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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Beulah Land?

     Great day yesterday! I prayed for the people in my nation, which I am defining as those who live in the perimeter the Lord has shown me in the area I live in, and to which He's assigned me to reach out to with the light, the love and the truth of Jesus Christ. Actually, He showed me these boundaries about 8 years ago, and they passed into my subconscious until they were resurrected yesterday. As silly as it sounds, I am seeking Him for a name for this nation.
     I prayed that first of all the Holy Spirit would touch, heal, deliver, draw, and move among them, so that they would come to Jesus. I prayed that our area would be called "The Highway of Holiness." This term is taken from the Bible. To me it means that there would be a great revival in our area; that the souls of the people would be focused on the Lord first, and then submit themselves to His cleansing and renewing so He could walk out righteousness through them and that our area would become a light in the darkness as a result. I prayed that there would be "unity in the community," between white and black, between educated and uneducated; and between any divisions of this world. Of course, when praying that one knows that can only happen when people come under the headship of Jesus Christ, as He is the only One who can bring true unity. I prayed that God would put genuine love in my heart for each and every person, and that any divisiveness in my own heart would be made whole by His touch. I prayed for more laborers or more missionaries to help carry out the work here. "Pray the Lord of the harvest" He counsels in His Word.
     After praying, I took another step I felt He led me to take by asking a couple who live far away to join me in the work by moving down here. The response was not particularly positive, but they offered to take it to the Lord in prayer. That is all that one can do. So, we just wait on that one. I must admit I was a little taken back by that at first, but then after seeking the Lord further, and asking Him, "now what do I do?" and Him responding, "still go," I asked for the next step.
     He directed me to get in my car and drive the perimeter of the area He'd given me. I felt He would show me from there. As I was driving, I began to pray again, while I looked around at the houses  on the way. I found myself praying, "Gather, Lord. Compel, Lord. Unify, Lord." I knew that "unless He builds the house, that I would be laboring in vain," so these prayers were actually me acknowledging that He must go before me and prepare the way by the power and moving of His Holy Spirit, and I believed as I prayed that He was doing it in the souls of the people for this is His blessed will.
     I drove the perimeter and then noticed that someone was outside with their small child.  As I got closer, I saw that it was a woman in the front yard, and I decided to pull into her driveway. I introduced myself, and she said she knew my husband, as her husband used to work for us on the farm. We've lived here for 30+ years. We talked for about 30 minutes, and during that time, I knew God was knitting us together if only in a small way. When I got home, I relayed all of this to my husband, and he told me that her husband and probably her also, were believers. Hmmmmmm.....was He answering my prayer so quickly to send more laborers? I wonder what she would think if I told her the vision for our area, and asked her to help me pray? I am open to His guidance each day in all of this work. It's His work, not mine.
     So, that is why I said it was a great day. It was a day spent in the purpose God created me for. I had always felt called to missions. I just didn't know or understand it could be in my own backyard. Now I do. Now I go. In His Name. For His glory!!!! And I am satisfied!!!


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