Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fear Not or Else You Die!!!!

     I want to address something concerning "fear." There is a belief in some groups of Christianity that say "the opposite of fear, is faith," assigning shame to a person if they have fears. It suggests that if you experience fear, than you have no faith. I've even been told that having fear is the same as unbelief. Is that true, or doesn't living on this earth, predispose us to fears? Does God blame us, and in that sense, reject us if we are fearful? "Fear not little flock, it is my Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom" seems to come from the comforting and assuring heart of our Lord, and not an accusing one. If we never had fear, could we/would we experience the shadow of His wing? As little chicks we sometimes get in a frantic nervousness, and blurt out "the sky is falling; the sky is falling." We forget who is with us, and of His love. We are learning of His love each time He rescues us. We want 100% guarantee that nothing will ever harm us on this earth. I'm afraid He doesn't give us that, even against others hopeful beliefs, which they even back by Scripture to try and prove it.
     What about Job and what is written about him? The Word says that what he feared came upon him. O.K. so it did, but does that mean that whatever we fear will happen to us, too, or is it just stating a fact. If it means the former thought, then talk about making us fearful to fear!!! I think that is just the enemy's threatening quagmire he tries to put some of us in. It would go something like this: A person hears someone banging on their door at night, and it causes fear to rise up in them, and because of that, the person breaks in and does something bad to them. But if they had not feared, the person would have just walked away and changed their plans. Oh, come on now!!! You can't tell me that any person would not be fearful in that situation. But some Christians would have you believe that they are never fearful, because they have faith, and by comparison those that do have fears, are in unbelief and something bad is going to happen to them because of it.
     These screwy ideas and beliefs people have and put on others cause more harm than good. It elevates them to a superior position (at least it seems that way outwardly) while causing even more doubt and fear to those who have it. It can even diminish one's faith, thinking they are failing to believe anyway.
     How about some words of comfort and hope? Even sharing your own struggles with fears can help, instead of ostracizing and alienating others by finger pointing, even if they are weaker than you in this area.
 O.K., I feel better now.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Lying Signs and Wonders

     Check this out: The Spirit of God revealed to me today a different aspect of what is meant by "lying signs and wonders," and it's all involved with the way things "seem" according to what our natural eyes see instead of what is the reality of the Spirit realm, or the Kingdom of God.
     Satan tempts us to lose faith or get in despair based on these very things. For example, if someone has been praying for someone's soul to be saved, or to come to know the Lord and they are repeatedly doing things in their lives that contradict the steps in doing that, the one believing for their salvation, could eventually give up. Why? Because they are basing their belief on things seen (lying signs) and not on the substance of things hoped for, which is faith. They haven't really believed that God, by His Spirit, is working behind the scenes to "cause" that person to be drawn to Him. Because the one who has prayed doesn't yet see physical evidence of His inside work, they have dropped the ball and quit believing. The enemy works hard to tell them in so many ways, based on what seems to be happening by this same physical evidence that they have either believed wrong, or they have misinterpreted the Scriptures, or anything which turns the tables away from him and his mischievous deeds. This usually doesn't take too much manipulation because we are so used to being led by our flesh and not by the Spirit.
     As we transition from the soul realm to the realm of Spirit, we are better able to catch him at his game, and cast off his lies. In doing so, our belief level is strengthened, and our vulnerability to the lies of satan is decreased. The true "signs and wonders" are those the Holy Spirit does on the inside of people of making all things new in those who believe. We are that sign and that wonder, as He grows us up in Him.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fill Me, Lord!

      I am getting more and more revelation concerning the importance of meeting alone with the Lord. He wants each one of the members of His Bride to do this regularly. You could say He wants to increase His intimacy with His Bride in doing this. For you see, when we do, He pours Himself into us, and when this happens our own flesh is edged out of us. As He increases in us (or takes up more space in us, or fills us more fully, you might say) our own self passes away or goes away. Think of yourself as a container which only holds so much. When He increases, the parts of us must dissipate or leave. With the intimacy increasing, when we meet with Him each new day, He occupies more space in us. I am saying this many different ways to create a picture in your mind.
     He wants to take us over, but not in a hostile way at all. No, He knows that the only way we can overcome the things that are pulling on us to succumb to in this world, is to have Him fill our cup with Himself. For you see, it is Him in us which does the overcoming. If all we have is our limited and self-focused flesh or soul to operate from, we are doomed to fail. So His power advancing in us, or our ability to "walk in the Spirit" is directly related to us opening ourselves up each day, or many times throughout the day, to let Him infuse our being. Then, and only then, will He become our all in all in truth.
    Oh, and did I add that during these times of intimacy, we are totally satisfied. We can then see that nothing else we have tried to bring us relieve or fill our needs, whether they be physical, psychological or otherwise, will work. So, we want to then surrender more and more to Him filling us, so that He can take total dominion in and through us. With His life in us, and flowing out of us, He brings life to everything He touches.
    I run to this secret place now because of all of this, and He and I connect with the life of the Father and all is well and complete. "The Lord is My Shepherd; I shall not want," because He fills my every need.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

No More "Eating on the Run"

