively, the manifested Christ, is offered as Bread or Life through us. As others eat of Him through us, new Life will be imparted to them. The food, which is Christ, is the only Life-giving and Life-Sustaining food there is.
     The question becomes then-Will we die with Him, or not? If not, the only food we have for the world, may look good on the outside, but with no nutritional value. In fact, it will bring death and not life. Within ourselves, He said, there is no good thing. His desire is that the Body He offers to the world, has been fortified by His Presence, causing all darkness to flee. We are that enriched Body, if we allow ourselves to die, so that He might fill all in all in us.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Losing Weight

    "My yoke is easy and my burden is light," says the Lord to us. What exactly does this mean, and how does it play out in our lives?
     The weights of our own lives and this world are too heavy for us to carry ourselves. If we don't believe this now, we will find out in time, when something or many things pile up, and we buckle under it's load.
      Before coming to Christ, we are trained by the world to "pack our own shoot," "look out for # 1" or "pull ourselves up by the bootstraps." All of these sayings, promote self-sufficiency. When we are in the trenches of life, however, and heavy artillery is being fired all around us, we sometimes fear for our very lives. We are scared, weak and tramatized. What then?
     There is a Christian song that says, "At the end of broken dreams, He's the open door." So, when our world puts on us more than we can bear, He waits there. I know 2 people right now who are at that place. My sincere prayer for them, is that they take the Open Door which is standing before them. I hope they see Him, and receive His invitation to be yoked with Him at this point in their lives, so their weights fall off.
     How does that work? By trust and faith in His love and ability to carry their load. By looking to Him not only for the answers, but also for assurance that He understands their grief, and desires to place them in Himself, as their protector and defender against all that would try and take them down. These enemies can be within or without, but once we are in Him, it is no longer our battle, but His. So, all burdens become light, because they aren't ours anymore. We let Him become our Burden-Bearer.
     Letting ourselves be placed in Him requires humility. Admitting defeat when we have been taught to "do it ourselves" sometimes even seems wrong, or atlease not taking responsibility. But He says, "come to me," and He uses these stressful and traumatic times in our lives to encourage us to do that.
     The world calls these times "crossroads." What is often meant by this, however, is that it is a time for us to do something different. While this is true, if we are without Christ or don't call on Him for help in these times, is that we garner up some more human strength temporarily, and try again to handle things ourselves. This only delays the true and permanent Help from Him. And so, the defeated cycle starts again.
     Lord, please help these 2 people who we love dearly to break under the pressure they are in, and confess to You their insufficiency and need of Your help. Increase their faith and trust in You, so that they can placed their tremendous weights on You. In this way, they can get easy and be lightened. And help all of us do the same with our daily cares. Help us to see You as our unloading Zone, which You are more than happy to be, and in fact, want to be for us. Amen.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

He Keeps Us Safe

    Have you ever caught yourself mourning the loss of the world's values such as fame, good looks, money and what money can buy, educational acclaim, pleasures, and accomplishment to name a few? Something came up recently in my life and presented me with the possibility of providing me with one of these. I pursued it in my mind a little while, but then recognized it as only a lure to be "in the world," and not just "of it."
     We still are being washed from our old mindsets and beliefs about ourselves which were deposited by a worldview instead of a God view, or what He calls important, and in how He sees us through loving acceptance, with no strings. The pull of the world to take us  back or even further in it than we ever once were, is a strong, and sometimes subtle force. If our sincere desire is to be in God's will, though, He is trustworthy to expose the lure, or to stop us from biting it in the first place.
     Thank you, good Shepherd, for keeping your sheep so faithfully.