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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Like A Mighty Rushing Wind

      As I was getting ready for the day, yesterday, I went to my closet to find something to wear. My eye was caught by a bag I recognized as some paperback Christian devotionals I had bought inexpensively last  year, and planned on giving away as the Lord led. Then I saw another bag, and lo and behold, it had some more books like the other ones in it. I didn't know I had bought that many books, I thought. I need to give these away.
     As soon as I had these thoughts, the question was being answered, by the Lord it seemed. I was to take them to Wal-Mart and hand them out to people in front of the doors there. I was excited on one level, but resistant on many other levels. As I took the bags to the bed, I was impressed to write something from the Lord to  whoever would end up getting each book. I knew the Lord would direct this "happenstance," by getting the right message to the right person.
     So, I began to write messages such as "Jesus' love is waiting for you," and "He will never leave you or forsake you. He is your only soulmate." It was a blessing to be a part of His plan, but let's get back to the resistance.
     It was tremendous. All kinds of questions flooded my mind, with accusations and even oppression hurled at me. It was an all out frontal attack. I pressed through my fears and feelings, putting one step in front of the other. As I drove to town, the uneasiness was still there, but I remembered in the past, when my family and I used to do things like this, how when we actually "stepped out on the water" all of this would disappear. I was counting on God to do the same for me.
     When I pulled into the parking lot, I looked at the 2 different Salvation Army bell-ringers to decide who I would be close to by determining who looked the friendliest. I chose the younger woman. As I got out of the car with my bag in hand, I walked to her and told her what I was going to do, as we would be working the same turf. I asked her if she wanted a book and she took one with a smile. I liked her smile. It comforted me.
     I took my post on the opposite side of the entry, and suddenly "like a mighty rushing wind" I felt the presence of God in me. The fears were gone, and His strength and courage and confidence took over. Aw-sweet release! I was content, not embarrased, and felt love for the people He would choose.
     He even gave me what to say and how to say it. When someone would approach, I was to say, "Excuse me, ma'm/sir. I'm giving away this book. Would you like one?" Just like that.
     As people are, the reactions were varied. Many took the book, seeming sort of stunned. Some seemed very grateful. Of course, you had some who turned it down, but only one or two seemed to be disgusted when they did. One young woman seemed excited to get it, while another was even jubilant. She had asked me if I knew Jesus, and I told her, Yes ma'm, I did, and she did a little jig. The one that made me laugh, though, was a very serious man who replied sternly, "Well, I'm a full-fledged Baptist!" I'm still trying to sort out what he meant by that.
     The awesome thought about all of this, though, is how God is going to use it to either cause people to receive Him, or to draw them closer to Him. Imagine someone opening the book and seeing the message written that spoke directly to their life at the present time, and it touching them as only God can. Or reading one of the devotionals, and it saying what only God can say to them for that day, and as a result their heart is healed of past woundings or they decide to forgive someone, or they turn back to God. Only God, by His Holy Spirit, can get in their heart and fix or turn them like that. Oh, the wonder and miracle of it all!!
    But, as usual, when God calls us to an assignment that He designs, and we respond, it ends up nothing short of glorious, and He makes sure we get a tremendous blessing out of it too. I guess my point in telling you this, is to encourage you, as God drops His ideas and plans into you, TO DO THEM, even if at first you have to go through the devil's assaults. And, remember (the truth I forgot at first)  that it is Him who will do it; He just wants to use your body!
       At the end of the tunnel there is light, so go for it with Him and in His Name. All people involved, the recipients as well as the one givng, will be satisfied. And so will the heart of God!!!

One of my favorite folk and ballad singers, James Taylor. Isn't this an interesting arrangement? Very unique and refreshingly different from the original.



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