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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Blessed Will of God

     Since I came to Jesus, and found out that He had a will to be accomplished, and that I could play a part in fulfilling that will, as mine bent to His, I have lived my life in seeking Him as to what that will was daily, and ,by the power of His Spirit, have attempted to carry it out. I assumed other believers were wanting that too. But what I see and hear in my spirit is that most people who call themselves His, do not want this at all. They want to claim His name and promises, and live their own lives too, proclaiming His grace and love for them. And my spirit says, "there's something wrong with this picture."
     In light of what I  see and hear, I can do nothing less than to stay on the path I'm on, even if I am by myself; even if I feel outcast and alone; even if I am hated and blamed; even if the accuser in my head tells me I am wrong trying to make me fear, even if................????
     Yesterday when I was thinking about all of this, the Spirit within me repeated His written word saying, "But we have the mind of Christ. We judge all things, but are judged by no man." Now that is powerful and bold! I've heard it said before in Christian circles that we are to claim our identity in Christ, but for some reason, this particular truth, that we have His mind has not been emphasized. I can see why. Because "dying to self" is not taught in the church system much anymore, and if someone were told they had the mind of Christ, then they would confindently believe that what they thought was true, and it would only be truth according to their unredeemed carnal mind. Whoa-how dark is that darkness? Perhaps God has kept this truth from being taught, as a sort of protection to any more of this corruption and delusion from happening.
     Because "dying to self" is not taught, and the process of sanctification is circumvented by most, is why we have these self-absorbed doctrines of grace and love. Grace and love are from God's heart, but as the Scriptures say, men will pervert the truth to suit their own lusts. So we have parallel doctrines being taught today; one from God's heart, the other from the lusts of the selfish flesh. A favorite quoted Scripture from this camp is "God will give you the desires of your heart," ignoring the part before which says to delight yourself in the Lord. In delighting ourselves in Him, does that not include delighting to do His will, too? Can we be delighted in Him without wanting to have His will accomplished through us and in our lives? I've even heard it said that He delights in giving us the desires of our hearts. Really? Even if they are contrary to His will, and these delights are fueled by our selfish, carnal lusts?
     Jesus says it plainly-"If you love me, keep my commandments." Yes, and those into self-fulfillment ,will quickly tell you the 2 great commandments of loving God first, and your neighbor second, which is entirely true, but what is really loving God first, if not wanting to do His blessed will and not your own?
      It really is a convuluted existence and deception if we just do what we want, and then talk of His love and grace, with us putting nothing into the relationship. That is why the Scripture from James becomes so important to complete the picture:"Faith without works is dead." No, it's not saying that works gets you into heaven; it's not even suggesting that. We know Jesus death is the ONLY act of redemption, and yes, we must have faith in what He did on our behalf to be reconciled to God. The works here means that if you believe God for your salvation through Jesus Christ, your life will be given to Him for His use, and through your life, He will fulfill His blessed will. These are the "works" James is talking about. If your life is not spent in laying your life down, you have no works. You may have some, but they will be yours, for your glory and not His. No, the "works" are His works being expressed through you, as you submit to His Headship in your life.
     I hope that this is helpful in sorting through the many doctrines out there in Babel land. I'm calling it that because Babel means confusion. One advantage of being isolated in Him and with Him is the limited exposure one has to the buffet of "truth" offered, although, I must say these "truths" can find their way to you through the enemies' devices, to try and make  you buckle under the pressure and accept his doctrines.
    But, praise God for His keeping power, yes, His Grace, to protect His sheep, under the shadow of His wing. I want to stay there forever. Hey, I think I'll read Psalm 91 again to remind me of His protective provisions, and go run back to my "peep hole"-the secret place. God bless.



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