Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Sentinel Within

     Miracles happen all the time without us even being aware of them. I experienced one yesterday. It was almost imperceptible, but I saw it nonetheless, in my peripheral spiritual vision. With God's dealings that we allow, (the cross) He gives us clearer and clearer sight being able to "see" what we were formerly blind to.
     Let me try and explain: Several threatening things to my soul, had occurred consecutively in a matter of a few minutes, which, in the past would have put me "over the edge." I had the distinct thought that I was going to commit suicide. Even with that thought present in me, "something" dulled my negative feelings, and "controlled" my actions against carrying it out. I knew, as all of this was happening inside of me, that this something, was indeed "Someone."
     As I was experiencing this, a phrase from a hymn came to me: "A Champion comes to fight." As I sat in the balance between life and death, my Champion came to fight the enemy within me. It was not me; it was Him. He brought with Him His victory over sin, death and the devil, and dissipated the strong feelings I was having immediately,  restraining me by His grace.
     I stood in amazement watching this happen, and at the same time, experiencing it. It was as if I was outside of myself, but yet it was happening to me. I am realizing that our Champion, the One who has already won the fight, is ever on vigil alert watching over us; even when we don't call on Him, because He lives in us. When we are even too weak and have given in, He comes to our defense. What a comfort that is! And what a miracle! I stand amazed and immensely loved by His protective Hand.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Impact of God "Unwrapping the Sons."

     The following paragraphs are copied from a book called, UnWrap the Sons, by Edward and Ann Kjos. As you read them, maybe their content will ring true in your spirit as to the time we are in, and if they do, maybe it will give explanation of what is happening in your world, as the relationships you have are changing. Some of them are even being dissolved. God is using His sword to divide for the purpose of setting you further and further apart from those who may be a detriment to the work He's doing in you.
     Sometimes He wants you to take a Spirit-led step of distancing or even absolving a relationship, and sometimes others will cut the relationship off from you. Either way, God uses this separation for your maturing and for His glory. (This is a very painful process to your soul.)
     The sentence I highlighted in red helped me understand what I am currently seeing happening to those who once put Christ first, and now are drifting out into the sea of the pleasures of this world, and the lust of the flesh to "be somebody" of acclaim and importance. How much anguish I experience in seeing them blindly frolic there, as I stand firm on the beach in the gospel when I first believed.
     I have put the authors' website on the links of this blog if this speaks to you by the Spirit, and if you are wanting to know more about the manifestation of the sons in this day, and what it means for God to currently be in the process of "unwrapping" them:

 "This term, 'Critical Mass,' best describes the time in the earth to which we have now come. You can liken this to the final stages of the birthing of a child, for there comes that time when the baby's head begins to crown. This is critical mass, and this is what is unfolding right now.

For the past couple of years, the word has been coming at an increased rate, expressing an urgency that 'it is time for the sons of God to manifest.' We have known for some time, that we were approaching a point in which we would see many doors close. Not begin to close, but close. The doors have been in a process of closing for this past decade, and yet people have not been aware of the critical time in the earth, in which they are walking.
What type of door ware we speaking? The grace to become. A door open to see the transformation of the sons. The time of the wise and foolish virgins.
Those who have been called to sonship have not been that aware of the time of visitation upon the earth. There has been a spirit of slumber in the land. The wise and foolish virgins. The foolish have fallen asleep, lulled by the world they once separated themselves from.
We have stepped beyond what we would call a 'tipping point.' We have stepped beyond 'critical mass.' The events now unfolding are out of the control of the powers of the age. They are unfolding, as one domino after another begins to fall. The Nephilim and the dark ones of the earth may scramble to grab the reins on what they see perishing about them, but it is too late.
They have sat in the heavens and scoffed at the Lord. They have laughed in derision, for they thought God  would never bring retribution of judgment upon them. But it has come. And the process of exponential acceleration has begun. We have stepped across a threshold. And there is no turning back to what we have known as life on this planet, ever again."

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Who Are You Fellowshipping With?

     "If you walk in the light, as He is in the Light, you have fellowship one with another." This kind of fellowship is the only real, true and genuine fellowship there is between believers. If we try to relate by any other means than through Christ and walking in His light (or living parallel to His will) than we won't really have fellowship, and it can't last that way. Why? The reason is this: What does light have to do with darkness? And Christ with Belial? (of the devil) In other words, if we are saying we are believers, but not doing the will of God, we are walking in darkness. "Only those who do my will, says God, are my disciples." And again, He reiterates that if we love Him, we will keep His commandments, or follow His will. This means we are letting Him be our Lord more and more as we open ourselves up to the dealings of the cross on the inside of us, allowing Him to conform us into His image.
     That is why He tells us to "come out from among them." A little yeast leavens the whole batch. The infection of the darkness can begin to influence the ones walking in the light. Again, He tells us in Corinthians that we are not to even eat with someone who calls himself a brother and is in sexual immorality. That is how strong the darkness can be when we attempt to mix it with the Light of Christ within us.
     He is preparing for Himself a Bride without wrinkle, spot or blemish, so He sets us apart by calling us out of the world, sin and the darkness. Lord, give us the strength to help us make this a reality in our lives so that we won't work against Your purposes. Amen.

