Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nothing Else Added

     Take away all our accomplishments in this world, all our activities, all our creations from the talents He's given us, anything that would impress anyone, all the kind and nice things we have done for others, all the groups we've organized or been a part of, all the things we've possessed and built, all of our money- EVERTHING that has been a part of our identity-and what would we be? In Christ, as loved, complete, accepted and forgiven. He is our Pearl of Great Price and our Identity. Help us to see and rest in that, O God. Amen.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Rolling Out the Red

    Relativism has affected the Body of Christ. With all of our belief systems in place, and all seemingly contradictory, we sometimes say, "Well, that's how I see it."
     The question remains, however, is not "how we see it" but how God sees it? Isn't that all that matters? To truly have the vision of God progressively we need to: ask Him for it, and let Him slay our flesh daily. In doing so, His vision takes the pre-eminence in us, and then we truly can see. We don't want to see things from the eyes of our flesh. If we do, it becomes a matter of "how I see it" and "how you see it." Maybe that is why there are so many denominations. Could that be because all those beliefs out there have been built around how man has seen the Scriptures from his corrupt and carnal mindsets?
     We have the mind of Christ; that is an staggering statement! If that is true, and it is, how is it being suppressed in, and through us? Because we have wanted to see with our own eyes/mind and because we have not allowed Him to have His way in us. His way is to conform us to His image, and He indeed has made all things new, but we haven't really understood or believed that, and so we don't reckon ourselves dead.
     Help us, God, submit to your glorious will to let You truly be King on the inside of us. Dethrone us, if necessary, and may we welcome You by rolling out the carpet for Your entry and dominion, so our eyes will be Your eyes, so that we truly can see things as they are. Amen.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Going Through the Eye

     It's been said that the narrow way to Life and the eye of the needle are one and the same, with the camel representing our pride. The rich man is a prideful man, who thinks he can live life without God. When stated as such, we can easily see why the broad path he walks leads to destruction. He is rich in his own eyes, such as those of the Laodicean church. (Book of Revelations)
     As God's Word says, it is impossible for this man to enter the Kingdom, or for the camel (our pride) to go through the eye of that needle, but it is not impossible with God. In fact, it is only possible with God, as He is the only One capable of slaying our pride, or creating a poor and broken spirit in us and reducing our boastful vision of ourselves. Only then, will we see our need for Him.
     As we walk with Him daily, desiring His will more and more, He requires more of us, but we find with the requirement, He has equipped us for it. This requirement is always a challenge to our pride; it us usually something He asks us to lay down. I believe, this is His preferred way of working. He asks us first to respond; then He takes matters into His own Hands after that. With God nothing is impossible
     Just like a good parent, He will discipline those He loves. He will conform us into His image. He will bring many sons to glory for the praise of His name!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Do You Desire?

     Below is a commentary on specific Scriptures many of us in America are familiar with. It has been quoted to endorse God's giving us what we want. This unveiling of the Scripture is by a man who lived in the late 16-early 1700's,  and I felt it worthy to post here. When our hearts are in tuned with His, and we are letting Him make us One with Him, His desires become our desires.

The Treasury of David-Psalm 37:1-6
(specifically, vs. 4)

4" Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."

There is an ascent in this third precept. He who was first bidden not to fret, was then commanded actively to trust, and now is told with holy desire to delight in God. "Delight thyself also in the Lord." Make Jehovah the joy and rejoicing of thy spirit. Bad men delight in carnal objects; do not envy them if they are allowed to take their fill in such vain idols; look thou to thy better delight, and fill thyself to the full with thy sublimer portion. In a certain sense imitate the wicked; they delight in their portion - take care to delight in yours, and so far from envying you will pity them. There is no room for fretting if we remember that God is ours, but there is every incentive to sacred enjoyment of the most elevated and ecstatic kind. Every name, attribute, word, or deed of Jehovah, should be delightful to us, and in meditating thereon our soul should be as glad as is the epicure who feeds delicately with a profound relish for his dainties. "And he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." A pleasant duty is here rewarded with another pleasure. Men who delight in God desire or ask for nothing but what will please God.; hence it is safe to give them carte blanche. Their will is subdued to God's will, and now they may have what they will. Our innermost desires are here meant, not our casual wishes; there are many things which nature might desire which grace would never permit us to ask for; these deep, prayerful, asking desires are those to which the promise is made.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Seeing The Offender Through His Eyes

