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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Goodness Flows

 Hello, my European brothers and sisters of Italy and Sweden!! You are blessed to be a blessing!

  "Walkin' in a Winter wonderland"-It got cold last night down here in the South, and so I was reminded of this song I like, that used to be played on the radio when I was younger.
     But this post has nothing to do with this song except it talks about a "wonderland." This land full of "wonderings" is the place I live in, as I want to know about God's word, and the meanings of it, according to Him, the Author. I guess you could say that I am a "wonderling" if there would be such a word, as my spiritual mind is wanting.
     I know that I cannot know anything except He reveals it, but could it be that if  are seeking and begin to see something we had not seen before in specific Scriptures, that it is Him, by His Holy Spirit in us, that is leading us into all truth?
     With that, I'd like to turn our focus to a phrase in His blessed Word-"the husband shall sanctify the wife, and the wife shall sanctify the husband." Hmmm......I've always "wondered" about that one, and turned my eyes and ears to Him to show me. I think I might have something.
     Could it be that in a marriage, that one of the spouses come into that union more "sanctified" than the other, for whatever reasons.? If this is so, than that one, overtime, (HIS TIME) imparts, in a supernatural way as the other submits unto them, the "goodness" and "love" contained in them to the other person, or "sanctifies" them. As they become one, this transfer is what happens.
     I am taking into consideration the Scripture that also talks about when someone lays with a prostitute, then they become one with them. This suggests that something happens between two people, when they have sex. How much more between a couple that are married. But I'm not just talking about sex here, but in one submitting to the others' ways. They could observe the others' righteous behavior, and agree by the power of the Spirit, to do as they do, and in doing so (submitting) they are in effect submitting to God, and they are changed.
     This may sound far-fetched to some of you, and even blasphemous to others, but that's only because you are not understanding what I am saying. I am not suggesting that this is a way to by-pass the sanctification (cleansing God does on the inside of us, as we submit to it) by that it is a supplementing  exchange that helps "fuel" it so to speak. And, it is by no means, an easy way, as it involves humility and submission to the others' ways, and the admission on some level, of the other one having something that you don't. This may involve many years of being humbled by God to get to this point.
     If this is true, it offers hope to couples who just don't seem to be able to get along and want to give up. Maybe you were put together so that you could help them see the goodness of God as it is being displayed before them and to them through you in your daily lives.  Or visa versa. If so, it is  a beautiful way that God has given us to stay together. One is given on behalf of the other, as they needed to see what His goodness looks like and He is allowing you to have it flow from you to them.
     Consider this before God, and let it speak to you as He answers. It could be a life and a marriage saver.

For those of you who haven't heard this song, I place it here for your enjoyment. (It's a different arrangement, than the traditional, but I liked most of the pictures.) And, wonder with me, about the marvelous and deep things of God. It is a beautiful land to explore. 


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