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Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Battle Against Assimilation

Please listen to this very important prophetic sermon of truth. It is by a brother in the Lord, and a dear friend of ours. He is suffering rejection for the messages the Lord has given him. They are hard for the nominal Christian to swallow for they are given from the position of truth that we were bought with a price by the blood of Christ and are no longer our own. This sermon is called, "Battle against Assimilation" and refers to the Lord's will for us, His own children, to resist being one with the world, but to keep our distinct and separate identity. This requires daily decisions which are opposed to this world's kingdom. Listen with open hearts to the Spirit of God, as He leads you into all truth.

The Pigpen of the World

     What can be learned by the many young men and women we've seen in America, who have at first stated they were Christians, and then over time have gone down the slippery slope of the world? Using acting and singing stars as an example, all children of God, through Jesus Christ, can stand back and see where trying to eat of the world and following Him at the same time leads you. Just because they are well-known does not make them unique as to the effect of following Jesus and the world goes. Let's not miss this caution that is before us, thinking that it is because they are famous and we are not.
     And where does, living in both Kingdoms (His and the worlds) lead to? It leads to losing your soul, as His Word says:

Mark 8:35-37
35"For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel's will save it. 36"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? 37"For what will a man give in exchange for his soul?…

And we have witnessed this, as we've stood back and watched these famous men and women's lives go into debauchery and ruin. Maybe they didn't read this cautionary word He gave us, or if they did, they really didn't believe Him, and they depended on their own strength and fell.

     Other truths in the Word also indicate the incredible pull it can have on our souls. He tells us to choose who we will serve, and to come out of the world and be separate, to be "in" but not off the world, and to either love or hate Him over loving or hating Mammon. (money, which is the god of this world) He also tells us that "the cares of this world" can snatch the Seed of life, which is planted in us.
     But, let's not just stand back and point out the famous people whose lives have been ruined by the pull of the world, but let's apply it to ourselves and ask Him where we are toying with it ourselves, repent, and come back to our Father's house. Some of us are living in the pigpen of the world and are blinded to it, like the Prodigal son was. After all, it says he had to "come to himself" before realizing where he was, in order to return. And that is exactly what happens when we try and save our lives. (Scripture above) We slip into the world, little by little, and become blind to our involvement in it, until we reach a dangerous place which God uses to help us see again. So do, but sadly, many don't.
     We can't afford to mess around in the playground of the world, and expect God to keep our souls when He's already told us to choose Him or it. God help us. Put your fear back in us in America, so we can see You and You only, High and Lifted Up, and get out of the pigpen and back into Your heart again.

If you'd like to hear a sermon from a brother in the Lord whose message is similar to this post, go to

Monday, January 27, 2014

He's Changing Us Into His Image

2 Corinthians 3:16-18-

16but whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. 17Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 18But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.
     Since, we, as believers, have "turned to the Lord" by faith in His Word, the veil has been taken away, so that we can (v.18) behold the glory of the Lord, and we can be sure that we are being transformed into His image progressively.
     Where does this "beholding" go on? In our minds? No, but in our spirits where deep calls unto deep. This is the place where He connects with us, and where we, in turn, connect with Him. It is a sacred and a secret place. We are in the "King's chamber" alone with Him, as He, by His Spirit, is changing us, as we gaze upon Him. We are One with Him in this place. It's a beautiful place filled with His peace, joy and love; it is eternity and life everlasting because it is where He alone has the pre-eminence. We see the true image of God, reflected in the face of Jesus, His Son, with no veils to mar that image.
     Before we turned to Christ, we didn't see Him in truth, but our sins, and unredeemed minds, marred His image. I am not saying that we see Him perfectly in our beings, because those things in our souls still mar that image, and as those things are removed, as we willingly allow Him to sanctify us, the vision that our spirit now sees as perfect, will then be aware to us in our souls. Wow!
     It is just a miracle how God provides for every little thing in us, as it's His working alone which transforms us. All He wants from us is our willingness, indicated by our yielded ness. As we offer ourselves as living sacrifices, by yielding to His Will for our lives daily, He does the rest. Rest assured.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ask According to My Will, and It Will Be Done

