Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

His Love is Greater than Wine!!!

         God can speak to your life personally through the written Word by His Spirit. I hope you don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that what He speaks to me is what He will speak to you through that same passage. I am saying that He is such a miracle working, all-knowing God, and is so in tuned with what is going on with each one of His children that He can use His Word to speak to them to bring life to light!
     Let me tell you what He told me today. I've been meditating on His love and wanting to know more and more about it. I've also had a temptation to drink wine to subdue any bad feelings that I don't want to experience. So, these two things have been happening on the inside of me, and God has known that.
     Yesterday, in my time alone with Him, I expressed my regret over sins I had committed years ago, and whose reaping I was still experiencing. I knew He had forgiven me, but the reaping (consequences) was still a painful reminder of them, and that made me sad; especially the hurts I had caused others I love, and to see them still struggle in their own lives because of that.
     This morning my husband and I yelled at each other, and he walked out the door. It was my fault. I started it, because he told me I would have to do something that was very uncomfortable for me and something that I didn't know how to do, and I had thought he could do it for me, but he couldn't. So, when he left the house, I was still mad (even though it was my fault, I wanted to blame it on him) and so I went back to the room where I was communing with the Lord before this happened. I told myself, "you better get back in there" because of this argument we got in. I was saying to myself that apparently I didn't get enough of God, and I needed to get more so that I wouldn't act like such a heathen in the future.(I think even the dogs were upset, because I don't think they've ever seen us do that.)
     I noticed as I sat down on the couch, that I did not have that "guilty-something bad is going to happen" feeling that I have had so many times before after I had sinned, and I questioned myself about it. "Am I losing my conscience? Do I not care if I just yelled at my husband? What about a contrite heart? Where is that?" In my spirit, though, I was receiving a different revelation. God was showing me His love linked with forgiveness which is ever flowing from the throne of grace to me.  God already knows me and that I am always sorry when I "sin" against Him, and so He immediately removed the shame of my sin, and let His mercy flow through me to show me more of His great love in experience.
     Then I glanced over at my Bible sitting on the couch. It was opened to Song of Solomon, and my eyes went to the word "love," and I immediately picked it up and began to read. "We will praise your love more than wine" it said. More than wine? Now what  could that possibly mean?" I thought.  As I was going to my computer to "google" that passage to possibly get some insight, it hit me. God was talking to me directly. He was saying, "Patti, I've just shown you and let you feel how my love for you is linked directly with forgiving you, without you experiencing the shame, because I took that from you on the cross. I wanted you to see that it is better than turning to wine to try and numb those feelings, instead of letting me impart my love to you when you do sin, by forgiving you. Wine is temporary, and my love, which includes my forgiveness "washes you whiter than snow." Natural wine will stain in more ways than just your garments. If you turn to it to numb the pain of your sins,  the sin will stain your heart by remaining there, but the New Wine of my Spirit will wash it away."
     Wow!!!! You mean God can communicate all of that from one little passage? Yes, and He does if we will only listen. He will speak the language we understand to each one of us individually.  As you read His Word, listen for His voice to bring revelation from His Spirit to yours. Truly, His love is more (greater, better, richer,) than wine!!!!!


Friday, February 19, 2016

The Devil Comes A Courtin'

