Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Keep On Sculpting, Potter of Heaven

     A few years ago a book was published in America called The Purpose-Driven Life, which took Christians here by a storm. It's premise had a good intention which was to not just go through life without meaning, but to find the meaning God had for you, and fulfill it. I heard something similar a few decades ago from an aspiring TV minister. He called it "Discovering Your Destiny." Ever since then, as I grabbed ahold of this in my soul, I have been trying to be driven by my purpose, and to discover my destiny. Afterall, I wanted to do what God put me here for!!!
     The only problem in my particular case has been that it was out of a sense of "being significant" that I desired this. Not a good reason, and certainly not according to His will. Let me explain.
     He wants us to surrender our wills, and know that we already are significant because of how He sees us. We are precious in His sight. He doesn't judge us in how many things we can accomplish on this earth, or if we are successful by the world's standards, or even if we do things to help others if it's not from pure motives.
     So, what does He want? What are His purposes for us?  He has one purpose for all of us: TO CONFORM US TO THE IMAGE OF CHRIST. And how do we "let" Him do this? If we truly want what He wants, He will get us there. He will use everthing in our seemingly meaningless lives sometimes, such as circumstances, prosperity, illness, hardship, and struggle (especially struggle because our sin-nature will fight against His Spirit in us) to teach us to "let go," so that He might have His way through us. If we let Him show us the things in us that are in the way of that, and agree to lay them down or be removed, His love in us will begin to flow through us to others. In that way, we will be conformed to His image and His love will be seen and shared. These are His purposes.
     This unseen work can be in a person with many  responsibilies and activities, or in one who has a lot of time and with little responsibility. It matters not, if that person is the Lord's, and wants what He wants. Our whole understanding of our lives will change if we view them from an eternal perspective. Our problems will become opportunities to show His love, or if we fail,  to run to the throne of Grace for forgiveness and His strength for the next time. We won't judge our lives' by the worldly view, but will rest content that He is having His way in us and that will be enough. We will know we are significant whether or not we contribute little or much in terms of how the world defines accomplishment, knowing that it is His purpose that is most eternally meaningful because it satisfies His heart.
     "Not my will, but Your be done," O Father. All our rest is found in this.  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Oxymoron of "Forced Unity"

      I am really wanting to participate in the "unity of the Body" that was so apparent in the Upper Room, and at the same time wondering if that is possible at this point in history. I truly believe it's the desire of God's heart for His followers, though.
     Many have tried to "make us one" by the ecumenical movement, but this has been a staged and unfruitful attempt. Then we have other groups who claim they are not "sectarian" and that others have left them to form their own groups. The problem is that over time, they have naturally developed an attitude that, like most denominations and groups, they are the real ecclesia, a divisive element within itself.
     So, because of the hierarchial system of doctrines and dogmas in place today, with it's attached belief that those who gather with a particular group are a little bit closer to the real truth than the others, there is a problem. It's like trying to go back in time, after standing institutions have already been layed in cement, not only in physical structure (buildings) but also in the minds of the people.
     A song I knew goes, "Father, make us one. So the world may know you have sent your Son. Father, make us one." The world doesn't know the Son has come, for the most part because of the many beliefs, creating confusion and splintered factions, as the world looks on. And because of what they see, they want no part of it. They instinctively know if something is real and true, then there would be unity, and many who call themselves His, keep fighting over who is right. Sad reflection of who Jesus is, indeed.
     I am coming to see that it is not the different beliefs that are the problems because if we are submitted unto Him and listen to His Holy Spirit, then He is eventually leading us into all truth. He is making surrendered saints into "one mind" and in "one accord." The problem, as I am now seeing it, is when, in our flesh, we try to "make" someone else see the truth we think we've discovered. We disregard the Holy Spirit in their lives to show them something we feel is crucial in our walk with Him.
     Some things that have helped me resolve the  problem of  what to do when I see someone faltering or going down a path that I can see is destructive, is 1) if they are not opened to the Holy Spirit's voice ,then there is nothing I can do about it anyway, but pray they seek Him. 2) if they are opened to His voice, then they eventually will see the same "truth" that I see. 3) if the Holy Spirit gives me occasion, in His Timing, to speak a word of instruction, then I will and 4)to live my life in accordance to my beliefs as an example.
     So, I don't really have a picture of what unity is yet. I know it is held together by love for one another without compromising truth, and I know that it can only happen between believers who  are willingly and happily under the Headship of Christ.
     Again, I go back to the Scripture, "If you walk in the light, as He is in the Light, you will have fellowship one with another." First, having given our lives to Him, we then will love each other, and unity will result. I'm reminded in all of this that it is  God who builds the house, and it's only by submission to His will, that unity will happen.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Love of God Compels Us to Give

     The Body of Christ. Who are they? Where are they?
      Sometimes it is hard to find them, but there are guideposts to follow and trace them down. For one thing, God tells us that first, they are His who have accepted His Son Jesus as the payment for their sins. They have been redeemed and have been brought back into fellowship with their Father because of this. Then His Son further clarifies His family by saying that they are the ones who "do the will of God," the ones who realize and accept "they are not their own" but that they "have been bought with a price" and that price is none other than by His own blood shed for them. Then because of them accepting that they are His (owned by Him) they follow Him and "do as He did," as an example. Love for God, and love for their brothers, their neighbors and even their enemies are things they are trusting Him to work in their hearts. They want what He wants, come what may.
     Sometimes it is difficult to indentify true believers unless persecution comes their way. In the prosperous society we live in, the lines between true believers and false ones  is often blurred because most people just take at face value what people say, that they are Christian.  But when persecution comes, the false believers usually jump off the bandwagon to save themselves, and true believers are still trusting God.  So, that is perhaps why the Word says that the whole creation is groaning and travaling for the sons of God to be manifest. And one day, when God restores all things, they will be.
     My husband and I have a ministry card we had made which has the name of the ministry In Jesus' Name on it with it's contact information. We have a Scripture printed on it which says if you have material possessions and your brother or sister does not have, and you don't respond to that, how can the love of God be in you? This describes but one of the reasons we have chosen to financially support our family in India who are in need, and around the world, or should I say because of the love of God in us, the support came freely. His love is a giving love, and if I could be so bold to say that if you have His love, you will find yourself wanting to give in some way also.
     Our family around the world is suffering. Many of them are wondering where their next meal of rice is going to come from. In this country, most believers have extra money to give, if only a few dollars a month. If we claim to be "maxed out" it usually is because we have heaped it on ourselves, or stored it up in barns. God will speak honestly to us about this if we will hear; if we have really allowed ourselves to be governed by Him.  But the main thing, is that we will naturally respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters worldwide if His love is in us.
     Who is the Body? Those who through love in action give to the other suffering members, and by this show the love of God towards them. The love of God is displayed as we show love one to another.

How can I do this? you would like more info. about this ministry of integrity, call Sandy direct, or email me. We have been associated with this ministry now for 20 years, and have gone to India through it 3 times. Below are some poor widows, our sisters in Christ, who received vegetables from their pastor with love gifts through In Jesus' Name.



Friday, January 25, 2013

Standing in Faith

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-welcome to the blog!!!I am definately going to look you up, because I've never heard of you before, and I want to know about your country, and where in the world you are!! If God uses these words to encourage, challenge or for growth in Him in anyway, please come back. You are always welcomed.

