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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Pain and Glory of Freedom

     I'm really not meaning for this to sound like my personal journal, but I find myself writing about my personal thoughts and feelings lately, and how that reflects the work the Lord is doing in me.
     Take yesterday for example. Our family day. It was indeed a God day, as I mentioned but not in the way one would normally think of it.  He is helping me learn 3 things, which I got a good dose of:  1) Our ideas and plans if submitted to the Lord, will fail. There will be things that "happen" to upset them, and for purposes unknown to us unless the Lord reveals what they are. 2) We can do things differently than we've ever done before, and even against our own character, and things will be o.k.-the world will not come to an end. 3) I don't have to always have my input to feel secure and significant.
     Some would say that these are lessons everyone must learn in order to make it in this world; to be able to cope, and they could be correct, but for someone who has not previously learned these things, and who is being conformed to the image of Christ, they can seem like invasive surgery. Indeed, they are surgery of the soul.
     As I woke up this morning, I am still stunned at how I was able to let many things go when they "upset my plans." It felt like I was being irresponsible, or even stupid, as the world passed by and I didn't try and stop it. It seems God has worked the ability in me (or maybe I already had that ability and didn't/couldn't/wouldn't, use it) to not have to be in control all the time. I actually experienced what it feels  like to be, what I have called in the past, "passive." Maybe it's not passivity I have seen in people, but it could be that they have trusted in God to handle the details of life, because it was too overwhelming for them to do it? Or could it be that God is answering my prayer from yesterday to help me see what is and is not being controlling. Oh, I just love Him.
     Phew!!!!! My mind and perspective are certainly being reworked, and the freedom that it is bringing, does not currently feel so good. Well, it does and it doesn't. Atleast I know that I have gotten off the prison bench, and I'm walking towards Jesus. And, I will keep going! All of this is the result of His work in me. I know that if He had not had me on His reform program  that I would have continued in my rigid ways, and would have become worse as I got older. It would have been inevitable. There would have been no change, and no permanent change for sure!
     The ways of God are passed finding out!!! Although I can observe what is going on inside of me, and some of how that affects others, I can't know how God does it and what He has done in me. (the mechanics of transformation, so to speak) I CAN know that it is amazing, miraculous, life-changing and eternal. Oh, for Christ to be formed in us is a long, hard, behavior changing, mind-reworking, and glorious process!!!Even so, keep coming Lord Jesus.

´╗┐This is a beautiful song of ministry to and about Jesus. Let Him come in you and take you away to His heart, and let Him come one Day for all to see and worship!!!!


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