    Is it true that if a person has an offense against someone, that everytime that someone does something "wrong" the person with the offense feels like they've been punched in the stomach? Well, you know what I mean. If this is true, I think I have one. (An offense against someone)  Or maybe more than one person, yet I don't want to.
     Seeing someone hurt a child by ignoring, criticizing or resenting them in their actions, really upsets me. I know that the child senses these feelings that, in this case, their parent has against them, and is interpreted by them as rejection, which will lead to insecurities later on. And myself and others watch on helplessly.
     So, I'm offended at this. I want the person to stop it, and see what they are doing; I want them to just quit it. But, underneath it all, I know that they had the same, if not worse, happen to them and they are just acting out of a wounded soul, too. I'm preachin' to myself now. (Read yesterday's post entitled, "The Ministry to the Broken Soul.") And, besides that, being offended is just wrong, and does nothing to help the situation, only causes more rejection in the mix. (Now, I'm really preachin')
     Lord, help me be understanding of the hurt this person is causing their child. Forgive me for holding offense against them; for judging them in this way. Help me have your heart of compassion towards them and to speak only words of Life to them, bringing your healing and wholeness to their wounded and broken soul. Let me be intent about this, and pour out Your Love in abundance, as a balm to their soul. And, in the meantime, protect their children from feeling rejected. Restore and make new everything which is out of joint in their family; also in ours. Thank you for the power of your resurrection in our real lives today. Amen.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ministering to Broken Souls

     The other day some women and I were sharing our personal struggles and those of our husbands. I took notice that 2 of the husbands and 1 of the women had the same unmet developmental needs, that were still impacting their relationships and inward struggles today. Those struggles stemmed from the absence of unconditional love and acceptance in their formative years.
     That is why I truly believe that the soul of a person is "genderless." Whether we are a male of a female, we still need to know we are loved and accepted as we are, in who we are. God has created us in Him image, and if the preciousness of that given fact, is not communicated to us by the love and acceptance of our care-givers as we grow, then we will still seek that all the days of our lives, in not good ways, many times. Often, if we have not only not been shown this, but in addition, have been raised in a atmosphere of scorn or rejection, ranging anywhere from words of death spoken towards us, to physical abuse or even cruel punishment, than we definately will go into self-destruct mode. I have also noticed that neglect, ranging from just being ignored, or an absentee parent(s), or not given any boundaries can also communicate to the child that they are not cared for, and these things can also result in self-destructive behaviors, including self-hatred.
     I believe that there are many in the Body of Christ today who struggle because of these same things. And, I believe that "Christ in us" can minister Life to the needs of these broken ones. Afterall, He came to "heal the Broken-hearted,"  and we are to be His hands, His feet, and especially His heart. He desires for us who have been raised "whole" to be sensitive to those who are weak, broken, neglected, fearful and insecure, by speaking words of Life to them. I believe that by doing this, the soul that has been torn, male or female, will be healed, layer upon layer. Love heals.  Instead of having disdain and judgement on these "little ones" (as they truly stopped growing emotionally at some point) we can breathe life into their mortal bodies, so to speak. Those dry bones, will come to life, as we bring this ministry to them, showing them the love and acceptance of Christ. They haven't been able to believe it because of the rejection that was first put in them, growing up, which broke their soul. God wants us to let Christ heal souls through us. This is but another way Christ can be lifted up in our lives, and gain the glory!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