     Right now I am sitting here restless. I have so many things going on in my head; things I want to do, and thoughts about what God has in store for me (us, as I am married) for our future. He's given me a vision, and understanding of so many things in my life, and I am trying to be patient for Him to carry them out. Then there is the thing about what He is to do, and what I am to do in it all. As I grow in Him, I am seeing more and more that He has more to do with it than me sometimes.
     In the past, many times, I have taken the bull by the horns and tried to pursue something, and it ends in failure because it was just me having a good idea of how God was going to fulfill the vision or promise. Like Sarah, I get tired of waiting and call Hagar on the scene. And you know the terrible results of that. As someone once said, "We don't want to have an Ishmael on our hands, and realize he is not the promised child, and send him out into the wilderness." Perhaps Sarah unknowingly did this, because she was ashamed of her sin, and tried to send Hagar and Ishmael out in an attempt to hide it. Just a thought.
     I sense many of us do the same thing. We try to fulfill the vision or promise God has given us, instead of standing back in trust and watch the glory of God. He really can do it without us. I've seen Him do it before. He takes our faith in Him, without our involvement, and just makes it happen.
     And so, that is what I have decided to do with the future God has shown me. I am just going to believe He is faithful and true and watch Him do it. Sometimes when He has paved the way, He then does ask us to take steps in the process of that vision taking place, but it is as a result of hearing from Him, and not us having a good idea to help Him along. There is a difference there.
     So, I wait in faithful expectation to watch this glorious God create something out of nothing. It will be exciting to watch Him work. I stay open to His voice as to my part of it, but mostly I stand in faith believing. He is faithful and true, and He will do it!!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Counting the Cost of a Lampstand

     "Let your light so shine," the Word says. Of course when we read this, we know that it is really His light shining through us and not ours. Or is it? If not, it should be so.
     We do have a light of our own. It might be our good personality imprinted on our DNA, or our ability to be cordial developed by our instructive upbringing, or even could be seen resulting from our good acting ability we've honed over the years in wanting others to think everything is great with us because we fear being real and true.
     But His light in us is of a completely different nature. His light breaks through us, as a result of having ourselves brought to the cross and crucified, so that He may increase and we might decrease. John the Baptist didn't want to be seen and noticed and adored in his day when Jesus walked the earth, but rather he wanted Jesus glorified, and so he spoke those words. (decrease/increase) And as we grow in Him, we discover that same desire is in our hearts.
     Crucifying brings new life. Death first and then life. I have been in contact on and off with a brother in the Lord who has lived with a group of people now since 1985, who believes that as people share their lives daily, living in close proximity, and are opened to each other's exhorting, encouraging and admonishing (by the Word with love) that it is then that we are crucified to ourselves and out of that, His light shines. Collectively when this happens over time, a "lampstand" is formed not only for the hosts of heaven to see, but also for those around them. But he cautions,

 "there can BE NO LAMPSTAND, PERIOD in a place that is borrowing words and platitudes, importing figure heads for the franchise, or searching for “ideas and concepts and methods”—rather than seeing and being willing to experience the rejection and pain and humiliation of a Corporate Cross. Men can “plant” a little happy club about anywhere."

     Notice the words , "rejection, pain, and humiliation" he uses. In other words, what I think he is saying is that if you really want to be a part of being a lampstand (where His light so shines) in the area in which you live (or in moving if He tells you too) you will have to be honest with yourself, if you are willing to go through this process to have that priveledge. Of course, I am getting the sense of what these saints believe is that subjecting ourselves to each other's eye, (the Holy Spirit in them) in these ways, as we walk daily with Him, is the way this happens. The result of the brokeness that will happen in us, is that His true light does begin to shine, which is His way and His will for His family.  So, extending that further, the question becomes are we willing to go through the pain to fulfill His heart's desire?

     I am contemplating all of this myself, as it could happen in the not so far future that a couple could move into our house next door. First, we are waiting to see if our desire is just a fickle and fleeting one, which passes over time, and then there's the question of if everyone is on board. I thought this last thing was all that was needed, but now God is revealing the deeper aspect of it in "counting the cost" of entering into such a community, which is: Do we think it's worth the pain, rejection and humiliation God will use to get us to the other side, so that He might be glorified and shine through us? That we must consider.  If we would but open ourselves up to this crucixion process, a lampstand in our area would be truly placed here.

If you would like to read more about this lampstand, click on the link of Jesus Life together, under "letters" at the top of their webpage, then under the heading, "Desiring a Lampstand."


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Food of Egypt Will Kill You!

     "Oh, shut up!" Sometimes I find myself saying this to the flesh of me; that lustful part that craves for attention, enjoyment, and excitement. As I look around and view other people's lives, and the choices they make, which fill these so called "needs," sometimes I find myself whining and complaining, even getting jealous at what they do. Or, atleast my flesh does, and that is why I tell it to "shut up."
     The Israelites in the wilderness experienced these same feelings and allurements because they were tired of the manna God had sent them to eat; that food from above. They griped and complained because they craved the variety of food they had in Egypt, even if they were enslaved!. What they were willing to give up to satisfy the lust of their flesh!
     Of course, we know what happened. God sent them quail (something more to their flesh's liking) and told them to eat until their belly was full, and they did, and they got sick. And, that is what will happen to us if we complain about His provision for us, craving something more exciting or enjoyable! We are free to "eat, drink and be merry" if we like, even if we are His. We can revel till the sun goes down! Only problem is that the sun will go down. We will eventually get sick, possibly even spiritually sick, and if we continue down this flesh driven path, we too will become enslaved.
     Many times the things that happen in the Old Testament create a picture for us to learn from (if we will) for us who are in Christ today. In this happening, the "manna" represents Christ; the bread of Heaven given for us to eat of daily. Are we tired of Him, and want something else to eat? Or, more pointedly, are we rejecting Him because we are listening to our flesh and letting it control us, and are discarding Him for our lust for fun, entertainment, enjoyment and it's many other cravings? Perhaps we think "we deserve it" because afterall, everyone else seems to "let the good times roll." "Maybe I'm just being a prude, and who can relate to that," the alluring reasoning goes. Or, "I've had so much stress lately that no one would deny me a little fun, would they?" And all the while, God is saying, "eat of me," and we ignore the only One who offers us a true remedy; the only One who can satisfy.  Oh, how dark is that darkness.

II Timothy 3:1-4
"But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—"
  I can see this happening all around me. Can you? People once satisfied with Christ have given in to their fleshly cravings by loving pleasure, even claiming freedom in Christ as their justification. Again, how dark is that darkness. If we don't love the truth, He will give us over to blindness, which is that spiritual sickness which results in death.

This post is written for those who are contemplating eating more quail, but who know deep within, they shouldn't; for those who still have some light left in them. Don't do it!!! Turn and return to Christ by eating of Him, and drinking of Him!!! He is enough. He does satisfy your soul's needs. Don't satisfy your flesh and lose your inheritance!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Spirit of Seduction

     Trinidad and Tobago-welcome to this blog. I pray God uses it to speak His love, grace, mercy, instruction, or revelation to you as you live this life.

     The Spirit of Seduction attaches itself to someone or some thing and uses said person or object to lure, captivate and capture another's flesh, pandering to the lust of that flesh, so that it can consume, control and ultimately, if not rescued, plunge their soul and body into darkness and destruction. Examples of entities this spirit uses is through drugs, video games, sex, music, false preachers, teachers, or commentators by their words or personalities, institutions of men such as religious, political, fellowships, brotherhoods, or any other ones that have vows or creeds or dogmatic doctrines, T.V., movies, food, etc. Anyone or anything which is at first enjoyable to our flesh, and is allowed to have full reign in us, will be trapped by her clutches, and destruction is the final end.
     If a person is the Lord's and they find themselves being controlled by anything which they cannot stop,( for the Lord gives us warning signs at first while we can still hear Him) can call out to the Lord for help, hopefully confessing to someone else in the Body for prayer. If someone has been snatched in this manner by the enemy, he can be delivered because God's power is greater. But, if he remains in this darkness, this spirit is so strong, that it causes blindness and delusion even to the point where the person will defend the atttachment, even denying it's power over them. At this point, a demon becomes their spokesman, and comes up with all kinds of clever and manipulative rationalizations and manuevering debate strategies if confronted by someone else. As has been said, "You can't win over satan at the table of reason," as he is more subtle and powerful than any person's mental and intellectual abilities. So, it requires someone on the outside, who has spiritual discernment, who can see what is going on, to seek God on the other one's behalf for either spiritual strategy to help the captured one, or for intercession so that they might be delivered in the spiritual realm first.
     There are situations in which the person will not be delivered, and that is in the one who only is known by God,  who has openly given their will to this spirit. If someone is praying for this person, God will communicate to them at some point, to stop praying for them, or to pray "thy will be done." This is the saddest situation ever, and when that person's destruction happens, it provides no consolable answers.
     Pride is one thing which defies that this spirit exists or that it can affect them. The pride of life wrongly thinks that it can resist anyone or anything that they choose to. They have thought more high of themselves than they should. They claim or think they can have contact with or indulge in whatever they want to and remain unscathed, whether it be music which this spirit has attached itself to,(whether secular or "christian") or people they hear teach or preach or even secular commentators, or things they view, or even certain foods they continually eat they know are addicting, etc. The point is that because they have already put confidence in their own strength to "quit at any time I want to" or won't listen to some one else who may try and warn them because of their own rebellious and stubborn pride, they continue eating and drinking of these people or things to their own progressive destruction, all the while, claiming nothing has power over them. If someone on the outside continues to try and help them see what they see, they will craftily turn the tables around, and the attention off of themselves. And, many times the reason is pride in their own strength as above, or wounded pride because they are defending their own "valor" brought about by self-righteousness, or simply because they just want to indulge their flesh and make no excuses for it.
     Other times, though, it is truly child-like innocence at not knowing the enemy out there, and how he operates and they are lured by his clever and enticing traps. These immature sheep are fodder for the wolves, and that is one reason the more mature sheep need to help watch out for these new-borns, toddlers and young children as they grow. As they remain open to other people in the Body who are trustworthy, they can be spared alot of grief and heartache. That is why we are here to "watch one another's back" so to speak, and that is why I am writing this post today. I believe that God, by His Holy Spirit, has put this info. in my mind so that this horrible and slimy spirit could be exposed, for either those who may find themselves becoming obsessed or addicted to someone/something and feel the power in that, or for those to be aware of satan's devices by this controlling and entraping spirit.
If you are one who feels this power over you, drop what you are doing and call to God for help, and then tell another person in the Body who you know will understand and who will pray for you, and who will help you be accountable. He will come to your rescue, and then He will show you the steps to take to come out of this grip, for greater is He that is in you (in your spirit) than he that is in the world!!!!! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Releasing the Warrior Within