      God makes me deal with any issues between me and family members before He lets me "reach out." It's like He is saying, "first things first." Only He can read my heart, and  knows the invisible "things" in there which have caused those feelings. Maybe I've judged them and don't even know it. Maybe I've held a grudge for little things they have done, and I think I have let them go, but haven't. Or maybe I've just imagined that they have negative feelings towards me, and I have responded the same way back to them, deep inside of me.
     We are often blind to these things. But, we know they are there.  We feel them.
      Just a couple of days ago, I was tired of having these feelings towards a family member and so I asked God to take them away. I expected it to take awhile, but that's not how He worked. It seemed like "suddenly" I didn't have those feelings towards that person anymore. When I had occasion to be with them, I knew they were gone. In fact, God had replaced them with a renewed sense of love and respect towards them, and it felt good. It felt like restoration.
     It seems God was waiting on me to be willing to let them go. When I was, He made that possible. He does make all things new, but He waits for us to "let" Him.
Amazing how we have more control of our lives than we think.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trust Him to Use Your Gifts

      "Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them", is the by-line of this blog, and it's not meant to be just a catchy phrase.
     Each morning I wake up, and ask the Lord what I should write about, and trust that He hears me, and that He answers as a thought surfaces. My belief is that, "if you ask the Lord for fish, will He give you a stone?" (Luke 11:11) In other words, because I have asked, I trust that He is answering me with what I asked for.
     I have from 30-120 views a day on my blog from countries all over the world. The United States is usually in first place, and lately Malaysia is always coming in second. Then there is the United Kingdom, Russia, India, Sweden, Germany, and an occasional visit from China, Australia, and some islands I've never heard of before.
     So, when I write, believing God is giving me what to write, I sometimes wonder who the individual people "out there," are, what they are like, and what is happening in their lives as they read. I wonder if God is using something that's been written to impact them, or to bring comfort or enlightenment about who God is, and the things of His Kingdom. I trust that He is.
      I also trust that He is well able to show me if He wants me to stop blogging. Today I had the highest page views ever and that gives me hope to keep on. Everyone needs encouragement in the gifts He has given.
     So, I trust that God is giving the increase on the things He's had me plant through my writings, and that the Holy Spirit is watering the words with His anointing, as He teaches you, the reader, through them.  Grow in His love, grace, peace, and truth! And, thanks, for stopping by.

Friday, January 17, 2014

If You Love the World, the Love of the Father is Not In You

     I looked at the billboard that said Elton John was coming to town. There is something inside of me that wants to go. His songs and voice really move me. To hear him sing "Can you feel the love tonight?" and "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road", to name a few, would really be awesome. But, I know I won't buy tickets and go.
     Why won't I? Many years ago when I gave my life to the Lord, He put me on a short leash. Maybe it was because He knew I could slip back into Egypt (the world) so quickly. Maybe it was because He has called all of His children out of the world, and unto Himself, and some hear His voice, and some don't. I'm not really sure. I do know that when I left the past behind me, I left it, never to go back.
     In fact, many years ago, when my son and his wife graduated from a Bible college, we went to their graduation supper, and the students sang with fervency a song whose words were: "I won't go back, I won't go back. My God is good to me. Jesus has set me free. I won't go back." As they made this declaration in song, my heart joined with theirs, and I made it too. Going back to Egypt, offered predictability and meager sustenance, quite different from following God in the fog, but it also held one in bondage.
     Some people might think that comparing going to see Elton John in concert and being in Egypt is unfair. I know it's not a sin, but it's the cumulative activities of this world, that eventually gets a person eating from it's allurements, and before one knows it, they have left their first love. Jesus gets bumped down on the list, little by little. What replaces Him are other things, people, and time-consuming, worldly activities. I believe, and I can't prove it, (except by observation) that if God's people begin to fill their lives with things they want to do, see and experience, they lose their spiritual discernment, and can't even see when they begin to get further and further away from Christ, and His Kingdom.
     This is happening to money-consumed American Christians in a big way today. They speak of "bucket lists" and such, and without knowing it, their lives are again their own. They forgot they've been bought with a price, and that God, through Jesus Christ, wants to use them for His plans and purposes, and yet, how can He, if they are using up all their time for their own desires only?  And where does offering yourself as a living sacrifice come into play; what He calls our spiritual act of worship?
     I truly understand the lure and the pull of the world to go see people like Elton John, go on lavish vacations, buy pretty and expensive material things, build big houses, improve one's looks with plastic surgery, eat rich foods, and do exciting things with one's life because the lure is seducing to the flesh.  I would even say there  is a demonic spirit attached to it, and we must resist it with His power only. If we don't, and  we feed this part of ourselves over and over again, it empowers our flesh, and the Spirit of God in us gets snuffed out. We return to our vomit, and then become Luke-warm Laodiceans. We still think we are rich, but God says, we are poor because we don't know Him anymore. Little foxes spoil the vine, He tells us in His Word. I am understanding this more each day. "Heaping it on ourselves" only brings more emptiness, and, in the end, if not repented of, apostasy. Oh, how dark is that darkness.

