Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Time to Plant and A Time to Uproot what has been Planted

     Although in Matt. 19:6 it says that what God has joined together that man shouldn't separate, was referring to marriage, I believe the principle can stand alone in reference to all relationships and to all things.
      In my experience, I've had some relationships that have dissolved without reason. I was, and remain totally stunned about these. The question
of "what did I do wrong?" or "what didn't I do?" plague me off and on concerning them. Other relationships have remained strong and firm even though there have been periods of no communication. These, I believe, are the ones God has joined together.
     For the ones that didn't last, and even ended abruptly, could these be those who God Himself never joined, and so He, by His sword brought division?
     Whenever I have wondered too long about relationships in my life that have ended, He's reminded me of the truth that He came not to bring peace, but a sword, and will even use it to divide people in our own natural families. When relationships end, I believe it is God-ordained because these relationships and the toxicity they carry interfere with what He is wanting to do in us. If we try and hang onto a relationship He is wanting to end, we are rebelling against Him.
     Conversely, when relationships last, God is somehow preserving them because the connection between the two people is providing some things He is using to get us where He wants us in our growth in Him, which we are not to be interfered with.
     It says in the KJV, "what God has joined together, let no man put asunder." There is a seriousness stated that we should heed, when put this way. He is in control and if we're submitted under His Lordship (we acknowledge His sovereignty in our lives) he will either keep safe or destroy our relationships based on His Divine wisdom and purposes, and we can rest in that.

Friday, May 08, 2015

"Fantasia Christianity" is no Christianity At All

     "If you imagine it, it will become"-sounds more like a Disneyland motto than living in His Truth, or according to the Sovereignty of God. The "imagine it" doctrine is based on what we, as carnal people, desire if only we had a magic wand, but living in the land of His Truth is based on what He wants. WE'VE GOT TO GET THAT to experience His Life in us, and for his Life to flow out of us. If we don't His Spirit remains bottled up inside, and is eventually quenched.
     Disneyland living exalts self pleasure, and real Living exalts Him when we yield our lives to what He wants or wills. This, dear friends, is our destiny; a destiny fulfilled through His purposes.
     As our lives are brought into submission to Him, they will have eternal significance, while the other kind of life goes up in smoke because it is a delusion; now you see it, now you don't.
     "Choose this day (for today is the day of salvation)
 who you will serve............................. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."-Joshua 24:15.

Monday, May 04, 2015

If Today you hear His Voice

     Where are those refugees from Babylon? The ones who have escaped the corruptions and preoccupations of this present world; the ones who are looking for a city whose Kingdom and Maker is God? These are the true heirs of Abraham.


The sword of the Lord has spoken!!! He's already begun His dividing! To resist that is to choose. In the Spirit, He is gathering the refugees out of Babylon together by various means. With great trials, sorrow of heart, pain and earthly failure they have been developed. Their manifestation shall soon appear for He will cause them to recognize each other and come together as His Zerubabbel army of sons and daughters under His honored Lordship!!!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

He Calms the Storm Within

     I remarked to someone the other day that when I look at myself, I get in trouble. In other words, I see lack and with that come insecurities that the enemy then takes advantage of. When we see ourselves as we are outside of Christ, those negative things are magnified as the enemy pours fuel on the fire. So, that is why God says in His Word to "look unto Jesus." As we look at Him, there is no lack, and knowing He is in us and He redefines us, brings comfort and relief. We are not what we see, but we are what He is in us and what He is making us. We walk by faith and not by sight.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is It Too Late for Revival?

     Revival happens when people's hearts are stirred towards God. In America today (and maybe worldwide, I don't know) there is a poverty towards the things of God; a fog that has covered the eyes and ears of people; a baseness or a heaping on of the lusts of the flesh or self, and a focus on the natural, material, and soulish realm.
     The ascendency (deepening or advancing)  in Christ (growth in Him and in apprehending the things of His Kingdom) is only happening in those who are continuing to seek Him daily. "Few there be that find it" (the narrow road that leads to life) and "those who endure to the end" are the ones in this time who have laid down all to follow Him in a real way. These are going against the tide and can only remain strong and steadfast by His Spirit in them in order to resist temptation to "go with the flow" of the world and those around them.
     Let's pray for each other; our brothers and sisters (those who do the Will of the Father), who feel alone at times, that they would not become weak in well-doing, but would rely totally on Christ in them to keep them from falling. Even so, Come Lord Jesus, Come.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


     False doctrines come with a seducing spirit attached to them which appeals to our flesh; what it wants to be thrilled, but certainly not killed. In other words the focus is usually on what the sin nature desires, whereas true doctrines contain what God desires and of us yielding to those.
     Examples of these doctrines encompass the "name it and claim it/prosperity/speak it and it will happen or not happen" belief system. How do we avoid exposure to these traps the enemy is behind?
     If He is growing in us, as we die daily, by deferring our own selfish desires and demands to His Will, we are better able to detect the truth from a lie; the clean from the unclean.
     There have been situations in my own life when He has spoken in my spirit, to forewarn me of impending danger of false, demonic doctrines that are being taught and propagated. These doctrines have taken the people by storm as if they were swept off their feet, which they indeed have been. That is what a seducing spirit does; it's like a drug that appeals to the flesh, making it feel good, while blinding reality (God's truth, in this case) from view.
     God once spoke to me about a book: "Don't even think about reading it. It's poison." If I had not listened and gone ahead and read it, it would have been the spiritual equivalent of trying heroin just one time. Since that time, I've seen so many addicted to this doctrine, unable to disannul the covenant of death, because they've made lies their refuge.
     We've got to learn to listen and obey, and He will tell us where danger is before we become infected with these arsenic-laced doctrines. It's comforting to know that when He nudges our spirits, or even speaks loudly to us, if we've been yielding to His Will all along and growing in Him, we will hear His loving guidance and be protected from harm as we obey. "DO NOT ENTER" from the Lord is not to be played with, especially in these last days, when demonic doctrines run rampant.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Prophecy of Timothy is Being Fulfilled Today

     "For the time will come when they will not put up with sound doctrine, but having itching ears, will accumulate to themselves teachers who harmonize with their carnal cravings. They will turn away from hearing the truth and turn aside to fiction." 2 Tim. 4:3.

   I see this happening. People I know and love, who once heard the truth, are now turning aside to fiction (or lies) because of their carnal cravings. They have sought out teachers who are telling them what they want to hear, and they will no longer put up with sound doctrine. Although, I believed this would happen, as God said it would, I never thought it would happen in my world.  I am deeply grieved.

"Though none go with me, still I must follow. No turning back. No turning back."