     Two new countries checked in to the blog: Belarus and Taiwan! God loves you unconditionally, and if you don't know His first born Son, Jesus Christ, He truly wants you to, so that you can be reunited with Him, your Creator. Call out to Him and He will hear and draw near.

     Was thinking the other day that either we as God's sheep are facing a battle, in a battle, or on the other side of the battle. Those that don't acknowledge that there is an enemy or that we are in a war, have to come up with false explanations as to why certain things happen in life. I have come to understand that much of the turmoil in my life has to do with the fact that my mind is being attacked by the enemy with suspicious or fearful thoughts and I have accepted them as my own, instead of resisting them and casting them out. This is the battle I am talking about.
     When we recognize who is trying to do this to us, and take up our weapons, the battle usually doesn't end there. In fact, it will persist for awhile. The enemy will try and make you give into those fears and suspicions so that you will take action. Above all, he trys to make you take matters into your own hands (trust in your flesh to handle it) instead of standing on the shed blood of Jesus Christ; the blood that destroyed his power and the blood that gave us victory over him. This is the victory that overcomes the world; even our faith. In other words, by our belief and understanding of what happened on that cross, lies the final outcome of any battle as victorious.
     I was engaged in such a battle yesterday. It didn't last long, but longer than I wanted it too. The Lord had shown me something in the spirit, which I expressed to someone as a warning. They did not acknowledge it, or if they did, they did not take action against it ,which they could have done. So, I went into battle on their behalf. In doing so, the enemy was attacking my own mind at the same time. So, as I was interceeded for them, he was attacking me in the process, and God showed me that happens sometimes.  It is like people who have the gift of casting out demons; they get attacked also.
     But, I persisted, knowing that His shed blood had already destroyed the enemy's power, and that he would eventually go away defeated. I would know when he was gone when the storm in my soul was calmed. So, in about 30-45 minutes the storm had passed.
     Alot of the times, people give into the battle, and let their emotions  and will take over, which is exactly what the enemy wants us to do. I have done this numerous times, and it could be said that "he wins" when we do. But, God uses it to instruct us for future battles, if we will hear Him and heed his voice. Again, as I've said in everything else concerming our walk with Him, it is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that we can do battle at all, and it's only through His finished work on the cross that we can expect victory. But, if we do expect to win the battles, we have to know this for a fact.
     What do people do who don't acknowledge or recognize the enemy when he comes and.  attacks? Does he just go away? No, the word says for us to resist the enemy, and he will flee from us. So, if we don't resist him, it is as if we are laying down, opening ourselves up to him and letting him have his way in our lives., and he is able then to chip away at our confidence in Jesus and bring us needless pain and suffering, and, perhaps, gradual destruction.
     What might this look like in a real life situation? Let's say that a person has company at their house. This person is in the other room, when all of a sudden, they hear someone raising their voice very loudly. They listen and realize someone is getting angry at  someone else, and they begin to get afraid. Because they don't believe or are not aware of satan's devices or schemes, they immediately respond in their own willpower and go into the other room where the commotion is going on, and try and take matters into their own hands. They blurt out, "what is going on here?" with anger in their voice, motivated by fear, then they try and take control. They point to the door and say angrily, "get out of my house, and never come back!" The other person already angry, his pride is strengthened, he  retaliates and things escalate, and who knows what would happen next.
     Instead of the above, if someone did recognize the fear the enemy was trying to bring into the situation, they might be led to, first of all plead the blood of Jesus before they went back into the room, and then by being tuned into the Holy Spirit's leading, would respond entirely differently. Knowing nothing bad was going to happen, they may calmly say, "Does anyone need help here?" This in itself would probably diffuse the situation, as the one who was angry would be embarrased for what he had done. After a small silence by everyone present, the person then could be led to say, "Can I get anyone something to drink?" which would shift the attention towards something else instead of focusing on the scheme of satan, which wanted to take center stage, causing destruction. I'm just imagining here what might happen if one recognizes the enemy in a situation, stands on the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and tunes into the Spirit to take control. In this way, God is fighting against the enemy, instead of our flesh which is bound to lose the battle.
     A third scenario might involve someone who doesn't even know about the enemy's devices and does nothing. What might this look like? They hear the angry outburst from the other room, and then sheepishly slip back into the room. They take their seat, and just look around not knowing what to do. They aren't seeking God's direction, but are just letting things take their course. Well, because the enemy is having free reign, the angry person stands up, pushes over a piece of furniture, causing further fear among the people present. By this time, fear is in control of all, and the enemy is controlling the angry person. Satan is satisfied at his dominant position, and so he goes even further by causing the person to scream obscenities at everyone, and have him throw a real tyraid. Finally the man storms out of the house, slamming the door as he goes, while everyone sits there in stunned and fearful silence. As he gets in his car, they all hear his tires screeching and going so fast they fear he will crash and hurt someone else as he goes. They had never seen that kind of rage before, and they wonder what happened, and all the while it could have been prevented if someone had gone to battle and had overcome by the blood of the Lamb.
     Are we willing to fight against the enemy when he presents his ugly head in our or someone else's life? We must unless we want him to have his way, causing further and further destruction. We have a Kingdom to protect and a Body! Jesus, our King, won it for us, and we, by His power and Spirit, must protect and keep it. "The Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force." -Matt. 11:12.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trust and Obey; Not Obey and then Trust.