Other quotes:

 “It does not take long to tell where a man’s treasure is. In 15 minutes’ conversation with most men you can tell whether their treasures are on the earth or in heaven.” D.L.Moody

“The church and the world have become so intertwined that it is hard to tell one from the other. The world has so affected the church’s moral standards that Christians say they believe in Christ and yet have never bothered to change their moral attitudes and standards at all.” -A.W. Tozer

“The true Christian is one who is kind of sick of this world. If I find anybody who is settled down too snugly into this world, I am made to doubt whether he’s ever truly been born again.” -A. W. Tozer

“How can you pull down strongholds of Satan if you don’t even have the strength to turn off your TV?” -Leonard Ravenhill

“The world is about to burn and its foundations shaken by the almighty hand of God, and Christians sit nonchalantly before their television idol, wasting precious time.” -David Wilkerson

“Would that we could see the wall of separation between the church and the world made broader and stronger. It makes one sad to hear Christians saying, ‘Well, there is no harm in this; there is no harm in that,’ thus getting as near to the world as possible.” -Charles Spurgeon

“I believe that one reason why the church of God at this present moment has so little influence over the world, is because the world has so much influence over the church.” -Charles Spurgeon

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wrong Postulate; Wrong Conclusion

     If a person has the wrong postulate, then they will draw the wrong conclusion. According to it's definition a postulate is defined as "a statement, also known as an axiom, which is taken to be true without proof." In all reality, the truths in God's word are the only true postulates. Where do the problems come in as far as interpretation go then? When filtered through our own biases, preferences and even prejudices, what once was a pure truth becomes muddled and contorted. And so the "postulate" is changed, and then so must the conclusion be.
     Take for example the truth from Matt. 6:24-" No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." This Scripture seems very easy to understand. The postulate is what God has stated here, and the conclusion is that we must "choose one or the other"-either God or money, not both.
     Because many people want to have (their bias) both God and money as the center of their lives ,without even realizing it, they can't believe God really means this, even though they may read it. They tell themselves they are not serving money, (because they couldn't face it if they were) even though much, if not most of their time is spent 
involved with it, while carrying God in their back pocket. "The deceitfulness of riches" has blinded them. Naturally, they cannot hear the conclusion drawn from this verse which is that they must choose one over the other. 
     I'm reminded of a similar verse in the Old Testament which foreshadows this one. Joshua 24:15-"And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Ever since the beginning of time, God has told us we must choose between Him and any other god or thing. This is where the truth that He is a jealous God comes in. He wants all of us, or none, it seems. It's not a possessive thing in the negative, as some think of it, but it's a loving thing. He loves us so much,  He knows if we have split allegiances, we will have preoccupations that will harm us ultimately. 
     The word "mammon" actually represents the self-life. When we are preoccupied with money, what it can buy, the prestige it brings, with the power, we really are just immersed in ourselves. And when that happens, (even though it is not in sight to us) our hearts drift from God and His will for our lives, and as He says we will begin to despise Him. It is an extreme word He uses, but nonetheless, true. He knows because He examines our hearts. 
     Woe unto us if we let that happen. It is a fight against the self-life and the world that is directed by the spirit of Mammon. If we don't acknowledge this battle, and be aware of the pull that is against us, we will become a victim as many are in America today. This seducing spirit creeps in unaware. Beware, fellow traveler.   

