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Thursday, November 15, 2012


    Well, I'm reporting on my trip with the sister-in-laws (see yesterday's post) for those who are interested. I had a nice time, and I believe everyone else did too. During the course the Lord opened my eyes to many things about myself. Mainly I was aware of His nature coming out in me, which demonstrated the work He has been doing. I reacted to situations and people much differently than I would have 5 years ago, or even 2 or 3 years ago. He's removed things in me, and is coming forth through me. For instance, I didn't have to know all the answers, or even if I thought I knew something, I would keep quiet at times. I think that was being in tuned to His timing, even in the midst of conversation. I can't negate the possibility that the Holy Spirit has used these very sister-in-laws for my life over the years to help teach me things as examples. They have modeled how to be respectful of people and what they (other people) bring to the table. They are kind and courteous and as far as I see it "esteem others better than themselves." I know they are not perfect, and since they are in the Bible Study with me about how Grace transforms us, He is also working in them, upsetting former long-held mindsets which have dominated their hearts, but I am seeing how He has used their good ways to demonstrate things to me.
     I didn't feel like I was someone to put up with, but actually someone who added something to the group. We were able to "have fun" by shopping, playing cards, and laughing, but we also got around to sharing very personal, and hurtful things in our lives, as each one listened, had compassion and "advice" too. There are a couple of dire situations that 2 women shared that so need the counsel of God to know how to deal with them. A human being just can not do it, and these women are confessing that.
     I so desire that they really believe and know that God is listening to them, and that He will show them the way and that they will trust in it. I know many years ago, I was at a point of desperation with my family, and I knew that if He didn't save them, they wouldn't be saved. I also knew He would. I believed and knew He was the only One who could, and He gave me a gift of faith to believe Him for this "impossible" situation. I tried to share that with one of them yesterday, but I don't know if it got through or not. It seemed like they were so focused on the enormity of the problems, and I surely understand the temptation to the flesh in this, which I had also done before I was able or willing to let go of my situation.
     When I was going through the knotted yarn ball in my life which could not be untangled no matter how hard I tried, I finally relegated myself to His grace and power. I stood at the shore of the Red Sea, so to speak, and all I could do was have faith in Him, hold up the staff like Moses, and "stand back and watch the glory of God." And He came through, in His way and in His time. As I shared with my sister-in-law, if you are praying His will, there is NO DOUBT that He will answer your prayer.  I mean that. His Will WILL be done, answering faithful and believing hearts. And that goes across the board.
     So, could it be that He is bringing me out to "normal" life, because of His nature increasing in me, to enact change in those things He touches through me? I know He doesn't work in formulas, but day by day He does new things, but I am just watching out for that. Does He want me to get more involved in other people's lives and connect with them more? I await His guidance in this. If He does, can He trust that I will not try and 1) take the limelight over Him? 2) Not be easily offended or critical or self-serving and misrepresent Him often? or 3) Not operate in my insecurities as to offend others in different ways? I honestly don't know where He's at in me, but I saw as I went on this "girl's day" trip, that He has indeed done so much work that I didn't even recognize myself really, and I liked that person; that New Man He's created. I saw Jesus come through me. His fire in me the past 20 years has indeed left it's mark; the mark of His Spirit, and it's beautiful.
     So, yes it was a spiritual trip because He was there in us all, and He had His way I believe. You know it only takes one person to let Him be released for that to happen, and then with that submission He comes and comes completely, and His will begins to be done. Oh, the blessed Will of God in operation restoring everything in it's path!!! Like volcanic lava coming down the mountain, bringing it's destruction and then many years later, producing some of the most beautiful plants, flowers and flowers that have ever been seen! That is what He is producing in us!!! Unless something dies, it can not truly Live, and only Christ is that Life. Abundant life; life everlasting!!!

ZIMBABWE-Welcome to you!!! Your country is blessed of the Lord and you are too! May His restoration consume both, that the world can see the everlasting Life that He is!!!


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