     This post is going to continue from yesterdays post, so if you didn't read it you might have to, so you can understand what I am saying and why.
     God hasn't revealed to me clearly if the decision I believed He put before me, and me thinking I heard His voice many other times in the past, was Him or not. He may leave it that way for now, for His reasons. But, I can say that as a little time has passed, it seems like the extreme decision I thought He was leading me to make, was not Him.
      Sometimes if in my life when I am thrown a "monkey wrench" (something that hits me in the stomach which I don't see coming) I go into extreme mode, seeing only black or white. This may be something in me, which I referred to in the post yesterday, as a flaw in my wiring, and things are processed through this flaw in me. It can skew my being able to hear God clearly.
     But, as God showed me yesterday, He is still here with me, and can override my flaws, as I surrender to Him in the process of sanctification He desires to take all believers through. This process is His perfecting of us, by the dying to self or crucifixion of self, resulting in the conforming us into the image of Jesus! And so, the life-shaking thing that came to light the other day, I believe, was used in this process, perhaps to remove the flaw that was in me.
     As tempting as it was for me to take matters into my own hands, I realized it was too big for me to do that so I unknowningly let the restraining power of the Holy Spirit within me take over. I quietly waited, all the while experiencing my intense emotions within, until He began to make things clear. The fact that I was able to do that revealed the work He has previously done in me.
     I have had a deep peace, though, through the whole ordeal, as shaking as it was to my being. I am not as unsettled now, as I was at first, but am just a little stunned. Fear, which has been at the bottom of alot of how I have processed my thoughts, was not present during this trial. And, as I'm typing this statement, maybe that is the wiring flaw in me that was either removed or is in the process of being removed. Hmmmmm........?  Perhaps the fear was the flaw, and the outcome of that has been to only be able to see black and white, as a sort of self-protection for me.
     How has  that provided self-protection? Well, it makes it easy to understand; it's either one extreme or the other, and not in between. Only 2 options eliminates confusion or feeling vulnerable, or maybe even having to put it in God's hands and not mine. Another hmmmmm...................?
     I see in my mind's eye, a long brown pointy thorn in my brain, which when this crisis prevented itself to me the other day, was pulled out by the Master Surgeon. I'm reminded of the Scripture which says,"when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will lift up a standard against him." Isaiah 59:19.
     It felt like a punch in the stomach, but it was actually God removing this thorn the devil had lodged in my soul, which had affected my thinking processes many years ago. And God had had enough of it!!!! So, I believe, He let this come to pass in my life, knowing I would process it as a faith crisis, but His plan was to use it to my good to take something out of the way (the fear in me) so that I could actually hear Him more clearly. He knew I would not understand the pain of it all, during the crisis, but He also knew He had my back and would keep me through it.
    Again, I am being shown "the keeping power of God" in my life. He is showing me I can trust Him even in light of the fact that I am flawed, meaning that I  will do, think,  and even believe wrongly, but that Christ in me, will eventually have His way through me, as I remain truly desiring His will in me and in my life. That is a relief, and lifts so many weights off me.
      Because I feared not doing it right, I tried to "make sure" I was doing it right, and with that I felt responsible for things He never intended for me to be responsible for, and couldn't do anyway. The truth of "trust and obey" comes to mind as to my part of the relationship. I notice the order of this statement is to trust first, then out of that will come our obedience. It's not to obey first, then you will trust Him. I think that is what I was believing with that "fear thorn" in my thought processes.
     I am doing well, post-surgery. Today I feel better than yesterday, and will soon begin rehab in Him teaching me how to "walk in newness of life." (He's not only the Surgeon, but the Therapist too!)  This will involve responding in new ways to what happens in my life and in taking a new perspective on things. And, of course, overtime my behavior will change also.
     I always want to remain under the care of Him, and not be "up and running" within myself. And, of course, He will help me in this too. I trust Him. He is trust-worthy. He will not leave me. He will show me the way. He is with me. He is here. He is now. He loves me. Case closed.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Christ-the All Sufficient One

     The fact that I am even writing anything today is a miracle in itself. If you knew what I am dealing with and seeking God about as of yesterday, you would understand. It's as if I am at a precipice with God, and either He's asking me to jump and risk everything, or He's asking me to continue on a path which seems to lead to nowhere. I don't know which would be harder, but I do need to hear from Him clearly.
      In the meantime, I remain neutral and unknowing; a land I don't thrive well in. It is a place of wondering if I have ever heard from God at all in my life, or if it was just my imagination. If He reveals that the latter is true, then I have no other choice but to assume my life as I've known it has been in vain and an illusion. And how will I cope with that, if it proves to be a reality? If, however, I have heard from Him clearly, either reality presents the biggest test to my faith in my life thus far.
     Sorry I can't be more informative, but there are some things that can only be settled between God and oneself, and this is one of them. I am frightened to be honest; frightened that even if I ask God about making these things clear, that I won't hear clearly even then. Not that He will cloud my hearing, but if I haven't heard Him clearly in the past, how do I think I will hear Him clearly now, especially if I have made it all up in my mind? You can see the shaking that I am experiencing.
     Last night whenever I was holding all this before God, I was thinking that He has saved me from myself so many times. Do you know what I mean by that? It is hard to explain really, but I'll try. There are things in us, whether it be in our makeup or something that developed in us over the years, that are flaws. God has intervened in my life whenever I have wanted to act according to my flaws, thinking it might be Him telling me to act, and it's not. If this is one of those times, I am trusting that He will put up a wall so that I cannot proceed. I heard a man once called these actions by God, "grace barriers."
     The situation I am finding myself in is one of those times that I have to depend on Him to be my Keeper. Lately I have been exploring to know Him and trust Him in this way for my life.

Jude 1:24-To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy -- [25] to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.

     The truth that He is our Keeper, and His unseen protection of us in doing anything which we think is Him, but is not, is mind-blowing and faith building.

     On the other hand, if this is Him asking me to make a decision which will cost me everything, I trust Him to give me His courage to do it. Either way, I depend on Him only. It is comforting to know in this crossroads I find myself in, that it is His provision either way. I am not alone. He will either give me His courage, or keep me from falling. If He reveals that I have not been hearing Him, and that it has been my imagination, He will help me cope with that too. Everywhere I turn, I run into Him.(Praise God!)

    I feel better now. Even in making this post, He has somehow communicated to me of the assurance of His presence and of His provision every step of my life. Oh, and if I make a "wrong" decision based on what I think I have heard is from Him, He also can rescue me from that. Again, He is my Keeper and my Care-taker in any and all scenarios. I need to stop and chew on His all-sufficiency for awhile. Selah.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let Your Song Be Sung

     God moves on people more than they think or realize. We take action, think thoughts, or say things which are inspired by His influence. Sometimes He reveals this to us; sometimes He doesn't. The ways He operates is us and in this natural world are wonderfully mysterious.
     I have come to consider this when I am seeking Him about what to post on this blog. Many times I sit in front of a white screen without knowing what He wants to say through me. I am trusting that as I seek Him, He answers. I try not to doubt that what comes out is from Him, even though it would seem arrogant to do so.
     But why should I doubt if He promises us that if we desire His will, that He will answer us. In fact, the name of this blog is "Great and Unsearchable Things," which is a phrase from the Scripture in Jeremiah 33:3-"Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and unsearchable things which you know not." That is God's word I take to heart as I type on this blog. I am trusting that whatever I type, He is behind it and is moving on and through me.
     It's awesome to think that there are individual souls living all over the world, who perhaps He moves on too to view this blog so that He might speak with them in a unique way that only He knows about. Not to say this blog is a sacred writing, as we think of it, but when we are filled with His Spirit, it's His Spirit through us that is "sacred" and what comes out of us, if we are attuned to it, and truly want His will, is a holy thing, and can bring light and life to others.
     I really like the fact that I don't know how what I post might affect others, because if I did, I might begin to be tempted to take glory for myself. When God gives us gifts, it is a temptation for the flesh to want to be puffed-up whenever we see people responding to the use of the gifts. And so it is with great care and prayer covering that we proceed. I'm wondering if me not being able to know the effect these writings have on people is a protection for me.
     Just like a sermon, a teaching or something someone says or does, we really never know how God uses it and translates it into other people's language. Not their cultural language, but the language of their individual soul. Sometimes it's how something is worded that speaks to another in addition to the content of what they are saying, coupled with what the receiver is dealing with in themselves at that time. Many times, that is something only God knows.
     So, our God is wonderfully mysterious, and in many ways "past finding out," but we can be assured that as each one of us steps out in His will, empowered by His Spirit, He will use what we offer to Him for His purposes in people and in this world. Unseen things happen as we do; supernatural things sometimes only He and perhaps the company of heaven know about. On the other side, they get to see what is truly going on, and it is glorious. Do you suppose they can see, or atleast understand it when He uses evil for good, and what a glorious thing that would be to experience?
     If sometimes you have felt useless in His Kingdom, know that He is using you even if you don't realize it, if you have surrendered your life to Him. He has put you where you are for reasons you don't even know, to be used with what He's put in you, for His purposes, and things are happening you can't even see. So, we run into the walk of faith again-believing even though we don't see, but knowing it 's going on anyway. Continue to live before Him blindly, realizing the priveledge it is to offer yourself as a living sacrifice. He calls this our spiritual act of worship.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We Must Obey God and Not Man