Friday, October 17, 2014

He Severes Relationships

     "I came not to bring peace, but to divide", says the Lord. Relationships in these times are being severed with the sword of the Lord. Intentionally, He is doing this to protect His own from the pollution in others.  He is purifying His Bride, and cleansing her from every spot and blemish she formerly had whether it be from the darkness she picked up from the world, her sin nature, or, in this case, others' influence. It is an act of Grace to deliver His sons and daughters from the plagues and poisons that others carry. Once we can see this, we can let go of those relationships quickly.
    Sometimes other people will stop a relationship with you, and you may wonder why this happened? It seems totally out of the blue, and hard to comprehend. It may be God protecting you from them instead of something explainable that you did. Grace comes in many colors, and one of them is displayed by His protection and keeping power from relationships that are harmful to His purposes for you of being conformed into the image of Christ.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Symmetry of Christ

     The Holy Spirit shines His light on things needing correction on the inside of us. His "mission" is to bring us into the symmetry that is Christ.
     Before the change is made, however, we have to see it. Until then, we are uncomfortable with the status quo because He put in us a desire to be aligned with Him. His desires are our desires in that sense.
     He showed me this truth using an insignificant natural situation in my life; a parable if you will. I purchased two pieces of furniture for my bedroom; an end table and a chest. I had them placed in the best possible way I saw to place them, but I wasn't satisfied. Something was wrong, but I didn't know any other way. It seemed like I had tapped out the choices, and I'd just have to live with the arrangement. In fact, I had spoken out loud to my husband, "Well, I guess I'll just have to live with it." Then, as if answering myself I said, "Live with what? Imperfection?" And, as if trying to put this to rest in myself, I said, "Yes, Patti, you must live with imperfection." So, I thought I had laid it to rest in me, but the truth was I was lying to myself as an appeasement, but I still wasn't satisfied.
     I went to sleep that night with this dichotomy within me, but didn't know it. The desire to find the way that was just right (perfect) remained deep within.
     I woke up about 12:30am and decided to read. Looking back, I can see that this restlessness was the cause, but didn't know it at the time. Then about 2:00am, I returned to bed. During the course of my sleep, the perfect arrangement came to me. If my husband hadn't still been asleep, I would have moved the chest then. I was so excited to be able to see now what had totally alluded me before, and couldn't wait to set things in order.
     In the morning, I immediately moved that one piece, and voila, the bedroom was in perfect symmetry and the peace and happiness inside resulted.
     This was a natural picture of two things of the spirit: 1) We are made for perfection (wholeness in Him) and 2) that desire, which is really His desire in us will be met. Until it is we won't have true peace and rest, and our soul will not be satisfied. So, the urge in us drives us on to let Him do what He wants to do, until Christ be formed in us. He reveals to us (let's us "see" as a result of the dealings of the cross in us) the picture of Him, and then we are changed into His image.
     It is akin to the Scripture when Jesus says, "“I have a baptism with which to be baptized, and I am much afflicted until it is fulfilled.” (Luke 12:50) This same baptism that Jesus went through (the suffering of the cross) is the same one we go through, and until we do, affliction is ours. We think the cross is our affliction, but actually it is the avoidance of it that causes us unrest and anguish.
     His mission is to conforming us into His image and He will. On the other side of His dealings, we begin to see things we have never seen before; things we had never even thought of, and we change. In that place of change, (or death to our limited and unbalanced view of things) the symmetry of Christ begins to form, and continues until it is fulfilled. What a glorious thing this is, and with the drive inside that He gives us, we press on!!!! Amen.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Come To Bring Life More Abundantly

What is the Abundant Life that Jesus promises? Consider below an excerpt from Ray C. Stedman's book, Authentic Christianity:

"The authentic Christian life is essentially and radically different from the natural life lived by a man or woman. Outwardly, it can be very much the same, but inwardly the basis of living is dramatically different. Christ is a part of every wholesome action, the corrector of every wrong deed or thought, the giver of joy and the healer of hurt. No longer merely on the edges of life, Christ is the center of everything. Life revolves around him. As a consequence, life comes into proper focus. Despite outward trials, a deep peace possesses the heart, strength grips the spirit and kindness and joy radiate abroad. This is really living!"

Letting God's Love Cast Out the "What-If" Demon

     The "what-if" demon uses the imagination of a person and carries to it's potentially ultimate destructive end in a situation. He presents scenarios to the mind saying, 'what if this, what if that'? That person may have the gift of discernment, but then satan highjacks that gift, perverts it, and causes untold confusion, disharmony, fear and turmoil for them personally, and in their relationships.
      What is the answer then to be free of it's control? Bottom line is to trust God. Knowing that statement is true is one thing; living it is another. What are the things in a person that hinders them from trusting Him?
      Fear can even extend to "fear of trusting Him." If I do, the "what-if" demon says, He may let you down or make a fool out of you. I mean, God helps those who help themselves. Right? (Of course, this is totally false.) God helps those who trust Him by surrendering to Him. A broken and contrite spirit He will not despise, His Word says; not someone who is self-sufficient and who attempts to control their lives and others too.  
      This devious demon does anything he can to undermine the character of God in our eyes, tempting us to doubt His love and care for us, so that we will shore-up our own resources of self-protection, which separates us from Him. Again, it's the Garden of Eden scenario when satan offered "freedom" and put that wedge between God and man. Basically, satan was saying that God is not to be trusted in His love, wisdom and guidance, and so you have to take things into your own hands, and he continues to say that to us today by suggesting the "what-if" fearful scenarios into our minds. Refusing to "go there" in our minds is one aspect of our deliverance.

Oh, for grace to trust Him more!!! Do it, God, in me.