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Friday, December 28, 2012

Let it Flow, Let it Flow, Let it Flow

     Don't know if you'll return, but I saw that someone from Hungary came and visited the blog yesterday. Hmmm......I always wonder how someone finds me. Welcome, my friend. Hoped you were blessed by what you read, and that God brought love and life through it to your soul.

     I am purposing in my heart not to spend another year on this planet, in meaningless activity. Not to say this past year didn't have meaningful experiences in it; it did. But, I am wanting the majority of my time filled with ministering to others who need the love and life of Jesus. Call it a New Year's resolution if you must, but I believe that it is God moving in me to move out and pour out and labor intently for Him.
      This past year I had someone say to me, "What if God wants you to enjoy all of this?" referring to the provision He's supplied us with, and the subsequent "things" our resources could buy, or the things we could do with them for ourselves. I pondered a moment, and without really thinking (that's a good thing, for me) I said, "Doing that is not meaningful to me. I don't really enjoy that," to which he looked bewildered.
     The most enjoyment and meaning I have found is when, as they say, I give it away. Not just money, although I do enjoy that, but more so love to an open and needy heart. This way Christ's love flows through me, and both soul's are nourished; the giver and the recipient. I mean, isn't that what it's all about? "If you lose  your life,  you will find it," is what I am referring to.
     Did you know that there are people right now, today, in the highways and byways, who would benefit greatly by you just spending "time" with them by listening and being there ,and that by just doing that, would communicate His love for them? 
     For example, a good place to start is in the nursing home. I plan on going there and asking a staff  person for a list of people who don't get visited very often, and see if I could visit them in their room and just talk. Yes, it's an unknown I would be walking into, but what of reaching out with His love isn't? But, how glorious it turns out to be when we step out in His Name, and are met with His power and love to do it?
     I've had it with "doing my own thing."(It's funny as I type this I am reminded that this was one of the mantras of the 60's in which I was raised. Wonder how much it subconsciously affected me?) But, even though it might sound fulfilling, I can assure you it's not. Lord, forgive me where I have been self-absorbed. It really is boring and monotonous. It kills my soul.
     God says that if we lend to the poor that we will arise with healing in our wings. "Lending to the poor" is so much more than giving them money. It may be offering to pray for their healing, or teaching them something, or just listening. And the "poor" can mean so much more than people without money. They can be people without people in their lives, too. They can be people without love. And the effect of giving love is not only for them but for us also. It is for our healing, whether emotional, spiritual, and who knows maybe physical too. As always, when we do what is in God's heart, all are filled and healed, because we'll find Him there waiting.
      I've heard the Scripture "give and it shall be given unto you" taught to mean the giving of money, so that we can receive money back. This is blasphemous! In giving out the love He's placed inside of you, wouldn't you rather pant after Him and receive more of His love, as you do, and bring this blessing to the world in this way? Isn't that enough of a "reward"? Isn't that true fulfillment?




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