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Friday, December 07, 2012

Come Away With Me

     Sometimes it seems as if a person is missing out on life. They seem cut off from everyone and everybody. They see others doing things they think they would like to do, and wonder why God has them in the place or position that He has them.
     Actually, this is a sacred place to be. It is a precious position to be in, as God Himself, is setting you apart and unto Himself. Think of it as a hideaway or a retreat with only you and God alone; far from the maddening crowd. Cherish these moments with Him, by listening intently and by letting Him groom and shape you after His image and will.
    I am learning to do that; to cherish what He has ordained for just me and no one else. I am learning that He has a definite purpose for this hibernating season, and that purpose has to do with who I am becoming (without the interferring influences and voices of others) and in how He is designing me to function. As He does this, and as I am accepting it more and more, I also am able to accept what He is doing in others' lives, as we all have a unique place designed for each one of us. And every place has been reserved for only one person. I am believing that more and more.
    I am beginning to see what He is doing in me, and I like it. In the past, I have tried to "steer Him in the right direction." Now, how prideful and stupid does that sound? Because I was still yet carnal (and I'm sure all my carnality presently hasn't died) I was seeing things from a carnal point of view and basing how God should use me from that devilish  place. Because I saw other's operating in this or that gift, or doing things I thought I would enjoy doing, or even if I thought it was something already apparent in His Word, than I thought I should be doing those things.
    Of course, I know it's not about doing, but being.  That is probably why He has taken me aside, and is why He takes all of us aside. First He wants to do in us, then He will live and move and have His being through us.
     I have struggled with God, as to what He's called me to, in 2 areas in particular: one, in being a woman and two, because of my age. I keep reminding Him of these two things. The woman thing because whenever I have felt to operate in the Body in a certain way, it is usually a way (in my mind) that men have and should operate, not women. Then, on my age, I remind Him I am getting older now, and that He needs to hurry up and be done with me. Someone once said to me in this aspect that there is nothing worse than doughy bread to eat, taken out of the oven, uncooked! That word picture, with the understanding  He brought to me through it, pretty much cinched the deal for me, and I was able to put the age argument to rest. Also, by what He's done in me by crucifying my own understandings, I am almost able to let the woman issue at rest. Whenever I've told the Lord, "I'm a woman!!" He has replied,"I know that." Those simple words, and the foolishness of me telling Him what He already knows, and then knowing He knows what He is doing, and if anyone has a problem with what He leads me to do, that He will handle it, has helped me let go of that one too.
    And all of that has gone on in the secret place; that place alone with Him daily. I'm not exactly talking about getting in a room alone and spending a certain amount of quiet time, although that might happen. I'm coming to see that the secret place with Him, is when we are aware of His Presence in us, and communicate with Him by hearing Him in our spirit, and by us responding to Him either in thought or action. It is that continual open heart for this most important relationship we have to love us, to change us, and to guide us. By opening our hearts in this way, and being willing to lay down our own lives, we are being shaped into His image, and then as a result, into the purposes and functionings He has fore-ordained for us since the beginning of the world.
     So, when it seems like we are all alone whether it be because we are not being involved in activities of service we formerly were, or because others seem to be "being used" more than you are, or because you have lost relationships you formerly had, remember He is drawing you closer to Himself, so that you can get to know Him better for your good and His glory. Are you willing to allow Him to do that? Even if you have to lose some things and people? "To live is Christ, and to die (to your own way, your own ideas, your own perceptions, your own former false beliefs, etc.) IS TO TRULY GAIN!!!!!(Because you've got Him)



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