He Makes the Crooked Places Straight in Us

       I'm thankful, in a weird way, that I did not handle a situation rightly. In fact, it was shoot from the hip,  right between the eyes, fear inspired, and just plain wrong. But, of course, as always, when we are in the throes of a emotionally charged incident, we feel justified. Atleast, I usually do. Then when the emotions subside, I can begin to see again.
     Now, I am seeing it for what it was. The reason that I am thankful I did not do it right, was that I was feeling rather proud at my state of being prior, and so when I failed, it shot that down. I love it when my flesh is slayed, for it's a nasty monster, and a liar. It's boasts within itself, and it exalts itself against God.
     Although it was indeed killed on the cross, I am obviously not believing that in it's totality, and thus it is allowed to present itself. But God masterfully takes even our sin  and does a number on our pride with it, and makes good out of it all at the same time. Who else could do that?
"How great is our God, sing with me!"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

No More Left to Pay

"Come Lord Jesus, be our guest and let your gifts to us be blessed. Amen"-Our family said this prayer before meals when I was growing up. I never liked it because it seemed fake, and especially with our monotoned voices.
Religion: Duty bound repetitive actions which lose their meaning overtime. The more one does these actions the closer they think they get to God, and the more they think He approves of Him. This is my definition.
I think religion makes God sick. Like the strange fire, and the lips of praise, and the rituals of men of old, they are a stench in His nostrils, because "their hearts were far from Him." They played with the things of God, but He never knew them.
Brothers and sisters, His heart's desire is that you know Him and draw close to Him, not to "do" anything to try and prove your worthiness in His sight. He's already provided for that on the cross. If you have truly come to Him and received what He has done for you, then His love is there for you to embrace. Going through routines and rituals to try and get closer only shows you either don't understand what He has done, or you haven't received His salvation yet. And if you stop doing your rituals and then feel like you are not close to Him then, it's only because the ritual was only providing a false sense of closeness. It was a delusion.
To let His love permeate your being by receiving it, is what He wants from us. He wants us to see that He has done everything for us.
A hymn I used to sing growing up went like this:

"No merit of my own I claim, but solely lean on Jesus' name.
On Christ the solid Rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand."

Building our house upon the Rock is the only foundation that will stand. Religion and rituals will not save you and will not get you one step closer to God. Only He will. Still, He says, "Come."

Friday, May 16, 2014

What Went On? What Does It Mean?

     Why do some of us, (maybe all, I don't know) get into downward spirals? Yesterday I was in one of those. I ate all kinds of unhealthy foods, which was only a reflection of how I was feeling inside. It was one of those days that it seemed, I had run out of things to do, and the things I could have done, I had absolutely no motivation for. So, my sense of purpose was totally gone. I felt unconnected to everything, even God. Totally undone. It felt like nothingness; devoid of life and love.
     Was it from a spirit I was picking up from someone else? Was it subconscious mental or emotional disturbance that was affecting me? Was it a shift God was doing in me in a good direction, and it felt like death to my flesh? Was it my flesh trying to punish myself because I was eating the wrong things, with more wrong things, instead of me asking for the Lord to help me, which I felt impossible to do? Or, was it simply a demonic attack, that tried to make me think that there is something wrong with me? Maybe I just bit the lure of the lust of the flesh, and then continued on that course. I do know one thing-it was self-destructive.
     A few nights ago, we watched a movie called,  Ragamuffin. It was about the life of Rich Mullins, the very talented song writer and singer, who became associated with his most popular song, "Awesome God." In it, the term "ragamuffin" is used to describe people who know they are broken, but God loves them anyway. Upon hearing this term, Rich knew that he was one of them. He struggled throughout his life, never seeming to be able to get over the abusive statements his father had screamed at him when he was a little boy. Even when he was famous and it was obvious he was so creative, he struggled in anguish with his past. He was a broken man.
     I'm wondering if I am a "ragamuffin," for I, too, have struggled emotionally, on and off with these episodes,  my whole life. I don't want to have a label I wear as a badge, because I do believe in the power of the Holy Spirit within me to overcome, and He has taken me so far in overcoming fears and insecurities within me. I know I am, and am becoming a new creation. In fact, if you've read my blog, you know that one of the main topics I discuss is His work in us. But, I keep having these reoccuring episodes, even though they are further and further apart. When I have them, and am in the middle of them, they seem so unbearable, and like I'll never reach the bottom, as they seem to have a life of their own full of anger, guilt and self-hatred.
     I am currently leading a study, the Lord gave me by revelation, with 3 women entitled "Becoming a Yielded Wife," and it deals with not only what the title infers, but also with us first becoming yielded to the Lord, as His wife. It is taken from a dual position of spirit and natural. Could me doing this have something to do with the episode I had yesterday?
     Some of you are of the temperament that would say to me, "just get over it. It's done and today is a new day." While there is some merit to that perspective, I want to hear God about this, because I sense He is wanting to show me something which He'll use to help me overcome, or atleast use to bring further cleansing in me, and maybe that is what He did with it. But I want to have Him show me; I want to see what He sees. It may help me help others who get into these same spirals of despair, and give me insight to stop these from happening in my own life, if that is what He wants.
     God bless you as you journey with Him and allow Him to get what He wants with our lives, even as you struggle.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Christ, the Head, Infuses His Body

