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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Red Alert-Rebellion Opens Doors to One's Soul

    "Rebellion is (the same) as witchcraft"-I've been asking God for the meaning of this for several years now. Yesterday, He revealed a part of it to me.
     He showed me that rebellion is when we violate our conscience willingly. In other words, we know it's wrong, but we proceed anyway. (we sin) When we do this, it is tied in with controlling other people in some way. For example, if a person has sex with someone outside marriage, it subconsciously is done to keep them connected with them, or to control them using the lust of the flesh. When we do this (sin against God willingly) it is rebellion, which involves control with someone else, which is witchcraft. This invites satan into our souls, which if continued unconfessed, begins to control us! (Think about addiction)
     In my childhood, I did this. Many times I sinned against conscious, and this opened the door to satan. As he walked through those doors, he brought fear in my soul. Because I really didn't have the understanding of how this happens, and of how sinning agaisnt conscious is sinning against God Himself, this left openings in my soul undetected.
     Until today, when He shined His light of understanding in me about this process. When seeing it, I confessed those past sins with sorrow. As I confessed, I saw a house with many opened windows being shut by angels. Then they wiped His blood ove the tops of each window, indicating the entrances were no longer accessible to satan. Confession and the resulting forgiveness secured forever by His victorious shed blood! In this way, newness of His Life was applied to my soul, and restoration happened, by thr riches and the glory through Jesus Christ!!! Astounding!!! 


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