     I don't know why I get so happy when someone from a different country views the blog. I guess it's because through my writing and God's touch on it, I can vicariously be a part of "going into all the world" to make disciples. Not my disciples, of course, but hopefully the posts I write will point to the Father of all, and people reading them will thirst to know Him, or to know Him more deeply and fully. Yesterday, there was someone from Jamaica reading! If you come back, I say "Hello" and pray that God, through Jesus Christ, will reveal Himself to you personally, and will result in your soul's contentment and delight!
     Today I want to talk about how "the Spirit of God leads us into all truth," if you are open to hearing from Him. One of the biggest blockades that I have seen in people hearing truth, is one's own resolve in thinking they already know it. Much of this is programmed into people by their denominational teachings and beliefs. Non-denominational churches usually attach themselves to other non-denominational pastor's who either are on TV, or who travel around speaking, or who have written books on how they see it.  They follow after men, instead of seeking the Holy Spirit themselves for the interpretation of God's word.
     I understand the propensity in listening to someone who knows the Lord to hear what they have "heard from the Lord." When I first came to the Lord, and was seeking truth, I opened myself up to those older in the faith, by way of listening to Christian radio of men and women who professed Christ espoused truth by either preaching or teaching. I assumed that they knew the truth better than me, because they had been a Christian longer, and that they wouldn't lead me astray. The only problem with that was what I heard was not congruent. It caused me alot of confusion as to which voice to follow.
     And along comes the Holy Spirit; the one who promises to "lead us into all truth." Was I ever glad He rescued me from the many voices out there! Not to say, I always hear Him correctly, but I can have confidence that as He continues to renew my mind, my vision and hearing gains more clarity, in His evolving process of sanctification, or making all things new in me. And He promises this to everyone who submits themselves to it.
     In His Word, He says that there comes a time when we will be taught by no man. In our maturing process, He expects us to begin to trust in the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. If we don't make that transition from relying on preachers and teachers as the source for truth, to  using the discernment the Holy Spirit brings when we hear them, they will become idols for us. We will cling to every word they say, as if everything they say is pure, and they become like god to us. In their fallable state, they will feed us all kinds of error and lies couched in truth, because they are men and not God, and then if taken to the worse scenario, the enemy will use them to get us off track, and then we'll begin the downward spiral into darkness, all the while thinking we are walking in the light. All because we would not grow up and listen to God ourselves. Or worse yet is when people once listened to the Holy Spirit themselves and walked according to His voice, decided that was too hard, and then put themselves  under man.
     God calls us out to be alone with Him to hear His voice, and walk in His ways. One can still be with people and be seperated unto Him. As individuals submit under Him, and the process of dying to self and the renewing of their hearts and minds,  and let the Spirit lead them into all truth, I do believe, however, that they will hear the same thing. If it's the one Holy Spirit each one is listening to, they will not hear conflicting truths.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Run Into Him!!!!

     My view of things is sooooooooooooo different than most people's views. I've come to realize that I won't hardly acknowledge the evil in this world, even though I know it exists. But to look at it head on, and to read about the gory details of it, or to listen to others' talk about it, upsets my soul so badly that I'll do anything and everything to avoid these scenarios. Sometimes, as the darkness seems to envelope the world, ilt seems like there's no where to run or to get away from it all.
     I know that it will get worse, too, and our Christian cliches and trite musings will no longer get us by any longer. "The teachings" and "the doctrines" we espouse in the lavish state we now live in, will break like glass when the chips are down, if we haven't relied on Him, even now, to keep us afloat.
     I'm beginning to see how these same doctrines and teachings can fail, if they are apart from Him. How can that be, if they are about Christ? Well, take the doctrine of grace or faith for example. If they become about those things within themselves, they are sinking sand. If however, we know and believe that Christ is our Grace, and Christ is our Faith, etc. then we are on the solid Rock. There is a fine line there, not easily discerned.
    Paul got to the point where he said that his only doctrine was Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. Christ is our Doctrine-period. He is the Bread, He is the Life, He is the Truth, He is the Door, He is the Good Shepherd, He is the only Way, He is Love, He is God, He is Understanding, He is Hope,He is the Fulfillment of the Law,  He is ____________, etc. He is our All in All!
     He also is our Strong Tower, the One we run into when the darkness increases. If we haven't learned to trust Him in our daily lives, we won't do that when persecution comes. We will rely on ourselves; a dangerous place to be. I am not dismissing the tremendous pull to do that! It's the ultimate self-protection or survival.
     Many years ago, I heard a woman in a church speak and she addressed that very thing. She was telling about how when we are in Christ, learning to depend on Him and not ourselves, that the last vestige of "self" to let go of, and the hardest, was that of physical self-defense. In that situation, it is impossible to call on God, if not for the Spirit of God within us.
     The followers of Jesus ,when He was on earth, bear this out. None of them fought for their lives, and yes, all of them except John were martyred.  I shudder myself to even write these things, but I truly do know that it is "not by might, not by power, but by His Spirit," that we must rely on when and if the evil in this world comes our way. And, then He will decide, if we live or die. It seems like we must settle this now.
     I remember a story that was told about a man who was in an airplane, and it was going down fast. He had rejected Jesus in his life, choosing instead to live for himself. As the plane steadily descended, he called out for Jesus to save him. The story goes that because he hadn't lived for him during his life, that Jesus didn't recognize his call, so He didn't answer. Others in the plane, who had known Jesus in their lives, called out to Him and were comforted and had peace whether or not they lived or died. The Holy Spirit was near to their hearts and minds.
     I'm not going into the theology of all of this. I don't really know what God would do, but the point is well taken, and that is now is the time to call out to God and give your life to Him, as He gave His for you by dying for your sins. And, as we are in Him, we need to learn to trust Him in all things, for Him to be our "point man" in peril or life-threatening situations, and I guess, the hardest trust of all, is to trust Him with the outcome, by life or by death, remembering that He has overcome the sting of death, by giving to us eternal life with Him forever.

Monday, January 14, 2013

His Accomplishments!

     "A ministry of one and an audience of One"-these phrases describe my life right now. "A ministry of one" is about how God is changing me by restoring my soul, and how first of all, He is wanting that to affect primarily my relationship with my husband. "An audience of One" refers to the awareness that it is God's "looking on" my life that truly matters most.
     I have found myself fighting this most of my life, defaulting to my natural reasoning which tells me THAT'S NOT ENOUGH! Looking around at the world and how others "do life" I see accomplishment and enjoying "the good life" as factors which seem to define "doing it right," even according to what God means by "the abundant life." I've wondered about that often.
     Everytime I try to step out and "do" what I feel God is showing me to do, He brings me back to looking first at my marriage relationship, reminding me of that old principle that "charity begins at home." I remember reading about some of the greats of old, going out to save the world, but leaving their marriages and families in disarray and neglect to do it.
     Not to say that people aren't called by God and that they don't have a destiny, but only that I believe He has an order to it. My son was stating such the other night, as he was preparing to go to Thailand with his oldest child to help a missionary family there. This worked for them because he had already learned to put his family first, and everyone was on board with them going.
     So, daily I will let God work in me, knowing that working is enriching the relationship with my husband. What a better ministry really than to be used to reflect the Bride's relationship with Christ, which is the result of this working, by submitting unto Him. And to know that it is Him watching as I go, and is approving of that which He is directing me in, and that it is enough!!!
      And what have I accomplished by doing that? Oh, not what have I accomplished, but what has He accomplished through me? Now, that is the question. It's really a matter of not me, but Him anyway. He just wants us to yield to what He wants to do with us.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

