Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Monday, April 28, 2014

It's A Spirit Thing

    For the longest time, I thought that whenever God's Word told me to do something, I thought I was supposed to do it. My reasoning was that God wouldn't tell me to do something I couldn't do, because I knew He wasn't One to intentionally "set me up." So, I went about purposing to do things such as "esteem others better than yourself," and "submit unto your husbands," and "pray without ceasing."-anything I heard Him telling me to do through His Word, was a standard I revered, because I knew He did, and I wanted to live up to them, because that was what He wanted. But I failed. :(
     As I grew in Him and Him in me, my understanding changed ,as the mind of Christ, by His Spirit, began to take more and more ground on the inside of me. I began to see that the only way I could live up to even one of these standards was as a result of the power of His Spirit increasing in me. It would be that He was actually fulfilling His own standards through me.  He didn't want me to do that apart from Him. (Phew-I can't anyway)
     Nevertheless, I live, not I but Christ who lives in me- that's what I am talking about and now as He conforms me to His image, He walks in righteousness through me,  because He is righteousness. Isn't that wonderful and mysterious at the same time? And freeing?


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