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Monday, December 17, 2012

There is Power in the Blood of Jesus!!!

     I want to talk about the Connecticut tragedy, and do so very cautiously. God tells us in His Word that we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. This is referring to the devil and his demons, in a nut shell.
     What I am about to say, I do not know as a fact, but am asking you to consider the possibility. It might offer a key to out-of-control children, and what can possibly be done to fight against who fights against them.
     I am one who firmly believes that the enemy of our souls, uses strategies to try and affect children as young as possible. If he can get a hook in their minds early on, he can cause them and others around them more harm and destruction, using them as his pawns. One of the ways I believe he does this is by means of toys, video games, TV, movies, and books. Whatever he can use to plant dark images in their minds, causing them to be drawn further and further into the darkness, he will. A way he augments this is by suggesting to the parents' or guardians' minds  that these influences have little if no harm at all. He tells them (and they think they are their own thoughts), "All my kids' friends do it. You don't want to make them  feel different, or even, we belong to God, and He's not going to let anything in their minds to harm them."
     But when He mentions the armor that He gives us, it indicates that we are to fight, as the devil is at war with us, and our children!!! Just the other day, I was explaining to my grandson how he can use the "zombie" video game he was allowed to play, as a seed to have him get curious and seek further the things of darkness. I also believe that the enemy can actually have spirits of darkness somehow indwelt in the game, which begins to gain power over them. It is a very ominous thing to let our children be "entertained" by these demonic forces.
     The Connecticut tragedy can possibly be explained by these influences. The innocent looking young man could have been invaded by these forces either due to ignorance or minimizing in either his parents or his mind, the effects these things can have.
    Let's say this was so. What can we do about it in our own lives? As children of God who are parents we can stand against the powers of satan by 1) not allowing our children to be exposed to these things. This closes up some of the gaps the enemy can and will use to enter their minds. Even innocent games and TV shows, and internet usage, I feel, if in excess, can lure a mind to be mesmerized by it, and consumed. It has a power to do that.  2) Come against the enemy on behalf of your child by the blood of Jesus Christ, which is the power that conquered satan's power on the cross. As I saw the enemy's power trying to gain ground in my own children when they were growing up, and when they were making choices that I knew were destructive for them and demonically charged, I fought many battles in His Name and by His power to come against the attacks. It was very unpleasant, fearful and exhausting at times, but I knew that the blood of Jesus was the only power that had and could protect and conquer the enemy who was trying to destroy them. Before I knew about the blood, all I could do was stand by and watch the harmful effects of this destruction. 3) Substitute good things in their lives such as listening to worship music and worshipping God as a family together, exhibiting values of the Kingdom to them such as giving and being kind to the disadvantaged or poor, using your talents to the glory of God and teaching them how to do this in word and deed, having a time together of prayer or sharing together on who He is, and as the Spirit leads, for each child, teach them how to war against satan themselves. They will need to know this as they get older and you aren't there to do it for them. And, of course, cover them with the love of God flowing through you, extended to each one of your children in your daily lives. (As grandparents, who sometimes feel that our hands are tied when we see their parents allowing this, we can pray that the parents eyes would be opened.)
     If you don't believe what I am telling you, you are actually playing into the hands of satan. It is what he wants you to do. He wants you to stick your head in the sand, whistle a happy tune, ignore his devices and be ignorant of how he operates by using what your children are exposed to, and go on. As you are doing that, he is planting seeds in their minds of darkness. But, if you will hear the voice of God, by His Spirit of discernment and respond to it, by using the blood of Jesus as He points out satan's devices to you, it will destroy his power. This firstly involves closing the gaps he has used to attempt to gain ground in their minds, by drawing boundaries on their behalf, even if they don't like it. This is another way satan tries to control-by putting pressure on you ,the parent, to "let them have their way," and to possibly use guilt or fear "they might not like you" to say yes to them.
     Just consider what I have said and ask God sincerely about it. He will show you what to do and how to restructure you and your childrens' lives to be less vulnerable and more secure as we walk through this world which satan has sway over. It's just a fact. We've got to face it, and rise up in His Name, and with His blood and what it represents to the spirit realm, and have the victory over him.


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