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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Word is Jesus is the Word

     Thy Word is Truth-written in the Word of God. I've been somewhat confused about the written Word of God, and that Jesus is called the Word of God that became flesh. It seems many others have, too, as I've witnessed many who have more/less pushed the written Word to the wayside to just seek more of who Jesus is because of this "seeming"dichotomy.
     But, although I understand that Jesus is indeed the Word that became flesh, I also have retained who He is with the written account of Him. I would say that He is found in the pages of this written Word, and that anything the Holy Spirit might reveal to a person about Him, is validated in this written Word.
     Jesus said to the Pharisees that they searched the Scriptures that they might find eternal life, and then said that He is Life. Does this mean we are not to search the Scriptures? Some might say so. He was saying, I believe, that they were searching the Scriptures so that they would know what to do "right", and then thought that would earn them eternal life, but Jesus was saying that being in Him by trusting Him, was the only Way to eternal Life. I say that by breaking every "rule" of hermenutics. (How to correctly interpret Scripture according to "them.) Having the Holy Spirit resident in us as the One who will lead us into all truth, breaks the rules right there, because we are not subject then to "man's rules about the rules" at that point. The Holy Spirit is our new interpreter and commentator as we open up to His voice in our spirit.
     Back to the point of how the written Word and the Word that became flesh intersect. Here's the big answer: I DON'T KNOW, but I know they do. God is Truth and so anything He has said is truth, as truth has to come from truth only. I know that doubting the spoken word of God before it was written was what satan used to tempt Adam and Eve to sin, and so that shows me it's importance. I also know satan used it in a perverted form, to try and tempt Jesus in the wilderness, and that Jesus countered back using it in it's true form. And let's not forget the truth that God says that the helmet of salvation is the Word of God, so that too is showing it's power and importance. So, please, don't discard or disregard it. I think you'll be walking on dangerous ground if you do.
     There is a Bible Study that I have heard of called Bethel Bible Study which shows the thread of Jesus' existence throughout both the Old and New Testament. Now, one can know in their head all of this about where all the shadows and types of Jesus are written about, and still not know Him. That again, is where the Holy Sprit comes in. He must reveal Him to our hearts.
    I didn't receive Christ by reading the Bible, but when He came to me, it was a verse in the Bible that had been read at a woman's study that He repeated in my spirit and held out as a promise to me if I would receive Him. So, somehow He, by the Holy Spirit, uses what has already been written, which was spoken by Him to the writers, to bring Life and revelation to our spirits about Him. The Word that became flesh and the written Word are intertwined, and can only be seperated if we do it; a deadly dissection, which I feel has come about because men, by their own need to understand have done this, and satan has used it to slowly blind their eyes to the real Jesus.
     I love the written Word andI love Jesus; the Word that became flesh. They both are the truth, and they both by God's Sprit will lead us to the Truth. Jesus is the Truth-read His Word and seek Him. You will find Him.

P.S.-Will those of you who are reading this post please pray for me today? I am a little nervous about picking my 8 year old grandson up from the airport which is 4 hours away. He's traveling by himself, and I want to be there to meet him at the gate. Please pray that nothing will interfer with us getting there on time. Thank you, saints.


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