     (For those of you who are younger, and maybe not even American, the word "Courting" means to "woo" or even "to date someone." It is an old word, that probably my grandparents used, but has been passed down through the ages by word of mouth, but no one really uses it today.)
     I've used it in the title, though, because that is what popped into my mind, when I thought about a friend of mine who is presently being courted by the enemy and she doesn't even know it. I can see it happening on the outside looking in. It is similar to knowing when someone is not good for your daughter or son, and they are oblivious to it because there is some kind of hook that the other person has in them. I don't think it's gone that far with my friend, but it could progress in that direction.
     I wanted so badly to tell my friend what I saw to try and protect her from harm, but the Lord held me back. I've learned through error as I've walked with Him, to acknowledge Him and not to lean on my own understanding. (or fleshly urges) I realized on one level that she would defend herself, and be blind to what I saw anyway, and that she might even take it as an insult, and so I waited until He showed me what to do and when.
     One night I woke up and the time was now to help my friend, but it wouldn't be through the natural realm, but in the spiritual or supernatural realm. I stood in the gap (stood in for her) and prayed against the spirit of flattery, and rebuked it in Jesus' Name from attacking her soul.(mind, will, emotions) This spirit is a very insidious one, and feels good too, which makes it all the more undetected from our sight. If we are still wanting to be acknowledged and appreciated by human beings, we are vulnerable to it's luring us into it's grip.
     How could I do this warfare for her, you might ask? I came on her behalf (intercession) by the power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the finished work of the cross! If we are His surrendered ones, we can freely "approach the bench" and stand before the Just Judge, and present our case because of what Jesus has already accomplished. My case was that He "triumphed over powers and principalities and made a show of them openly," (the devil and his demons or spirits) and it was on this reality that I rebuked them in His Name. The Judge pronounced that my case was valid, on the facts presented, and so because of that, the criminals would indeed be cast out and off (rendered defenseless with not a leg to stand on) of my friend.
     Now, I can rest in the battle won, on behalf of my friend. I can be assured that if she walks into the bondage set before her, it will be according to her own will, and not because she's been tricked, lured, or held captive by the enemy. At least now, I know I have done all that I can do for her. I will still remain open if He leads me to answering any question she might ask me about her decision. In these cases, it is very important to seek Him every step of the way.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Struck Down, but Not Destroyed

     A few years ago, I was feeling lonely, lost and rejected, and so I opened myself up to others who came into my life. I wasn't guarding my heart at that time, which didn't leave much room for discernment. The acceptance and "love" I felt from my new friends kept me blind to any faults or false motives they may have had in befriending me. Because of that, I was ignorant in my bliss, and not prepared for what came to pass involving those relationships.
     When thoughts of betrayal came, due to accusations against my friends, I was devastated. Thinking they were above these kinds of things, and my own neediness of their acceptance and love, made me prey to extreme hurt. The enemy delighted in this, as I wrestled with confusion and doubt, back and forth, back and forth for a few years. I had been seduced by him successfully, when my heart was hungry and I subconsciously wanted it filled by human beings.
     As with all things, when we are cared for by our Father, He opened my eyes, when I was now ready to see the error of my way in not letting Him only fill those needs. My vulnerability to be hurt was there and it had to happen like it did (I can see as I look back) so that I would, in my pain, turn to Him. He has readjusted me on the inside, by making the crooked places straight, so that I am more protected against this demonic spirit that came to destroy my relationship with God through this happening. I praise Him for letting me go through this, so that I could give Him more of my heart on the other side of this pain.

"Thou shall have no other god before me."-(that includes human beings) Ex. 20:3.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

You Can Run, but You Can't Hide

     It's a given that God uses our sins, and makes everything good if we are His child. Only God could do that! But, today I am wondering how different my life here on earth would have been if my sins had not been committed.
     When I was first married, I was lonely and confused, and didn't know how to relate to anyone well, much less my husband. Things that I would do and say brought division and unhealthy results in our relationship and in me too. Put simply and truly-I was leading a sinful life which affected me negatively, and everyone and everything else  around me too.
     Because I lived in the shame of my sins, I wanted to escape where we were living. Little did I know that I couldn't run away from myself, and my sin-filled heart, but that I needed to be forgiven and made clean. I controlled my husband to make him move to another city. While there, we had trial after trial, and not the peace that I was seeking.
     Yesterday, I visited the city we had first lived; the place I ran from 38 yrs. ago. It is one of the most beautiful towns that I know of, and it is just the right size to raise a family in. When I was there, God spoke to my heart and said that this was the place He had chosen for us to be, but I took control of my life and forced a move. He showed me that it was due to the sin of controlling. Wow, I thought. Because I am now His, I could clearly see and acknowledge what He was saying was true.
     What would our lives had looked like, I wondered, if we had known Him back then and had stayed in our quaint, and lovely city? It would have made all the difference in the world. Although, I know it's not about living in a certain place, but what is in a person's heart. I knew, though, that all of our lives would have been a beautiful reflection of His love and grace to those around us, and we would have be blessed to live there. My restlessness would have been cut short, if I would have called out to Him for mercy and help instead of taking things into my own hands.

