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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Jesus Came to Our Party

     Hungary and Ghana-Welcome to this blog! I think you are the first of your countries that has visited. Hope you come back. May God bless  you and keep you and draw you and restore anything the enemy has robbed from you! Each person who lives on earth is His concern and He loves them!

     Met with believers in our home last night. I guess you could say it was a New Year's thing if you want to. But, really it was only an occasion used because that is when it seems normal to gather, so I asked some people to come. It was a small gathering; the kind I really enjoy.
     As we sat around the living room, in a circle, facing each other, all shared and fellowshipped, as we ate the snacks we had brought. If anyone could have "looked in" they would probably say it was "low key" and maybe even "dull," and I'm sure it was by normal "New Year's Eve" standards. But I liked it. We got to get to know a couple who we had only met once and they shared about some experiences they've had with people who the Lord has called them to minister to over the years.
     The other couple we have known for many years now, and they shared some of how the Lord is using them in another place. Then there was my husband's cousin who added to the conversation in a unique way. He shared that He had only been in church probably 6 months out of his life, and so when He found Jesus, he didn't have to be de-programmed in anyway. He's just walked with the Lord. How precious is that? We shared alsowhat the Lord has been leading my husband and I to do, waiting for the right time and way to take a step in that direction.
      I guess you could say one of the conclusions which was drawn as we shared, and perhaps the Lord was saying to us all is that each person is called to follow Him in a unique way, and we are to do that without looking to the right or the left. This means we are not to look around to see what other's are doing or not doing, but just to keep our eyes on Him. That was great counsel to me, as He has been getting me to that point anyway. He's been showing me that it is about me and Him only, and  I am coming to treasure the rich relationship I have with Him daily. He is getting to be enough for me, as I know He truly is.
     When everyone was starting to leave, I almost had a knee-jerk reaction to ask if maybe they wanted to meet again sometime, but I stopped realizing that the Lord would move on someone if He wanted to do that in the future, and the truth that "He will build His church" came to my mind.
     It was about 10:45pm when everyone left-not even midnight. There was no "hoop" and "no holler,"-just God's family having fellowship, sharing His grace and goodness, as we shared. I believe He was knitting us together during that time, binding our hearts a little closer. An unseen thing had occured in a quiet unpretentious way. His Spirit blew; His Spirit flowed.  He was in the midst of us, and it was sweet.


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