He Knows What We Need

     As I listened to someone tell about their experiences in the Lord, I found myself thinking that I hadn't experienced such things, and then wondered "why not?" This has happened before to me. It feels like I am a "second class" Christian, more specifically someone God has denied and left out.
     And so I told God that, as I sat in the car riding home. I told Him I felt left out and asked Him why I didn't get to experience these grand things the other person was talking about; a "love bomb" he called it. He described this as just suddenly feeling, in a strong way, the supernatural presence of God.  I said to Him, "If this is from you God, why don't you do this for me? What have I done wrong?"
     I was seeking His answer as I continued riding down the highway. Suddenly He directed my eye to the speed limit sign-55 mph. I knew immediately what He was trying to show me. The number 5 is the number of Grace, so He was saying something about His grace to me. So, I asked Him"What does Grace have to do with what I am asking you about? What are you saying to me?" I rode a few more miles, and there it was again. I wasn't looking for the sign, but it was as if He was causing my eye to look at it. 55 again! "O.K. Lord, you are saying your grace to me is in all of this- in what ways?" I inquired. "You haven't given me this strong feeling of your presence in my walk with you ever! Why am I being left out?" I asked further.
     And He said, "Very few people have the kind of close and intimate relationship you have with Me; this is my grace to you. We converse every day, and every moment. I speak to you in unusual ways; in ways only you would understand. As to whether or not this 'love bomb' is from me or not, is not for you to know. You follow me in the way I am leading you. Do you trust me to lead you, as you are with me knowing you fully, in the way you need to go? I am giving you what you need, am I not? Wasn't your prayer "to know Me, and the fellowship of my sufferings?" Why do you seek what you think I am giving others? Why do you think I am denying you? You are to have an unseen and unique walk with me. I have told you that for many years now. I long for you to embrace and cherish that walk with Me, and not look around thinking I am denying you. If only others knew what you have with Me, they would want it. But your quiet walk with Me is what I want for you. Did not you ask for My Will in your life for all things? Haven't you chosen for me to allow you suffering if that is what it takes to conform you to my image?" He said.
     This response by God was so rich, deep and humbling that I couldn't even contain and absorb it all. I confessed my sorrow in feeling that He had denied me. In fact, I knew it was wrong to covet what was not mine, but still I found myself doing it. Of course, I knew God forgave me. At the same time, I could now see I had to first be honest with Him about my feelings, (right or wrong) for Him to show me more about His 55's (Graces) to me concerning this.
     Now I can see better, and believe that God relates to us all in so many different ways, and we must be careful when we relay to others what God has done in our lives and is doing, for it not to sound like if someone else is not experiencing Him in this way, then they are deficient or lacking somehow, or even not loved as much by Him, as that is not true. Satan would have us think that though, as he did with me.
     He has grace for all of His children, but He expresses it in customized ways that fill each one of our deepest needs, and works in us what only He knows about. We don't even know what we need like He does, so who are we to question Him? I am learning that lesson more and more and am beginning to appreciate what I do have with Him in my own  unique self, and to trust that His decisions concerning my walk with Him are fair and just and true and right, as He is.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

No More Games

     (Had some people from new countries that visited the blog: Albania and Portugal!!! Hope you were touched by God and His love and revelation as you read! Please come back anytime. God is love, and He is in love with you, whoever you are! It's amazing, isn't it?)

     "Oh the games people play, now. Every night and every day, now. Never meaning what they say, now. Never saying what they mean." These were the words from a song when I was growing up called, " Games People Play."
     I've always been interested in human behavior, and so before I even heard the words to this song, I had begun to notice these "games" we all play and had wondered why we play them. Overtime, I've come to understand there are too many reasons to list as to the "why." Off the top of my head, I would say one of the major reasons that we do is for self-protection out of insecurity. But do we really have to try and protect ourselves? As Christians who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, but many times choose to respond to others according to our flesh (our carnal ,unredeemed nature) we probably need to protect others against ourself!
     Recently, I've come to realize that my immediate response to others does indeed involve "playing games" by either saying what is expected (to try and not harm them, of course) or saying what I think they need to hear. (which is once again my sin nature and human reasoning taking control) But, there are other responses that God has for us from His heart and mind, which are according to truth and love, His mode of operation. We can tap into these, if we listen to His Spirit within us, and cease the ineffective and false game playing. By "speaking the truth in love" His healing and revealing power can flow from us to others.
     This usually happens or is revealed to us after years and years and years of game playing, which is all we had known and practiced before we were "born again." After our new birth, He then de-programs our behavior by the healing of our souls and re-programs us according to His Ways, and most of the time this takes longer than we had hoped. It's a layer by layer process.
    Let's imagine a before and after scenario for demonstrations' sake.
     We are visiting a relative whose spouse has always been a thorn in our side, as he doesn't relent in making snide remarks to almost everyone, usually criticizing or demeaning them. On this particular visit, you are sitting at the table with the relative talking and drinking coffee when the husband walks in the room. He says to you, "Looks like you're doing what you do best. Sitting there and drinking coffee. Don't you have something better to do than that? Is that your purpose in life?"
     The "before" reaction, which would be totally from one's sin nature, as you don't have the power to do anything different. By defending yourself you retort back and may say, "What in the hell do you have to do with my life, and who died and made you king over me anyway?" or  reacting a little more mildly and socially acceptably, you could act like you weren't offended or hurt and say smugly, "Well, atleast it's non-alcoholic," and laugh it off. Some may think this would be a good response, but it too, is self-protective and nothing is really accomplished by it, except maybe two people "not saying what they mean," resulting in game playing.
   O.K. let's use this same example and ask the Spirit of God how to respond to his criticism of you. Since He has shown you that his criticisms are from his own insecurities, you are able to look beyond them and see his need. You feel compassion for the attacks he operates from, knowing that they are just a smoke-screen to take attention away from himself and those needs. He doesn't want anyone to know about them, and so he is always in attack mode. But God reveals this to you, and you get quiet to hear what He would have you say back to this wounded one.
     You say unexpectedly from the Spirit of God, "Would you like to join us? I'd like to hear your perspective on things." By completing disregarding the personal attacks, the Holy Spirit through your vessel, saves face for him and offers to draw him close, all the while diffuses the situation and protects you, too. Only God can do that!!!
    There becomes no need to play games because He has demonstrated to you in the past and you are now beginning to trust that He will defend and protect you. So, you are free to let Him use you to minister to others. So, instead of  "saying what you mean" it then becomes letting Him say what He wants to say to others. Is this not what He means by "speaking the truth in Love?" And what would be the truth in this scenario. The truth would be that the one who was the attacker is loved by God, and He wants him to come to Him and be healed. I'll admit that I have been the attacker many times in my life, and I need that same love and truth imparted to me to help heal me and to set me free from what binds. "Do unto others as we would have them do unto us," comes to mind.
     So, are we willing to step aside, trust Him to protect and defend us so that He can speak through us and touch someone with His love? When we become willing to be used by Him in this way, game playing will stop, and the business of His Kingdom will be at hand.
      Flow through me, Lord, and let Your Kingdom come. Amen.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Get Lower

     I'm at a loss for words. I was watching the movie "Skylark" last night, which is a Hallmark movie about a woman from Maine who married a farmer by way of communicating by letters. She came to love him and his love for the farm, although due to a severe drought was forced to go back to her family in Maine until..........? Well, he said a line in the script which I thought was very thought-provoking. She was saying that he wasn't very good with words, and he replied, "Sometimes words aren't enough."
     So true. Words are very limiting, especially when they try to describe things of a spiritual nature. Spiritual language comes from a totally different realm, and it almost seems wrong to try and force their understanding and narrow them by using words. It's as if they are experienced or revealed from His Spirit to your spirit,  and not described. Maybe I was trying to say what the farmer said that "words are not enough" instead of me being at a loss for words when I started this post.
     Because I love to write and I believe God has given me this gift, and I am mostly led to write about spiritual things, I have to believe that God does something with the words that I write; that He somehow touches them and makes them come to life and effects the hearts and minds of some who read them. Afterall, words are just tools, but dead ones unless God breathes on them and brings them to life. That picture reminds me of the "dead bones" Ezekiel saw, that God brought to life! It's only His touch that is life-giving in any and all things.
     I'm beginning to see the power of God as necessary for anything at all to be significant, or life-changing. It's the same power that raised Christ from the dead, and God says resides in all who are His. How to unleash that power, or how to let it flow is a mystery. I think that it has something to do with us trusting Him and humbling ourselves.
     Currently, God is having me focus on loving my husband and letting my husband love me. That too is a mystery, and beyond my abilities. I need God's power to do both of those things. Resolutions, self-will and having a plan of my own doesn't cut it, just like me writing the right words and putting it in a perfect way to "make the readers" understand, doesn't cut it. God's presence and power must be a part of the equation.
     And how do we let Him be in control? Get lower. Get lower. Get lower, and let Him arise!!! One teacher on the internet keeps saying that "we must decrease, so He can increase." I call that the John the Baptist doctrine, as he was the one who originally spoke those words many years ago. And it is so true for all believers in all times. By humbling ourselves in our lives to His way, He will come forth and touch through us to our spouses, to our children and grandchildren, and to the world, that His face and heart can be seen, and by it, He will make all things new!!!!All to His glory!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Mysterious Work of God

