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Monday, November 19, 2012

Seeing Him in Each Day

     Today is a big day for me! My daughter and grandson are flying in from California, and  the rest of my family is coming to our home to be together. We will take a family picture in front of the old barn, then the boys and men will go hunting. The girls will come to the house and do something, and when the guys come home, we will eat chicken and dumplings. Then we will celebrate my sister's birthday with cake and icecream. All my 8 grandchildren will be here! It will be a good day!
     Of course, with every good day and even the bad ones, it is always a God day, meaning that if I seek His presence and inquire of His purpose in each day, He usually shows me. Yesterday I discovered that I could keep my mouth shut, by relying on His power, even when tempted to share my input. My son and husband were talking, and I did share some, but many times when I wanted to, I didn't. Being conscious of the Holy Spirit's leading even in conversation, is good and wise. It allows His will to be done, instead of my own
     He showed me a few reasons why He wanted me to keep quiet in those moments: 1) So that my son and husband could have those moments to themselves alone, to strengthen their relationship. 2) For me to exercise self-control. 3) To hear and accept from what I heard my son saying that my walk with Him would be with just me and Him and He is preparing me to stand on what He has shown me, though none go with me.
     This last reason will be the hardest one to accept, as I've always been a person who felt I needed endorsment, and God was showing me that His endorsement is all I am going to get and need when the chips fall. Things that "happen" to us today are being used by Him to strenghthen us for tomorrow if we have said, "yes" to His purpose of Him conforming us to His image, and are allowing Him to lead us out of the systems of man, putting our totat trust in Him.
     This narrow path is not easy. It's lonely, it's often frightening and it's constraining. For now. But later, it will be glorious, and I've always said, "worth it." We can't even imagine the things He's planned for us!!!
     So, today will carry it's own opportunities to see Him and His Kingdom, and His purposes, even though it will just appear like it's a great family day on earth! Oh, I forgot the word "strange" when mentioning the narrow path. Isn't it unique that we live on this planet and participate on one realm, and also are part of the spiritual realm if we've been born of the Spirit. One (the seen one) is temporal (or passing away) the other one (the unseen one) is the real one because it is eternal.
     I'll tap into the eternal one today using my spiritual eyes and ears and attempt to see and hear what the Spirit will say to me. No matter how it turns out, (good or bad as our natural selves term it) the Spirit will speak, and that is really what matters most. I long to see Him in everything, as He really is.

Hello and welcome, Estonia!! Is it cold up there? Brrrrr. It's in the 70's here in the South USA. God is with you in all your trials, tribulations, and in the easy times. Call on Him, and come to Him. He is waiting for you, as you are precious in His sight.
I  "googled" Estonia and found out a few things about you. Are you Christian and "what kind"?  I'm interested. Email me.(on my profile)


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