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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Letting Christ Be Our Enjoyment

     Although He wants us to enjoy things in this life, often His "good" and our "good" are 2 different things.  We usually say something is good if we 1) like it 2) it gives us positive feelings or 3) feeds the lusts of our flesh, which in itself is contrary to His will. (# 3 is the "bad kind of good,"-the sin that feels good for a season., being defined by someone who is carnally-minded.)
     One time as I was talking to my spiritual father at the time, I shared with him that I didn't know what fun was, and if it was what I thought it was, I didn't know how much of it I was supposed to have. (according to God.) I know that may sound strange to some of you, who perhaps don't share my wonderings, and who see having fun as harmless, but nonetheless, it has been an area that I have been uncomfortable with. As I said these words to him, he confided that he too, had wondered the same things. Was it because both of us were so reserved and we just needed to "lighten up," or did we have a point?
     Fun, as I see it, releases emotions which many times, dictate our behavior. I suppose if studied, it could be shown perhaps that endorphins, the natural "high" hormones are released in our bodies at these times. One could say, that is part of enjoying something-to have these feelings. Point well taken, as the Lord did say that He gives us richly all things to enjoy.
     But what if someone becomes "addicted" to the feelings that fun offers, and wants to repeat the "fun thing" over and over so as to get those feelings. Then whatever is that fun thing can be a source of compulsion, even obsession after awhile. Our flesh, and it's lusts, whether it be food, or sex, or just doing something creative, or constructive at first, can, if not checked by the Spirit of God in us, become something we are in bondage to.
     I decorate boxes and just love doing it. I have made over 400 of them probably. My creative juices would never stop, it seems, unless I did. I could, if unrestrained, make boxes the rest of my life and neglect everyone and everything else. I have to be alert to the Holy Spirit in me when He shows me that I am going overboard with it. Sometimes He's even made me stop making them altogether. In fact, I am in one of those seasons now. I put so much of myself into them, that a "fast" from making them is what He has ordered at this time. I wait until it's time to begin again, but I am ready also to stop altogether, if that is what is to happen.
     I think I just answered my own question. How much fun we are to have is the amount God, through His Holy Spirit in us, says we are to have. If we listen to His voice, He will show us. If we don't, we are likely to get ourselves in trouble, not only within ourselves, but also in our relationships with others. Doing anything to excess will tilt the scale, especially in our relationship with Him. It will push Him out, and our own enjoyment in. It is so important to let Him guide us in whatever we choose to do.  He wants to protect us from being in bondage, and He wants us to learn to enjoy Him over any and all things.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good," is how He wants us to define and understand what "good" truly is. All things, even things we enjoy, need to come after Him in our lives. He must increase in us. If we allow Him to, we will find that we can take or leave anything else we have found enjoyment in, for "to live is Christ, and to die (to everything, even good things) is gain."



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