     Love is deep, and often alludes us. As Christians, I don't even think we've even begun to tap the wells of it. Not agape love, anyway.
     It seems like I know more about what it is not, instead of what it is. I know whenever love has been violated; it's whenever strife and selfishness are involved.
     Today in the Bible Study I have ever Thursday, we will examine the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf, and in doing it, will discover what true love looks like. But, even in that, in being able to see, will that enable us to be love, or to do it? What does it take for His love to really begin to flow through us?
     The principles in the book, "The Dynamics of Grace" suggest that when the dams on the inside of us are removed, then His love is allowed to flow more freely. This makes sense in the world of physics, but is it true spiritually? I think it is.
     Everything in the spiritual realm happens by faith. We believe we have surrendered to His work, and we believe He is doing it, and we believe He will complete it. We believe that there will be results to this work, and we believe that "our faith will become sight" one day. We believe that the pain, struggle and heartache we go through are being used by Him in this work to perfect us, and so it atleast brings us a measure of comfort knowing this, and makes it worth it. We believe that a major effect of His work is that His Love will find it's way to the outside of us eventually. Not our self-protective love, but His agape love.
     Without faith, it is impossible to please God. And so believing Him for all of this is pleasing Him. We can't see it, but we believe it. And our faith is tested in the process. It is tested whenever we don't react in love towards others. We are tempted to think that there is no work being done really, because of the "evidence," but then we are reminded that "faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen." Wow! Having faith itself is the evidence, not our being able to see it!!!
     And so we stay in this blind condition, which is a glorious condition because it pleases God for us to believe Him when we can't see what is really going on. Faith is the currency of the Kingdom one could say. Are we rich or poor?
     Do I hold onto my blindness and know that God is at work in me both to will and to do of His good pleasure, even though what I see appears contrary to it? As I've confessed before, I fail at love everyday!!! But I trust God. I trust that He will finish what He started in me, because HE SAID HE WOULD, and He is not a man that He can lie. He won't betray me. He is faithful! And it is not just my desire of having His love flow through me, but His also, so again according to His Word, "He will give me the desires of my heart." I know this is especially true when my desires are His desires.
   Lord, as I abide in You, Your love will transfuse me. I don't know how that happens, but it does. Your fruit will develop in me. One of those fruits is your perfect Love. Have your way, Lord. May Your beauty and abundance flourish on my branch for the praise of Your glory only!!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Inside War of the Christian!

      "The sinfulness of your sin"-this phrase dropped into my spirit upon awakening today. I tried to find it in God's Word, but couldn't. I could have sworn it was in there, but ? Anyway, my point in trying to find it was to see the "context" it was in, and then to seek God about what He was trying to say to me about it.
     At first, I thought He was saying that a person needed to realize just how bad their sin was in order for them to really understand what the death of Jesus means for them, so that when they receive Him, they can truly embrace the salvation He won for them. And, maybe that was some of the message. That message is important for sure. I know that He keeps revealing to me more and more of what His death has truly meant, and that we can not take it all in at once. There are layers and layers and layers of understanding His sacrifice. With each layer revealed, there is more gratitude felt, and His grace becomes even more Amazing!!!
     But, that is not where He led me. Somehow I was reading an article on Romans 7, and in particular, the verses where Paul talks about the wrestling we all experience between the two nature inside of us; the flesh and the spirit. Put simply, the flesh desires to sin, and our born again spirit wants to do God's will, and so we struggle. What I think the Lord wanted to reassure me of is that although He, by His sanctifying work is progressively cleansing my soul to align it to His will, the struggle will not be over until we go on and be with Him. More and more of His light will shine through us, if we are opened to that soul-crushing work, but we will never be perfected here.
     Why did He drop this phrase in my spirit-"the sinfulness of your sin?" He was showing me that it's a good thing that I am distraught over the sin I find myself committing each day. (Yes, each day none of us do it perfectly, and that is sin!) It reveals that my spirit is alive and well, and cares immensely over this grievous reality. To keep "the sinfulness of our sin" in full view can be used to motivate us to continue to let Him do this "sanctifying work" in us, as He takes us from glory to glory in it!!! It puts things in perspective about who we are apart from Him, and can cause us to humble ourselves under His Majesty more fully and truly. It shows our tremendous need of Him, and our frail and pitiful selves.
     Another thing this article said, which checks with my spirit, is that we will never get out of Romans 7 ( the conflict of the flesh and spirit) in this life, but "when we sin, we have an advocate with the Father in Jesus Christ" and that these sins, by His grace, have been atoned for, and so there is "no condemnation."(Rom. 8)  This doesn't mean our spirit (the part of us that truly desires the will of God) won't grieve at our sinfulness, it just means that our sins will not condemn us to hell anymore, because we have the blood of Jesus that washes us white as snow, and this cleanliness is seen by God.
     Yes, Lord, I am grieved that my flesh is sinful and violates your blessed will and dishonors You. Continue your work in me, blessed Father, so that Your glory will be seen in this humble vessel more and more as time goes on, and that if it is your Will, it will be used to help others know that glory and come to You!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Beulah Land?

     Great day yesterday! I prayed for the people in my nation, which I am defining as those who live in the perimeter the Lord has shown me in the area I live in, and to which He's assigned me to reach out to with the light, the love and the truth of Jesus Christ. Actually, He showed me these boundaries about 8 years ago, and they passed into my subconscious until they were resurrected yesterday. As silly as it sounds, I am seeking Him for a name for this nation.
     I prayed that first of all the Holy Spirit would touch, heal, deliver, draw, and move among them, so that they would come to Jesus. I prayed that our area would be called "The Highway of Holiness." This term is taken from the Bible. To me it means that there would be a great revival in our area; that the souls of the people would be focused on the Lord first, and then submit themselves to His cleansing and renewing so He could walk out righteousness through them and that our area would become a light in the darkness as a result. I prayed that there would be "unity in the community," between white and black, between educated and uneducated; and between any divisions of this world. Of course, when praying that one knows that can only happen when people come under the headship of Jesus Christ, as He is the only One who can bring true unity. I prayed that God would put genuine love in my heart for each and every person, and that any divisiveness in my own heart would be made whole by His touch. I prayed for more laborers or more missionaries to help carry out the work here. "Pray the Lord of the harvest" He counsels in His Word.
     After praying, I took another step I felt He led me to take by asking a couple who live far away to join me in the work by moving down here. The response was not particularly positive, but they offered to take it to the Lord in prayer. That is all that one can do. So, we just wait on that one. I must admit I was a little taken back by that at first, but then after seeking the Lord further, and asking Him, "now what do I do?" and Him responding, "still go," I asked for the next step.
     He directed me to get in my car and drive the perimeter of the area He'd given me. I felt He would show me from there. As I was driving, I began to pray again, while I looked around at the houses  on the way. I found myself praying, "Gather, Lord. Compel, Lord. Unify, Lord." I knew that "unless He builds the house, that I would be laboring in vain," so these prayers were actually me acknowledging that He must go before me and prepare the way by the power and moving of His Holy Spirit, and I believed as I prayed that He was doing it in the souls of the people for this is His blessed will.
     I drove the perimeter and then noticed that someone was outside with their small child.  As I got closer, I saw that it was a woman in the front yard, and I decided to pull into her driveway. I introduced myself, and she said she knew my husband, as her husband used to work for us on the farm. We've lived here for 30+ years. We talked for about 30 minutes, and during that time, I knew God was knitting us together if only in a small way. When I got home, I relayed all of this to my husband, and he told me that her husband and probably her also, were believers. Hmmmmmm.....was He answering my prayer so quickly to send more laborers? I wonder what she would think if I told her the vision for our area, and asked her to help me pray? I am open to His guidance each day in all of this work. It's His work, not mine.
     So, that is why I said it was a great day. It was a day spent in the purpose God created me for. I had always felt called to missions. I just didn't know or understand it could be in my own backyard. Now I do. Now I go. In His Name. For His glory!!!! And I am satisfied!!!