     A group of us continue to seek God every week to ask Him to show us His vision of His Body.  He continues to unveil it little by little, and it is beginning to look just like His Son with each new piece He reveals, and it is a picture that seems to be never ending, as Christ is. I am seeing that anything apart from Christ being revealed through His Body, is not His Body, but only a mocked representation, and in that way, a false witness to the world.
      When the matured sons of God, whose flesh has been crucified indeed, begin to arise, we will see His Body more clearly in this world, for we will see Him high and lifted up, so to speak. Right now, I don't think anyone can see "who is who," as we don't know who is yielding to the process He wants to do in them in maturing them, and who is not. We don't know who has truly made Him their Head inside of them, and in their lives. It includes those who are in this position all around the world, including those who have gone on before, and those who will come after, who constitute the true Body of Christ.
     It is all to His glory, for the finished work on the cross, and that same work being applied to his children. We yield; He works, and He is glorified through us, as Christ begins to appear. His picture of the Body being "Christ in us," is important to see because He puts before us where He is taking us as we journey to Jerusalem. (City of peace) As He gets us closer and closer to that "city" we will experience more and more peace. On one hand, it's because His peace is being worked into us; on the other it is because we fully grasp that it indeed "is finished." Everything that is part of His eternal purpose has been done on the cross, and it will be done experientially in and through us as we yield to Him.
God bless you as you yield, seek and find!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Sound of Silence

    Truth doesn't have to defend itself. Truth is it's own defense. It can't be threatened by the lies that try and tempt it to "come over to my side." Lies can be spoken, and yet truth still stands "defenseless."  Remember Pilate and Jesus? He asked "what is truth?" and Truth stood right in front of him, and spoke not a word.
     Apologetics make the defense of the other one even more entrenched. By letting the opposition proclaim their stance and not defending it helps them be more opened to the truth, because no one is trying to control their will in any way.
     God, by His Spirit, is teaching me this invaluable lesson. I used to think I had to defend God and the truth; that to remain silent was giving endorsement to falsehood. Not any more. It's in the flow of His Spirit of Love, without pressing other people's wills, that He operates in "opening blind eyes" and in "setting captives free."

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Father of Lies

    It's not that your guilty; it's just that they're judging you.
Sometimes, if you are spiritually sensitive, you pick up on other's thoughts and they are felt by you, and can often be misinterpreted. This is one way satan can work in us. Knowing this, can help tremendously in helping you determine whose voice you are hearing, and then what to do about it. If it is satan, we need to cast down the negative and guilt-producing thought, and go on. He has no right to invade our thought life; nor our corresponding feelings. If someone else is judging you, satan is working through them also. (I'm not talking about the discerning "judging" but the "condemning" judging.)
    Do not be ignorant of satan's devices, but rather expose them.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Pregnant with Christ

