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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stopping at the Jordan or Claiming the Promised Land

     We, as His Body, are not only joined because He is our Head, but also because of our beliefs. Like-mindedness also creates a bond. Those beliefs include who He is, and what He came to earth to do on the cross. If God so desires, He reveals more to us about His Kingdom, but these things are not ones we are to propogate necessarily, but we are to hold them in our hearts, and when the time is right and He creates a situation where people are willing to hear, we then can tell of what He's shown us. Not in a dogmatic way, but just by painting a picture of the revelations, and offering them to others. If they "see with their eyes" and "hear with their ears" their spirits can absorb them, then their vision is expanded. They then can decide to ask God to help them walk in them. This does not happen without their consent, or the work of the cross continuing within them.
     The ability to receive revelations is dependent on the capacity He creates within us. Imagine an internal container/ The size of that container is enlarged as crucifixion has been brought to our soul, because revelation is of  the spirit. One has to decrease (our soulish operations) and the other increased (our spiritual) as we become conformed to His image. This transformation is painful and full of struggle.
     The result of this process is the ability to see and hear more and more clearly what the Spirit is saying, or what is in God's mind and heart, the place where real truth lies. The advantage of this is that when a picture is presented to us (revelation) we can see where we are headed, or where He is taking us, and launch out in that direction by the power of the Spirit. The destination is to live in His will, not so that we will have accomplished something within ourselves to take glory in, but so that He gest glorified. If we are truly lettng Him do this work in us, we will know it is Him, and out of it, He will come forth through us.
     So, as far as the Body goes, we are all connected as we look to Him and as we believe in the primary things together. All can go on further in Him, but all don't choose to because of the pain involved in the process. But, oh, the richness of seeing Him that  is missed. It is the difference of seeing Him in black and white, and of seeing Him in color with panaramic vision. And it is the difference of realizing His greater purposes, and walking in them, and of just living for oneself in that dull, unfulfilling existence.


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