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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Surgery in the Night

     Wonder what today will bring. Sitting at a desk in a motel room typing this, and just waiting to see what is on God's mind. I have said that as long as my writing flows that I will keep posting, but if it stops, then I will stop. Hmmm.......nothing's coming yet. (tick, tock, tick, tock)
     My husband is sitting on the bed, slurping his coffee. I am wondering if he will turn on the T.V. or not, as I type these words, and wondering when he has in his mind to leave to go back home 8 hours away. Now, he sat on the chair in the corner. I think he is trying to be quiet so I can type. Little does he know that I may shut it down soon, if nothing comes, and it appears that I will  with my play by play of his every action.(which is just fill-in writing and buying time, in hopes that something more meaningful does come)
     This is now the beginning of 3 paragraphs of nothingness. Maybe God is delivering me of my busy mind, which if you have read a prior post, you'll know what I am talking about. I had claimed a word of the Lord someone else had received when I was at a woman's conference many years ago. That word was:"God is going to cut your head off." Oh, I wanted that to be for me so much, and felt like God had led me to go to the conference so that I could hear that word and claim it too. It meant that all my carnal thinking, which was damaging, wasteful and anguish filled and not of Him would be "cut off." Most would think of any mind changing that God speaks of would be "the renewing of the mind." No, this is a healing of the natural brain!
     Alot of people have had their brains affected causing problems either from generational factors, or from emotional/physical trauma, or from birth due to malfunctional development in vitro. I don't know what mine was caused from. I only know that some times I have thought after thought after thought and I can't stop the thoughts. I call it the runaway brain syndrome. So, when I was asking God to "cut off my head" too, I was asking Him to disconnect something or add something or do whatever was needed in my brain to heal that syndrome, and to only think His thoughts. I want to operate with the mind of Chrsit.  HE DOES STUFF LIKE THAT! Don't limit Him in your believing and in your asking.
   So, it feels like He has touched me in my sleep. My brain feels different today. I feel less twisted in my thoughts, and more clear and simple. Wow!!!!!!!
     I know He has left the part of me that is me-my way of expression and the insightful perspective and ability to look at the big picture that He placed in me. But, it seems like He's just touched me-that is all that I can say. One more little adjustment on the inside of me that He's done, and it feels good and right. I'm bowled over right now, and won't say more so that I can meditate on His mighty Hand of Grace and Love! As I rest in the Recovery Room in silence, I stand in awe of Him!!



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