    Mary, the natural mother of Jesus, was humble and hidden. In other words, she was not well-known nor high in society. She was not seen.
    What a type for us today, His family, chosen of God, as she was, to be called to have "Christ formed in us." Non-pretentious, quiet and hidden we are, but yet bearing the Son within. As we are dying inside to ourselves, He is ever growing, until the Manchild is born. (Rev. 12:5) And He will be "in the fullness of time."
     As He grows within us, we are filled with more and more of His light, truth, grace and love. And, our former selves, are changed into His very likeness. But, we have to submit to bearing Him, as Mary did when she said, "Be it unto me according to Your Word."
    Will we do it? Will we lose our lives to save it? Will we let God nourish the Seed within us by submitting to His will in our lives? Will the world know that He has come? Do they see life and light in His Body, or death and darkness? Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered, as Christ in us, grows larger and larger everyday.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

It Must Be So

My daughter said this many years ago, and God has used it, time and time again, to reveal His sovereignty over my life. Let me explain. When things happen, which I am surprised at, don't understand, don't like,  or that don't  seem to fit into what I had formerly thought He was doing, this expression, and it's meaning seem to pop up in me. By it, God is showing me that He's got everything under control, because I am His. He shows me that He is making the moves and decisions, and that is why certain things are happening. He shows me that nothing is happening that first doesn't pass through Him. He is either protecting me or leading me in another way, or just applying His wisdom based on what only He can see happening or He wants to happen, or He's using it to shape me into His image. So, I think the point He tries to make to me in this statement,  is "just relax," and if I can't or won't, He shows me I still am not trusting Him with my life, or that my flesh is wanting it's own way, and is still alive and kicking. Either way, I am assured that He will continue to do His work in me and change all of that to get me to the point of complete surrender which is His Will, and mine. So, I say "yes, Lord-IT MUST BE SO!"

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Let His Truth Arise!

     God has set me free from the desire ( and something I thought had to happen) of having to have what He was showing me, and other's agreement on it, and visa versa. I have had a hard time in understanding the different understanding of God and His Kingdom that others, who I love, have from mine. I had wanted our beliefs to coincide, and mesh together, and, if they didn't, I had doubts about my own. Now, God has set me free of this. I can't say what happened, except I am at peace in what He has shown me, and it's alright if others don't see it. In fact, He has taught me not to even share what He has shown me unless He directs me to, and He has given me confidence, even though I keep some things private. I don't have to have others endorsement anymore. What He's shown me, many times, is just for me to operate in, and not for me to convince others of. But, when He does open a door for me to share, I am finding I am so charged up with the truth of it that others seem to catch it too. Because it is the Spirit who is speaking, and not me. God has gotten my former desire out of the way, and He is able to speak through me. It's not about what I have discovered or found, and I need to convince others of; it's what He has revealed to me and wants to use my mouth to proclaim. That is different. One is from my own will; the other from His. As we glorify God in any way in our lives, by dying to our own will, His will appears and is effective and life-changing. Amen. Let God be true, and everyman a liar!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Acknowledging Him to Transform Us

      Navel gazing or focusing on Jesus, and being changed into His image? Someone once told me, "I have never known anyone who has been helped by looking at their own growth." Even though Paul has said to "examine ourselves", in the context, it refers to seeing if Christ is in us, and the proof of that is if His power is overcoming our weaknessess. With this as our reference, there is no such thing as growth which is ours, but only out of Him being in us. His light (or presence in us) dispels the darkness, casting out everything that is not of Him; thereby is our growth. As we abide in the Vine, new life takes over.
     So, to see our "badness" or "sickness" or need of healing, and to either punish ourselves as a result or even try to make ourselves new, is to not acknowledge the Head, Christ in us. When we are disconnected in this way, there will be no healing, because it is Him that supplies it to us. The way He heals is to "tear down" so that He can "build up." He tears down our old sin nature (crucifies it, as we let Him) and builds us up a New Creation. It is His work, allowed by our will. Apart from Him we can do no good thing. Even so, come Lord Jesus.