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Monday, November 12, 2012

My Face in the Mirror

     Noticing something about me; or should I say the Holy Spirit is pointing it out to me. I'll break it down. This morning when I woke up, I looked in the mirror and did not like my hair. This is the case most mornings. I then began to compare myself with my husband's aunt who I had recently seen. We were talking about our hairstyles with my sister-in-laws sitting around the table. Anyway, her hair is almost to her shoulders, dyed strawberry blond, and slightly turned under. It looks nice. Her face has wrinkles, but they really don't look bad, as her makeup is done nicely and her eyes are very pretty. She looks so much better than I do, and she's 20 SOME YEARS OLDER! That is the problem.
     Although I've figured out why I am so wrinkled at such a young age (60) it doesn't help much when I look in the mirror. Well, let's get off the looks thing, and dig deeper. I am aware that looks shouldn't really matter, and it really aggrevates me that my looks matter to me!! It just shows how much our culture has rubbed off on me as I"ve past through, and (this is the part the Holy Spirit pointed out) that the old man in me is presenting his ugly head still,(the post I made yesterday will help you understand.) and that too irritates me.
     If I let him take dominion, I will have some sort of surgery done to my face, and pay way to much to get my hair done. You know, it really is tempting to want to be "the fairest of them all," even when I realize, as I type, how vain, and at the same time sickening, that sounds. The enemy has indeed put his mark on us women.
     In the past few months the Holy Spirit has whispered something to me concerning my appearance. The first thing He explained was the reason that my looks in getting older were not attractive to me, and wouldn't be,  is because He was training me away from the physical and into the spiritual. He was getting me to a place where my judging by outward appearance would decrease, and my seeing the beauty of Him in me and others would be heightened. If the physical got more attractive to me, then the spiritual would become more dim. In all that, He also said pointedly, "I want you to love yourself on the inside, and not the outside, like I do."
     And so here I am this day, again being tempted, or should I say taunted by my own fleshly yearnings once again. When I was having those thoughts, it did affect my emotions. It made me very sad and downcast, and I know that is not from God. I wanted to cry. As I type, I have a little of the sadness left, but it is quickly decreasing, reminding me that He is still working in me, as in the past, it may have affected me much longer. But, I really am (He is doing it) getting over myself. What a relief! For those of us who have had insecurities (never felt like they measured up) and are letting Him do His work in them, all those things are indeed passing away!!!! So, take courage!
     Again, He is reminding me of the truth, that the old man is dead and not to pay attention to him, and that the new man, the man of the Spirit that He is shaping to His image, is very much alive and well and is everlasting!!! This man is indeed the fairest of ten thousand, as this man is the One whose love rescued me and the world. This beautiful Savior is the one residing in those of His who have let Him come in, and is the One who shines through us, making us attractive to all by His presence. Even if that light is not yet being seen through us, it is indeed happening. If we let Him, He will transform every part of us. He will give us an extreme make-over, free of charge.

Hello, China and Poland. I welcome you to my blog. Hope the Lord ministers to you through it. He loves you. 



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