Monday, January 07, 2013

And Compel Them to Come In

     I thought I could be satisfied with my life by just writing my blog and having that be my contribution to the Kingdom of God. I lied to myself. I had thought that "should" be enough, so I pretended that it was enough, but it's not.
     Something has been inside of me ever since I first came to the Lord desiring to serve Him by sharing the Gospel where I live, and for that to be the focus of my life until the day I die. How does one do that in America today? It seems that everyone is about their own business of making money, spending it on things or entertainment, trying to look good, and accomplishing more and more. It seems like a false world to me. I've always felt foreign to it.
     I feel called of God to give my life up for the Gospel's sake, as I believe we all have, and I've felt this for a large majority of my adult life, so each new day, it seems is filled with an awareness that I am not doing what I believe the Lord wants me to do.(Someone reminded me recently that "rebeliion is a witchcraft," to which I am aware and that is surely frightening.)
      When He speaks to me personally to do a particular thing that He can use to spread His word, I do it which is all well and good, but I'm talking about a life committed to the spreading of the Gospel here where we live in the highways and byways of the world. To consider it our mission field, and to view ourselves as missionaries, by getting up each day seeking the Lord for His vision, empowerment and assignments on this land instead of just doing our own thing come what may, telling ourselves "all things are spiritual" if we have Him in us, or some other such rationalization to make ourselves feel good about what we are continuing to do by just living our own lives.
     "Go ye" won't go away. I was there in spirit when the Lord ascended into heaven, and spoke these words, weren't you? He was speaking them to me and you and all His disciples, not just the ones who were physically there, but the ones who were to come, too.  And sharing Him and His saving grace is the most you can give to another human being because it is everything. He is everything.
     So, that's where I am. I'm  a 60 year old married woman. (I keep telling the Lord that) Will I do it? Lord, please help me know what to do, and how to do it. You have put this desire in me; move on me to do your Will, and give me the courage. Give me your courage. Help me see the next step. Let the world know you have come. Use this vessel for that purpose. Don't let me deny You.


Sunday, January 06, 2013

Let Go-The Anchor Holds!

     Well, as it turned out I didn't seek God in the way I envisioned it. I had the provision of going to another vacant but furnished house next door, and I had thought I would spend a few days there to really be alone with God, but to tell you the truth, I thought I would be afraid by myself at night. I had read an article about getting alone with God that said to find a place you felt safe, or you wouldn't be able to be relaxed enough to seek Him. That made sense to me, so I didn't do it.
     But, I did seek Him as I went, so to speak. Continually, even though I was living, breathing and walking, my spirit was opened to His, and He knew what I was wanting to make a decision about. Truth be known, and looking back, I now see the whole experience as a terrible oppressive category 4 mental attack of the enemy, all the while, thinking it was God leading me to make what would have been a cathastrophic move that would have destroyed everything in my life, especially me. How do I get in such situations? It's as though my thoughts lead me to a place or what feels like at the time, "no return." If I take it too far, there really is no going back. Yesterday, I didn't take it too far, but just to the edge before His Holy Spirit rescued me. I was standing at the cliff's edge, looking down, and getting ready to jump.  It was just like the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, when satan told him to jump saying God's angels would catch him. If I would have "jumped" I would have splattered.
     Do the enemies' temptations and snares get harder to detect and resist as one goes on with God, I am now wondering? I have "heard" that when a person is being a threat to the enemy, the enemy pumps up the volume on his life, and brings more intense attacks against him. If this is true, atleast that is some consolation after the fact, but each time this happens, I think, "I can't go through that again. I barely made it out alive." If you could only know what goes through my mind during the height of the storm, you would understand what I mean. And, I think that it's God moving on me to do something drastic! At the time, it doesn't seem like the wrong thing, but it seems right.
     After the storm had subsided for the most part, I was left so exhausted. My will had been slayed, and my emotions subdued from all the turmoil in my mind, which didn't really feel that bad. In fact, it felt good not to always be fighting for something, and pushing and pushing. So, it seemed like, even though the storm was from the enemy, and I thought it was God, that God had used it to continue His work in me. In this case, He was weakening my self-will, and taming my emotions, which is a very good thing if one is learning submission to their Master's way. Could I be so strong-willed that I have to go through hell to get to the other side? A question.
     Anyway, as I was waking up this morning, I remembered something that happened the other night. I was in the Christian book store with my grandaughter. She was looking at the T-shirts, and liked a particular one. It had an anchor on it with two words: LET GO. This morning the Lord flashed that same T-shirt in my mind, as if He was telling me that. Then He pointed out the anchor. I knew He meant by this that if I would let go, the anchor of my soul (Him) would hold me up.
     Maybe if I indeed did LET GO, the openings in my mind would shut and the enemy wouldn't be able to get in and bring anymore oppressive storms. It seems like whenever I am trying to be in control, even of my walk and journey with God is when I am most vulnerable. I am beginning to see the power of trusting God in all things, even in the resulting protection. (Psalm 91)
      And again I pray, "Lord, help me to let go and to trust You to protect, lead, motivate, and keep me in Your hand and in Your Will. Thank  you for using what seems like death to produce life in me.Help me abide in You, so that You don't have to use satan's devices for Your work. I know you would rather have me just "let go" and trust You, and have the work happen by infusion instead of by pain. In Jesus' Name."

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Time Out To Seek God

     I'm not writing a post today. I did write one, but it was too personal, and so I saved it in the drafts folder. I am seeking  God for a decision I feel I need to make, and it is clouding my ability to see anything else now. Would you pray for me as I seek Him? Thank you. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Unless the Lord Goes With Me, I'm Not Going

     I am meeting with a young woman in Christ who I haven't met before. We were connected by a guy who is the head of a ministry called Adventures in Missions.(look on links) My understanding is that they send people on missions trips both in America and abroad. This young woman was someone who has already gone on a marathon trip called World Race, which if I understand it right, takes someone to 12 countries in a year to minister the grace, love and compassion of Christ to those in need.
     So, I am going on an adventure of sorts myself to meet my younger sister. I go with God and His purpose place in my heart. I don't know that purpose but am surrendered to it. How can I do that? By not having a purpose of my own; by being a blank slate; by walking into the unknown blindly. I will find out.
     Doing this is very similar to going on  a missions trip really. You step out not knowing exactly what you will find in that foreign country or part of the world. You may think you know the purpose, but God does so much more with it then what you think. It usually changes you inside, and the others you come in contact with. If God is the One you have surrendered to, then He has free reign to do as He pleases.
     My husband and I have been to India 3 times since 2006. I still can't see clearly all of the things God did on those trips. Many are left unseen. Such as how He answered the prayers we pray for all the people we prayed for. As we prayed according to His will, He is doing phenomenal things in the hearts and minds of the people there! I shutter to imagine! As He inspired us to pray what we prayed, and as He answered those prayers, I would not be the least surprised to find out that India would have one of the greatest revivals ever! Atleast there would be a closer and deeper walk with Him in their hearts, and as  result, there would be more surrendered lives He can use for His glory!!!
     In mentioning use going on our trips, I cannot do that without telling you about the one who made that possible for us, who is currently looking into the eyes of Jesus, the one who he lived for. Court Wood, the director of In Jesus Name Ministries (a link on this blog) a few days ago answered the call to another land where Jesus is. He is now residing in Mt. Zion with the whole company of heaven.
     Court Wood lived,breathed, and taught helping the poor, the widow and the orphan by starting a ministry which not only collected support for the least of these in persecuted nations, but who also led teams to see for themselves and to love on the believers there. We had many conversations on the phone about desiring that believers in America who are so financially blessed would catch the vision of the world-wide Body of Christ, and how we believed God so wanted the ones who had resources would give to our suffering brothers and sisters who didn't . I am going to miss his love, his Christ-like example, his directing us to see the poor in our world, and his encouraging manner in our lives.
     When we were getting ready for our first trip to India with him, I was talking on the phone wanting to get all the info. I could to "be prepared." I was asking him if there was any orientation we went through to do before we went. His reply was classic and showed his true heart. He said, "Just love them in Jesus' Name, Patti." Oh, so sweet, but it seemed to simple. Simple yes, but easy, no. I already learned something about myself before I left. I learned that my desire to have all my ducks in a row was not what was in store for me, and in this way, I was put in a position to not know much of what I would experience, so I "had" to trust God in my going.
     The same thing goes for my little adventure today as I meet with Taniuska today.  She did send me a picture of herself so if she got to the restaurant before me, I would know who to look for. But that is all I know really. So, once, again as I go on God's mission, I go with His Spirit only. I am learning that is enough.

Consider opening yourself up to "go." It will be one of the most wonderful, faith buiding things you will ever do. And, He WILL go with you!!!