     Last week the Holy Spirit shook up my routine. We were visiting friends out of state, and I found myself in one of their bedrooms, "communing with Christ." Let me explain.
     The lady we stayed with always got alone with the Lord first thing in the morning. So because she did that, I decided to do the same thing. When I sat down on the fouton will my cup of coffee, and "met" with Him, He seemed to say in my spirit, "I'm so glad you came." It was the most lovely and long-overdue meeting. I didn't realize how long, until that moment.
     I have been operating on the basis and belief that because He lives in me, I didn't need to get alone with Him thinking that wouldn't make a difference. Oh, how wrong I was!!!! It is the difference between eating on the run and calmly sitting down to a beautiful banquet; the difference between walking around and swallowing food you don't even taste, and enjoying each succulent bite. The difference between being defeated throughout the day, and seeing Him overcoming through you.
     Now, each morning I meet Him first, to "eat of Him and drink of Him," and oh, what a satisfying meal He is. Whether He serves His love, His Wisdom or His Revelation, each moment with the Bread of Life is fulfilling. Nothing satisfies but Him!!! And it is from the substance of who He is, that all good things in and through me comes. This life I am experiencing in this morning meal does things in me I don't even know about, but I know I am absorbing all the nutrition that is Him in my spirit.
     He bids us to "Come to the Table" and eat. When we do in expectant humility, He serves a meal which will result in us never being the same again. I recommend Him as a 5-star restaurant. Try Him-you'll see.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Praying Into

     When we look around at what is happening in the world, our natural man is tempted to want to "do something" and "do it now." We shoot emails informing those who may not know, so they can know. Somehow we think knowledge in and of itself can save the day. It's only normal to try and change things when we see what we have known related to a good life slowly slipping away. Helplessness is a hard pill to swallow. I am convinced, however, that our mostly political actions are of no effect. There is a bigger man behind the curtain than any of our attempts can stand up against, and it seems lately that he is gaining ground.
     So, what should we do? Just sit there and let it happen? No. We pray into all that God stands for despite what is going on. When someone sees evil being done, it is very difficult to turn away from it and not respond. Again, I am suggesting, even imploring God's family to pray for His heart's desire of restoration, salvation, deliverance, cleansing, redemption and completion. Even in the midst of what the enemy is doing, and especially because of what he is doing.
     God's plans and purposes will be done, no doubt about it. Our temptation is to look at the things we can see, and either sin to cope, or put our trust in ourselves, our governments, or other people or things. That has always been the temptation. Even when things were going well in the Garden, the temptation that was met with failure was to live life apart from God. How much more tempting when everything is falling apart.
     When we become more a part of the realm of spirit than of this temporal realm of sight, we will have broken through the veil and be enabled by His power to live a life of true faith. The evil around us will not turn our heads to the right or the left, as we will look squarely into His face and see eternity, and remain undistracted by anything else around us. It is well with my soul. Selah.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


     Jesus said, "I have to go to Jerusalem." When I was thinking about this today, I thought that we all need to eventually go there; more importantly live there now. It is a place of death that leads to life. It is where the firstborn lives; our Elder brother. Mount Zion. Outside the city walls where God restores and completes us. "Come out of her my people" He says as He speaks to those entrenched in Babylon's life. "Come and rest with me awhile. Live where I do. Do what I do. See Me. Know Me. Be made new!  There is  a lot of exciting activity going on that natural eyes can't see, and natural ears can't here."  Yes, we need to run there if we haven't already done so.   

Friday, January 09, 2015

The Reward for Dying

     "Help me learn how to 'die daily' Lord and give me the courage to do it."
       Praying this prayer today upon seeing myself. This is made known by His Word that says if I have jealousies, than I am yet carnal. Another revelation to me is given where He says that if I have fears I am not perfected in love. I also know that these things in me will go as I continue to die to myself.
     Jealousy and fear can be connected in some circumstances, as they are in mine, but I wonder sometimes which one came first the chicken or the egg? Am I jealous because I have fear or fearful because I am jealous? I think that my fear of abandonment and rejection gives rise to my jealousy. In other words when I see something which threatens my sense of security, jealousy arises and sometimes I attack with words to try and stop the threat. Of course, this never works but it only sabotages the desired outcome, (to feel safe) and can even perpetuate feeling more abandoned and rejected. These fleshly emotions of fear and jealousy are truly ones' enemies, and not protectorates as someone may hope. Once this is realized, it even becomes more loathsome when a person sees them operating in oneself; an enemy lurks within and they can't seem to stop it sometimes.
      However, I have seen God at work in me whittling away at these insecurities, and their power is diminishing, and are gradually being replaced by my security in Him, but I want them completely gone!
     This death that I need His courage to face is non-negotiable. As the saying goes, "the only way out is through." I'm not exactly sure how I do that daily, but He is revealing to me more and more of what that entails. It has to do with laying down one's will for another usually, and then death occurs. The reward of all of this is that His nature is then allowed to shine through us as we die. So, it's dying to live essentially, and it comes with a guarantee that enemies will flee when this happens! Would it be a stretch to call it a "mercy killing"? I don't think so, for that is really what it is. His ways are not our ways indeed.