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Friday, November 09, 2012

A Supernatural Investment

     Whenever I have occasion to spend time with my grandhchildren, I like it best one on one. In this way, I can give them special time and attention, and it's just me getting to know them, and them getting to know me. I am well aware of the significance of when we spend time together.
      I listen to the Spirit when situations present themselves to share about Him what He would have me share. This usually depends on where the conversation takes us. I consider our time together as my investment into their lives, namely into their souls. I believe that when I am loving them by being absorbed in them (and I don't do it in a unbalanced way, as I do also discipline) that I am plowing up their hearts to make them soft and pliable so that they can better receive the love of their heavenly Father.
    This perspective developed from the fact that, when raising my own children, I didn't do this. Because I didn't have Christ in my life then, I raised them in a sinful selfish environment, which we all know makes it difficult to then receive God's love later on. That is why the saving of our family was such a miracle. I always said, "we messed things us; God cleaned them up." I can meditate on how God rescued our family forever, and still not fully see the greatest of it all.
     So, since I now know Christ and He is in me, I want to fully impart all He is, thinks and does, from what He's shown me to my grandchildren because He will be the most important one to know, not only as they walk this earth, but also for eternity. When I play games with them, or do craft projects or build things with them, or puzzles, or read books, or dance, or look at God's creation, or cook, or just talk and share, I see these things as "investments" in them that do so much more than just the activities themselves. I am investing love; His love which hopefully conveys to them His admiration of them, His availability to them whenever they need Him, and His complete acceptance of them. The satisfaction I receive from doing this is beyond description.
     The unique preciousness of each one of them (8 in all) and the depth of my love for them is even unknown by me. It is that deep! They are embedded in my heart. I like that statement, and am seeing as I type it, that is how we, as God's children, are in His. We are embedded!!!! I will meditate on that today.
     Paul planted; Apollos watered, but it is God who gives the increase! As we let His love flow through us to our grandchildren, (and to anyone actually) God does something in their hearts. He uses us to prepare them for that time when they truly receive His Seed, which will grow in them unto Life eternal.



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