     Just being nostalgic, and blessed for Him to reveal what was and what could have been if only................but despite all the problems and the pain, the important thing is that God Found Me, and He has changed my life and the lives of my family and He is shining His light through us to others where we live now.  I am thankful for His rescuing grace!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Little Girl

     It's 1956. A precious little girl is sitting by her record player, listening to music, with not a care in the world; her soul is happy because she is surrounded by the sweet and peaceful presence of God, who is lovingly holding her in the palm of His hand. The gently breeze from outside blows the curtains ever so slightly, which adds to the sense of His Spirit. Or is it His Spirit? She lived inside the circle of His love and grace then.
As she grew, she learned of another place to live, and that was the way of the world, where the "should" and "should nots" were. It was a frigid place, fraught with unseen boundaries, which if crossed, slapped her on the face, bringing shame, guilt and fear. There was no other option than to protect and defend herself to survive. But, the longer she lived there, the harder her heart got. "How did I get here?" she thought, "and where is my Father?" She missed Him dearly, but if He was gone, she knew no one would be there for her, so she continued fighting for her life.
For too many years, she stayed there, not knowing how to get free. There was no rest here, because someone or something was always trying to attack her. If there was any respite, she felt uneasy, and so she would attack herself, because it felt so familiar and this existence was the one that now felt like home, sadly.
"Father" she cried out in her soul, frantically. "Why isn't He coming?" she wondered. What she didn't know was He had never left, but she had stopped trusting Him to protect and defend her. She hadn't truly known the love He had for her, for if she had, she would have not wandered in the land of should/should nots, where she was forced to defend and justify herself.
Day after day she tried to make her way, and save her own life, until...................................she couldn't do it anymore. Again, in her agony and pain she softly cried out with tears, "Father?", she said half-way afraid that He wouldn't answer, but willing to stake her life on the possibility that He would. "I am here, child. I've always been here," He answered back gently with assurance, and comfort in His voice.
She immediately threw herself at His feet, sobbing uncontrollably, and immediately felt that same peace, love and rest she had experienced as a child. Her heart was soft again and it felt good to feel, both sorrow and joy! She was back in the circle, covered by His Hand, close to His heart, never to wander again. Today it is 2016, that little girl of the past has been resurrected, but now she is truly "His little girl," and His heart is happy, and her heart is free!!! 

And He said, "I tell you the truth, unless you turn around and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven!"-Matt. 18:3.

Jesus answered him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father except through me."-John 14:6

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

We Are Accepted in the Beloved

     Many years ago, I used to sit and listen from another room to my husband and his brother talking. They had such love and respect for one another, that it even gave me peace inside to hear them. It was like the sound of a river quietly flowing. I knew that I was lacking these characteristics that had been implanted in them by their parents, as children growing up.
     That sound I heard and felt in my soul when listening, is the same peace that Jesus brings to our soul, if we can receive His love. I say "can receive" because I believe there are so many of us who have built walls of self-protection as children when one or both of our parents did not value us. I think it is especially, negatively impactive of Fathers with their children, although mothers too can leave children bereft and rejected.
     I have been reflecting on this lately, because so many who are sons and daughters that I know, (including myself) have been stifled and vulnerable to the enemy of our souls, because of our Father's rejection. This can come in the form of neglect, abuse, or even abandonment. Many times, though, it's an accumulation of negative criticisms, and standards never met, from Fathers who keep raising the bar. Shame is the result, many times, even though the child has done nothing wrong. All of these negative (rejecting) behaviors towards a child can result in self-hating and sabotaging behaviors lasting even into adulthood, with too many lasting until the grave.
     One of the worse outcomes, I believe, is when we have subconsciously projected the rejection we experienced as a child from a parent, onto God.  If so, what is the result? We work hard for Him, hoping He accepts us  and we never get to enjoy the peace and security which love and acceptance brings, that no one or nothing can touch or alter, no matter what!
     Would you journey with me and ask yourself, as I am doing, if you have been working for His acceptance, even unknowingly. We need to reckon with this, so that we can truly relate to Him in the way He desires for us to, receive unaltered truth, and have "peace like a River." Truly then, will it be well with our soul, and we can release that same love, acceptance and peace into our world.