Monday, January 13, 2014

Aches, Missionaries, and Daughter-in-laws

     Every bone in my body aches! I did a lot of physical work yesterday after a so-far long winter of being rather idle. I had pulled a oblique muscle under my rib cage, and so I have been rather sedentary allowing it to heal.
     We are getting our mission house next door ready for a missionary family to stay there for a few months, and that is the work my husband and I were doing. He worked on changing the jets on the new stove we bought, put up baseboard, and fixed old toilets to get them ready for flushings from 9 and 5 year old boys. I did early spring cleaning.
     So, today I'm sore and I couldn't sleep last night because I ached so bad in bed, and because there is so much to do today before they come, and I couldn't stop thinking about "my list." I asked the Lord to take away the pain, and put me to sleep, but that didn't happen.(?) I closed my eyes for 2 hours and then finally got up at 4:22am. That was kind of reasonable.
     So, why am I telling you? My blog, if you've been on it before, is not a daily, personal journal, like this post is becoming. It is usually thoughts of a more spiritual nature. But this is what I've got today, I guess. I told someone the other day, that I just launch out with a thought, and see where it leads. It led here.
     Oh, another side note. I am meeting with my 2 daughter-in-laws today, sharing the many things the Lord has revealed to me on a certain subject. (being mysterious, I know) It's awesome! I haven't shared it on this blog, but I am sensing He will lead me to in His timing. But, I am blessed (and kind of timid) to share it with them today. I'm blessed that they said "yes." We plan on meeting every Monday until the Lord says "stop."
     So, that is all I have for now. Hope you have a blessed and Christ-centered day!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Will Follow Him

     Yesterday I was talking to a Dad and asking him if he was going to take their teenaged daughter to the Purity Ball. The Purity Ball is a banquet given locally for Dad's and their teenaged daughters. It is held in a place which is lavishly decorated with white table cloths and beautiful floral arrangements, and hanging chandeliers; a royal affair; something females love! The girls wear formal gowns, and the fathers their best suits, or even tuxedos. This date is one each other would never forget.
     The man replied, "I don't know. I don't like the idea of making vows. It's like a law which makes it even more desirable." He was referring to the vows the teenaged daughter makes to her Dad saying she will remain sexually pure until marriage.
     I responded that, although making a vow would not necessarily keep her pure, that the date would be an unforgettable memory and beautiful experience she would have of him and her for the rest of her life. And, I added, that when I make a vow, it doesn't make me want to do what I am vowing not to do. If I made a vow with my Dad in audience, and there was real love between us, I would want to keep the vow-for myself, yes, but also because I would know that is what He wanted, and I would want it for that reason too. He said, "Well, I'm different."
     Later last night, I was pondering this, and comparing it to our relationship with God, our Father. I was quickened to the Scripture that tells us that when we come to Him, He replaces our "heart of stone" with a "heart of flesh." (Ezekiel 11:19) This means we are now tender towards Him and His will, and we then want to do what He wants. Before that, we desire our own way only.
     Then, I was thinking about the vows we make when we get married. Do making those vows tempt us to want to break them? This is what my friend was suggesting with vow making. No, when we love someone, we want to vow to be true.
     Is it possible to retain our heart of stone (rebellious heart) and still claim we have given our heart to the Lord, in essence, we have "vowed" to follow Him, and we have given our life to Him? I don't think so. Do I think my friend doesn't know the Lord? No I don't, but I do think he is confused and mixed up. He is holding on to the nature of the old heart (rebellion) and he's been given a new one!!!
    It feels so good to want to do the Lord's will, and to have the ability to do it by His Holy Spirit. (not that we always do, as we are also growing, as He sanctifies us) With our new heart, He gives us both "the will" and the "to do" of His good pleasure. (Phil. 2:13) Let's do it with joy!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Loving With Equality

     If you have suffered from a perfectionistic mindset, it has probably been your lot to take God's directive counsel in His Word, and misinterpret it. For example, in Matt.5:48, in most of the translations it says to "be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect." A perfectionistic mind would relish in that "command," and try (albeit unconsciously perhaps) to do it-Perfectly. And, they would fail time and time again. In many cases, the guilt that ensues will only serve to embolden one's flesh more, to try again, and to fail again. Because you see, a perfectionists standards cannot be met anyway. They are always raising the bar on themselves.
     But, that Scripture doesn't mean that anyway! In the Scriptures above that one, Jesus is talking about how God loves everyone the same, with equality. That is where the well-known verse of raining on the just, and the unjust comes in. He is telling us that we must be "perfect" (or complete) in loving them too, as He does. That is all. Not that it is easy to love everyone, but with the power of the Holy Spirit, we are enabled to do it, so that His love can touch them and so that He will be glorified.
     So, let go of the notion that He is telling us to be perfect. Even though that word is used, (my opinion is that it's used wrongly) and perhaps we've spent way too much time trying to do that, let's get on with loving completely all people whether they are good or bad.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Happy New Life!!!

