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Monday, December 03, 2012

Jeremiah-What do you see?

     What is a prophet? Who is a prophet? The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
      A brother in the Lord sent me an email last night telling me about his personal calling of God as prophet, and that this calling carried with it misunderstanding and rejection. He had sent an article to me he had written about how certain men of God in the past had experienced these same things for the purpose of keeping them humble in their calling. The rejection, he said, is often by those closest to our hearts, as it must be, he said, for who else but those special ones could really break us to that degree? He said he sent it to me after he read one of my posts, as what I had written had reminded him of what he had written about the prophetic calling, and that he had thought of me in reference to it.
     So, then the question in me becomes-Do I have a prophetic calling? Of course, when I am typing this, I am at the same time, sending it up to the Lord. The brother didn't say this to me, but perhaps was suggesting it. If the Lord has given me a prophetic calling, I am really stunned, as I thought the misunderstandings and rejections I experience, were due to just following the Lord generally, and wanting Him to conform me to His image, and that most others were not willing to go that far.
     Twice I had someone say something to me which could indicate a prophetic anointing on me. The first time was many years ago. My husband and I had gone to the a charity hospital with some other people to pray for the sick. There were some people outside in wheelchairs and with IV poles, etc. sitting on the veranda. As I talked to a young man briefly, after we had prayed for him, he looked at my husband and said, "Your wife is a see-er. She sees things other people don't. Listen to what she says." When he said that, I knew he spoke the truth, but I really didn't know what to do with it.
     Then, a few years later, a man in our church, came to me after service, looked me straight in the eyes without flinching, and told me not to quit speaking what the Lord had given me, as there are women who are prophetesses, and mentioned Huldah specifically to me. Again, I knew he was right. It's just that once again, I never knew what to do with it or what that meant.
     Since my brother in the Lord has recently contacted me on this subject, although referring to his own calling, all of this has again come up in me. I have been exposed to much false teaching and examples about prophecy in the meantime, in the church system. For one thing, I never accepted "schools of prophecy" which attempted to teach just anyone "how to prophecy." I knew it was a calling of God, and that it would be only Him who would guide a person, not man-made schools.  Also, the so-called prophets of today experience fame and glory and man worship, even to the point of clamorous applause when they take the stage. They have titles and bank accounts to go with them. When looking back at the prophets of old, I knew this picture was false.What my brother said about misunderstandings and rejection in the prophetic calling, checked with my spirit.
     Just yesterday I ordered a book from someone who I respect about prophecy today. I am looking forward to reading it with the question I have, and listening to the Lord as I read to see if He'll speak through this book to my spirit and settle this for me. Step by step, things are beginning to make a picture.
     If I do become clear about this, it will not make me proud in anyway, but only more sober-minded than I already am. It will mean I will be a voice for God, and that is a very serious thing. I have hesitated in the past to even think of myself in this way. I even hesitated to write the sub-title on this blog which say, "Things the Lord gives me, and then I write then," I have thought it might sound presumptuos. I think my flesh and blood brother had seen this, and was concerned about me, as I caught him talking to my sister about it one time.
     About 3 months ago, I accepted the fact that God had given me the talent or atleast the love of expressing myself through writing. Could it be that He already has and will continue to use me in a prophetic calling through my writing? It seems that way. Maybe that is my answer. I am already operating in this calling, and haven't even realized it fully. I have always believed that it is Him  that has given me these truths that I write, and have prayed and believed that those who read,  have experienced some change in the direction of a renewed mind or heart towards Him. It's not me, but Him.
     The gifts and callings of God are without repentance. This means that if God has called you to some particular thing, He will not change His mind, and this calling will keep coming up time and time again, until a person accepts it. God will do whatever it takes in you to receive it as it is Him who has chosen you for such a time as this. No, you can't do it. No, it is not suited for you in your personality or in your temperament, or in your abilities. It is from God, and it's only by His power through you, that you can function in His gifts and callings.
     Look at John the Baptist-how I read it, he was one of the most unlikely and weird guys around, yet he was called by God to proclaim the first coming of Christ on earth. These latter day prophets will try and prepare (for those who have ears to hear) people of His second coming. They will speak words of warning about keeping our lamps full, and about letting Him cleanse you, His Bride, so that we can be ready. They will be words of repentance, offeing hope for those who will turn from their self absorbed ways. They will  proclaim the unseen purposes of His Kingdom, as He wants to help us develop our spiritual eyes and ears, so that when things get naturally rough, we will be so close to Him that the externals will pale by comparison. We will know what it means to rest in the shadow of the Almighty in a real sense, and not just quote it from the Psalms, thinking we are living it as we do. All messages will be given to prepare His Bride, and whosoever will come, to receive Him and not to be ashamed at His appearing. It is a daunting task indeed, and self-seeking hearts need not apply.
     Oh God, make clear to those You have called, so that the end-time gifts and callings will be fully activated by Your grace and power. Remove any blinders some may have put on either from fear of the calling, or from false teachings or examples. Open ears so that the prophets can hear Your voice, and respond to You, taking the steps and speaking the things that you have given them to do and say in Your name. We love you, God, and it is our desire to serve You with all of our heart. Help us fulfill that desire by doing what You need to do in us. Amen.



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