Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Sin of Self-Preservation

   I've just been guilty of the sin of self-preservation, because God shined His light on it in my heart and actions, after the fact. I am so grateful He did, because if He hadn't I would not have been aware of it, and I would have believed that what I was doing was God's will, when, in fact, it was not. Because He revealed this, I had to retrace my steps and rescind a decision I had made, which would have impacted many people's lives harmfully asking for their forgiveness.
     The sin of self-preservation can be described like this: Choosing your own comfort, pleasure, escape from suffering, (even stress) preference, or the easy and indulgent way instead of bearing the burdens of our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a very subtle sin which can creep in over time as one's emotions are worn down with the actions or even sins of others. It seems justified to walk away, but this is not the kind of "turning the other cheek" that Jesus talks about.
      Breaking fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ just because we get tired of messing with their weaknesses, and the subsequent mental or emotional pain it may cause us, is the same as "leaving His house desolate," while "building your own paneled houses." (Haggai 1:3-5) We are to help those be built up as His dwelling place, taking them along with us as we hobble along too.
     My husband and I are learning the sacrifice we are to make for one another, even when it's hard; especially when it's hard.  We can only do this with His Strength and long-suffering nature, allowing it to be released through us, and not turning our backs on people like we almost did.
     How beautiful a mansion He is making of us! Let's encourage each other to become a part of it. Let's really "turn the other cheek" and "take it" for the sake of the Body and for His glory!!!

Monday, June 01, 2015

The Power of Your Love

Stronger than a raging river,
Deeper than the deepest sea,
Vaster than the biggest ocean,
Holy Water, flow through me.

Let me lay down all the barriers,
That are deep inside my heart,
Dams of evil and destruction,
There to falsely guard from hurt.

But they've only served to keep me,
From the Grace He has to give,
For the Love that's flowing outward,
Is the Love that I receive.

So flow through me, Mighty River,
To my love refresh his soul,
Let him know of your salvation,
That brings healing and makes whole.

How can he delight in me, his garden, if the gates are locked?