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Saturday, November 24, 2012

No Walls Needed; He will Protect Us!!!

     Some people can speed read. I wonder if I can speed write? It's 4:30 am and my husband and I will be taking our daughter to the airport in less than an hour. She came here last Monday for Thanksgiving week from her new home in California. She moved there about 3 months ago with her son, which puts her about 1300 miles away from us, so if there is a time factor, flying is the only option.
     I learned alot about myself while she was here visiting. I learned that I can not help people if the things they are wanting and needing are only supplied by God Himself, such as perfect love. I learned that until my and other's issues are resolved by putting  flesh to death by His cross, then unrest and struggles and strife will continue. I learned that things aren't going to go as I want them too, and that there are always unexpected surprises. I learned that I am still vulnerable to my buttons being pushed, and that if some of my thoughts were exposed outwardly, I would be ashamed of myself. You would have thought I would have learned these things already in life, but I guess that when a person is ready to see, then they will see.
    So, I consider myself to have grown as a result of my daughter's visit. I hope she did, too. You see there are walls there between us. I hate that. I can try and seek God for the ones that I have built over the years, and ask Him to tear them down. I can't do that for her, though. Sometimes, a person just has to accept (in this case, me) the fact that another person they love is not ready to tear theirs down. Maybe they are afraid to, as they remember times when they first built  those walls for self-protection from the other's hurtful ways in the past. To everything there is a season.
     Those last 2 sentences were from God's vision and wisdom imparted to me, as I've never thought of that before I just typed them, and I'm chewing on it, and I'm "wowed" because of it, and as a result, mercy towards her is flowing through me. I, myself, have been there. I mean with the wall-building to protect myself.
     I came into my marriage with walls from my childhood. I had thick walls of protection because of being brought up in a critical and negative environment. I felt as if I was doing wrong alot of the time; feeling guilty even when I hadn't done anything. This shame-based existence built defenses in me, I was unaware of until I married and the results of them came out. God is still dismantling them in me today, and He is the only One who can dismantle my daughter's walls; I can't do it, nor can I convince her I am not going to hurt her. The truth of the matter is that I still might, even though God has done so much work in me. I am still not perfected, but will continue to let Him finish what He's started in me, and it can only be good in the end.
     In the meantime, though, I have to accept a lesser relationship with my daughter than I desire, realizing that only by me letting Him do His work in me is the only way it will improve, and accept that. I can't make her let Him do the work He needs to do in her. That is hard. That is the cross. So, I yield to Him, and believe Him for the outcome. It must be so. Amen.

I hope this song will encourage those of you who either have walls inside of your heart, or know other's who you love that do. Picture Joshua (in the Old Testament account) as the Holy Spirit. Picture Jericho as your heart, and the great and mighty wall around it as the walls you've built for self-protection. Hear the trumpet sound, as God directs His Spirit to march around the city 7 times! And now, picture those walls tumbling down in "due season"-at the appointed, or perfect time. See Jericho (your heart) free now for Jesus's love to flow into and out of your heart, as the rubble from the walls is cleared away. Praise Him for what He will do, as you submit to His plan to restore your soul, and see miracles take place in you and in your relationships. See Him high and lifted up in your life, with all the glory given to Him as He brings the victory into your life!!!! 
P.S.-Isn't this little boy precious? And "hello" my dear Pakistani visitor!!! God does indeed love you through Jesus, His Son! May you be blessed this and everyday by His Presence. 



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