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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Advancing His Kingdom

     When the "Kingdom of God suffers violence" what does that mean? Is it when the enemy comes against a member of that Kingdom, or when someone in the Kingdom suffers themselves from their own flesh being crucified by denying themselves, or both? Or is when a person who is His, does not overcome temptations of the flesh and goes against the Will of the One who is King?
      Some might say it's when the culture acts against God such as prohibiting prayer in school, or enacting some godless law such as allowing abortion. I disagree with the above. Let me explain. The Kingdom of God is within those who have accepted Jesus Christ's sacrifice for themselves. If someone who is alive in Christ gets pregnant and is not married and it's not a good time to have a baby, and if abortion is legal in their country, such as our own, abortion is not an option for them, even if it is legal. The Kingdom of God has not suffered at all, just because abortion is legal, (the society suffers, though)  because the individuals who are Christ's will not submit to such a thing, as they have the Life giving and supporting Spirit within them. It is only when Christ's followers would actually get an abortion, that they would allow the Kingdom to be put in peril and suffer because of it. We are that Kingdom!!! It's only when we go against the King, our Head, and do what feels good, seems right,  defer to our flesh, or either ignore His lead, or not even inquire of His will that His Kingdom suffers in those kinds of scenarios.
      I'm referring to the Scripture that says, "the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force."
     (Since I have become aware that some people can and do take this literally, by believing in actual, physical warfare "for God" I am also realizing that if it comes to that in this world, that I will have to seperate from them. The days of "taking the land" are over. I say cautiously, and with trepidation,  that the "day of the martyrs" is here.)
      It was many years ago that the Holy Spirit showed me and my husband that before Jesus came to earth, God expressed Himself in a literal manner, but then after He died and was raised to life, and the Holy Spirit came in men, all things were to be seen and heard spiritually. So, when we are to take the Kingdom (back) by force, we are to do it "not by might, and not by power (our own) but by His Spirit,"as the Lord says.
     Let's continue with the above scenario. Let us say that the pregnant woman, who is the Lord's, did not rely on the Spirit's power to overcome the temptation, and she did get an abortion. How does she allow that part of the Kingdom in her that was destroyed, to be restored? She accepts the forgiveness of God, after she truly regrets and is sorry for her sin. It is her act that caused the Kingdom to suffer, and it is His act that can restore it in her. This is just a minute example of the playing out of the truth of Scripture, and what part each member shares in it, in their individual lives. The better way, though, is for the people in His Kingdom to never give into the flesh or our weakness in the first place. Then we advance the Kingdom in us, and I  believe, on earth.
       So, are we advancing the Kingdom in our daily lives, as we rely on the Spirit's power to overcome in and through us. If we submit to our flesh or the enemy's "will" we are one who is fighting against His Kingdom, and vicariously against the King Himself.
     Reliance and submission to His Spirit in us, is so important. Being aware of Him in us, and yielding to that power is basic for those of us who desire to be front line soldiers for His Kingdom, and He is looking for a few good men. Will you sign up today?


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