     "Work harder! One more brick!" says the pharaoh in all of us at times. Part of our old man is vulnerable to the demands of the boss within us, as it was his voice that "kept us going" while we were yet in slavery for so many years. No wonder it's hard to believe the voice of our Shepherd that freed us when He says that He accepts us unconditionally, and not based on what we do, how hard we do it, and how much production we put out. We've been programmed this way.
     But, good news! The old is passing away, and all things are becoming new in us!! Praise God! His voice should replace that old slave master as we grow in Him. BTW-which environment can you work better in; one that is full of pressure, or one that is peaceful? These two contrast the old pasture and the new. In His pasture, we will lie down in peace and produce 10 times as much for His Kingdom and do it happily and willingly, knowing of His abundant love for us!!! Out with the old; in with the New!!!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Are We, in Prosperous America, Being Swept Away?

Written in 2006, by another author-
The waters are rising. The rivers are overflowing their banks. Take heed as to where you stand lest you fall and the rising floodwaters of dissipation overwhelm you. You are aware of the flood of dissipation, aren’t you? Surely, you heard about or witnessed its destructive power? It is truly all around us. Christians must prepare themselves to rise above this flood. Dissipation is evident where there is wasteful spending or consumption. It is obvious when there is a lack of moral constraint, recklessness, or over indulgence in sensual pleasure, gratification of various appetites or desires. It lurks where there is amusement or diversion — something that turns aside or distracts the mind. Dissipation has destroyed kingdoms, caused governments to stumble, made businesses large and small to crumble, and devastated big cities and small towns. Preachers, politicians, business leaders, entertainers, community leaders, and ordinary moms and dads have succumbed to its disastrous lure. The church bears marks of its floodwaters which has brought disgrace because of the actions or inactions of some recognized as people of faith. We must not allow this wicked flood to overtake us. We are called to be holy. We are stewards who will give account of our very lives to the Almighty God, our loving creator and faithful sustainer. God has called us to use well the resources that He has entrusted to us, not carelessly burn them up to satisfy our lusts. He has called us to be faithful to Him and not to be idolaters, promiscuous, adulterous in and with the world. He has called us to be content with such as He has blessed us with and not to be covetous, wickedly craving corruptible, temporary treasures. He expects of His children total commitment and not a part time religion fit into a schedule that we have cleverly created to give maximum time to accomplish our own ambitions and little time for seeking, serving, knowing, and growing in Him. Noah refused to be overtaken by the flood of dissipation of His day. He bravely chose to live godly in an ungodly world. So must you and I. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to surrender to paganism. They, openly and obediently, chose to worship and to serve the one true and living God even at a time when it was unpopular and dangerous while living in a foreign land. So must you and I. Peter, Paul, and the early followers of Christ laid aside their lives of self-seeking for comfort and ease, and chose to build up the kingdom of heaven rather than their lives on earth. So must you and I. They chose to live lives under the authority of the Holy Scriptures and the guiding of the Holy Spirit. So must you and I. The early church chose to relish the joy of knowing Jesus and to suffer with and for Him rather than the short-lived joy of having stuff or more appropriately for this time-stuff having us. As Christians, we, too, were carried away, flowing with the currents of this world. Every Christian once lived to satisfy their sinful nature. Without true hope, for we were without Jesus in this world. We all were sinking deep in sin, far from the peaceful shore. Very deeply stained within, sinking to rise no more. Then the Master of the sea heard our despairing cry, from the water lifted us. Now, safe are we. Now, let us swim against the world’s tide. For, Jesus buoys us. He is the ark of safety, the old ship of Zion. Once we are truly on board with Jesus nothing can pluck or throw us overboard. He tenderly, yet securely holds us in His powerful hands. He said in John: 10, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand. My Father, which gave them Me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of My Father’s hand.” Hallelujah!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Glory to His name!!! Come hell or high water, we are safe in the Master’s hands! Children of God stand against the wiles of the devil clothed in the whole armor of God. Servants of God minister on as Christ did aiding the poor, healing the sick, freeing the unjustly oppressed and dispensing hope in a hopeless world. Preachers of God keep preaching whether they will listen or not preach the unadulterated Gospel, the whole counsel of God until He says to you well done. To those without Christ, seek Him and He will be found. If your soul is in danger look above, Jesus completely saves! He will lift you by His love, out of the angry waves! He’s the Master of the sea, billows His will obey. He your savior wants to be, be saved today! Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved … ( Acts 16:31)

