Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Your "mite" Matters

Feeling kinda "bluesy" today. This post is for anyone who has struggled with feeling "less than" or "not good enough" no matter what you do. Always "falling short" is another way of saying it.
The Lord has helped me with this as He directed me to one of His parables, the one about the lady who gave her last "mite." Remember the nay-sayers who poked fun at her because of the little amount she gave? Remember what the Lord said about that? He said that she had given more than them because she gave all she had and they gave out of their increase.
I have been feeling guilty lately (and for awhile actually) about my limitations, and how they fall short of what I want to give because I can't cope with certain things. For whatever reason I have developed in this way, it (and my ability to cope) is all I've got. The Lord used this parable to encourage me to say that I do give all I have, even if it's a tiny bit, and even if it's judged by others as insignificant. A mite given freely and from the heart is worth more than a large amount given for show or self-gain.
This helps me know that my little does matter and God can use it as He sees fit. It also helps me accept myself and be at peace.
I hope this helps you too if you struggle in this area. God sees the "mite" you are giving, and He says to you, "You've given all, and I approve of you."
What does this have to do with Jesus' coming back? Everything when you accept His acceptance of you, and you know that you won't be ashamed at His appearing because you will be dressed in white linen which is the righteousness of the saints applied to you by the blood of the Lamb.

Courageous Dads Come Forth

"See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and terrible day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse." Malachi 4:5,6.
This prophetic utterance of the Lord through His servant, Malachi, foretells what the prophet Elijah will do before the day of the Lord comes. This prophet, Elijah, has always been a mysterious one to us humans. He has already walked this earth when this was written as we remember the showdown on Mt.Carmel he had with Jezebel to determine whose God was better, Jehovah or Baal. The true God, Jehovah, shows himself the mightiest, but then Elijah becomes discouraged because he feels so all alone in the stand he has taken for God.
As I was seeking God one day about who this Elijah is who is coming before Jesus comes back, He was showing me that the prophet, Elijah, who was really here in the flesh represented a type of the Holy Spirit that would do a work of "heart turning" before He did indeed return. So, how He will do that, we don't know. "The wind blows where it will...."
To be sure, as we look around, we see fatherless children, whether it be Dads who have left the household, ones that were never there, or ones whose eyes are turned other places and not towards their children. The same result of feeling rejected and unloved leaves many opened to the devil's devices of bringing condemnation on those helpless ones, paralyzing them even from receiving the Life that Jesus brings. They have been lied to and contain a false belief about themselves that they are not worth it. (Receiving the Life of God) So, they go about heaping death on themselves, not even realizing it. Many are convinced and accept the edict of their fathers on them of rejection. Then they become familiar to it, and actually feel more comfortable there.
Malachi says that God (spirit that consumed Elijah) will turn those hearts to their children before the great and terrible Day of the Lord-the day of His coming back. As Elijahs' God won the battle of Mt. Carmel, signifying the victory Jesus has won on the cross over the powers of darkness, there will come a time, and is coming now, when fathers who are His, will realize the significance of their roles and begin to focus on imparting the life of God into their children. Elijah's spirit was courageous and full of faith, and when he was discouraged, the Lord came and ministered to him.
So, there's a call out for all fathers to first "Come back to your Father's house" and then allow Him to turn your heart back to your children. In all of this there is a call to men in the Lord to be spiritual fathers to those whose earthly father has passed away or IS away to help raise up these children by pouring out Jesus' love to them which brings Life. Required first is submitting under "the Father" for His strength, encouragement, and guidance.
The father and child relationship is paramount. More understanding of this can be seen with Jesus and His Father and we read about that in His Word. The strength of this relationship developed in purity can change the world. The lack of it, as seen today, can tear down the house the Lord is trying to build. This house is the dwelling place that God seeks to live in.
Oh, spirit of Elijah come and possess the men of God, so You can establish a place of peace in us for You to dwell in!!!!!

Being Filled to Overflowing

     Lately in my life, it seems like everything and everyone that ever gave me even one ounce of satisfaction is being stripped away. And it's not a turning 60 crisis! In fact, I think the Lord is showing me that He is doing it and has been for several years now, so that He will truly be my all in all. He is wanting my mind, my will and my emotions to be totally tied to Him alone. And it's working. Because other things and people are becoming stale to me, He waits and offers Himself as the Bread of Life for my consumption. Starving people will eat!
     Isn't it strange how God  uses circumstances, negative and positive, and even people's rejection or abandonment of us, to get us where we need to be? Again, another reminder that He is controlling our lives and is very good at doing it. He manuevers things so that we get what we really need, and that is His love and acceptance. NOTHING else and NO ONE else can do that!!
      Sorry, girls, if you have been thinking that if only a certain type guy would ask you to marry him than all would be well. And sorry, guys, if you think that if you landed that certain job with a certain salary or a certain position, you'd have it made. Nope, we are living souls who can be filled only by the Holy Spirit of God as He ministers His grace and love to us. All other ground is sinking sand!
     And how many times do we have to sink? Seven, Ten, One-hundred one, or a thousand? I know in my head that all pain would be gone, if I'd only surrender totally and fall into the arms of Jesus. Why won't I? I guess the pain from me trying my ways has not been sever enough. Or, I'm just stupid. Hey, now that's an idea!
     Well, in my stupidity, God is still faithful. If I won't budge, then He will budge everything around me, and make me (so to speak, as I've got no other choice then) trust Him by default. Oh, that's sad, isn't it? But, He knows and helps us in our frailities. And am I glad! I have really given it the old bulging neck artery effort to make my way, and to fill my own needs. TILT!!!!
     Thank God, God is God and is All-powerful, All-knowing and All-loving inspite of me, and He can and does get me where I need to be. I pray that I will trust Him more and more and realize who He really is and stop all my efforts to take care of me, and let Him truly be my Father.