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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Christ, the Head, Infuses His Body

     A group of us continue to seek God every week to ask Him to show us His vision of His Body.  He continues to unveil it little by little, and it is beginning to look just like His Son with each new piece He reveals, and it is a picture that seems to be never ending, as Christ is. I am seeing that anything apart from Christ being revealed through His Body, is not His Body, but only a mocked representation, and in that way, a false witness to the world.
      When the matured sons of God, whose flesh has been crucified indeed, begin to arise, we will see His Body more clearly in this world, for we will see Him high and lifted up, so to speak. Right now, I don't think anyone can see "who is who," as we don't know who is yielding to the process He wants to do in them in maturing them, and who is not. We don't know who has truly made Him their Head inside of them, and in their lives. It includes those who are in this position all around the world, including those who have gone on before, and those who will come after, who constitute the true Body of Christ.
     It is all to His glory, for the finished work on the cross, and that same work being applied to his children. We yield; He works, and He is glorified through us, as Christ begins to appear. His picture of the Body being "Christ in us," is important to see because He puts before us where He is taking us as we journey to Jerusalem. (City of peace) As He gets us closer and closer to that "city" we will experience more and more peace. On one hand, it's because His peace is being worked into us; on the other it is because we fully grasp that it indeed "is finished." Everything that is part of His eternal purpose has been done on the cross, and it will be done experientially in and through us as we yield to Him.
God bless you as you yield, seek and find!


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