P.S. by Patti-Even though many were once in the ark, who is Jesus, they have chosen to jump overboard. How can a parent, (using the natural) do anything about their children when they resist the protection gained by obedience?

Friday, January 03, 2014

"Less of Me" and False Humility?

     "Anyone who thinks he brings something of value, worth or use into the kingdom of God does not yet know himself as he ought. There is no good thing that dwells in our flesh. ( Rom. 7:18 ) The new man is “created according to God in righteousness and true holiness.” ( Eph. 4:24; top ) It is our privilege to put off the old and put on the new but our simple obedience to God leaves us no room to boast. If we think we have something to boast of, it is only evidence that we have failed miserably in putting off the old and are seriously deluded about what the new is!
     All that we bring into the equation of God and man is need. In our flesh we don’t like this but the sooner we come to the recognition of our moral and spiritual bankruptcy, the sooner we can reject our flesh, be changed and filled with His fullness. This is the example we see in John and it is his testimony that we too can believe and have this same life in Christ. If we have no such life, the fault is ours and ours alone. God has never – and never will – turn away those who diligently seek Him. Rather, He rewards such as these. ( Heb. 11:6; top )"

     The above quotes were taken from a website of someone I know, and the content of what the author is saying weighed heavy on me today. God is showing me that part of what I was seeking in the wilderness, was my part in the Kingdom of God. The thought I had this morning confirms that. I thought ' I just want to know that my being here on earth has meant something,' then I read this article. What the author is saying (and the Holy Spirit checked it and confirmed it's revealed truth to me personally) is that ,even our wanting to serve God, and our desire to be significant, can be from the flesh, (where nothing good dwells, as He tells us in His Word) and I believe, what I have been seeking was not from a honorable position, but from my own sense of still wanting to "be somebody." I need to ponder all of this today.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Being Filled

     My mom used to say a person had to have something to look forward to, suggesting that it "kept them going" and added a fresh excitement to their lives. For those of us in the Lord, with each new day, we can look forward to what God will do in that day, as He is ever giving us adventures to challenge, inspire and grow us. And with that reality, we can "look forward" to acknowledging Him, and responding to Him as He reveals Himself in it.
     My three year old grandson recently said that he was bored! Wow! I didn't know it started that young. Deep inside each of us there is a desire to encounter God, but we misunderstand that and try to fill that void ourselves (or expect others to) with activities, adventures and excitements that we create, and find that after all is said and done, we are "bored." Jesus said that when we drink of Him, we will never thirst again! Only He can truly fill us to where it will be lasting.
     If, each day, we acknowledge Him and await His appearance in our day in the many ways He presents Himself, our adventures will never end. At the end of the day it would be exciting to keep a journal in how He did that, and at the end of the year, it will confirm His promise that He will never leave or forsake us. We will see that He never did!!
      I think I'll do that!  Why not join me?

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Special People Everyday!

    "In the same way, some think one day is more holy than another day, while others think every day is alike. You should each be fully convinced that whichever day you choose is acceptable."-Romans 14:5.
     I  am one who consider "everyday alike." New Years Day , Christmas, and even Easter, hold nothing special for me. I am fully convinced that since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that "every morning is Easter morning," according to the words of a song. Since He's come, every day is special in our lives, and, as I see it, to place special emphasis on certain days by celebrating them, as the world does, can communicate that we are no different, and we indeed, are!!
     We are the "set apart" ecclesia of God, who has "come out from among them" and have been brought unto Him. We are "strangers and aliens" and not of this world, but await and look forward to the one to come. We don't want to be cemented here, by doing what the culture does, but instead we are looking for a city whose kingdom and maker is God.
     He's come, it is finished, and He is coming back to receive all who are His. Amen! As we await His coming, let each of our days be holy and special unto Him, as we let our light so shine!!!!