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Friday, April 04, 2014

Deception and Lawlessness Will Increase

    Is something deceptive if the person isn't even aware of it? For example, follow this if you will. Someone I know and love said something very insightful, even spiritually revelatory to me last week. It seemed to indicate great growth in the Lord, and I rejoiced in this for her.
     Then this week, that same person completely switched gears on the same subject, and relayed something entirely different to me, and she seemed excited about this natural idea, contrary to the spiritual insight she had earlier. It was as if she had lost what she once possessed for that short moment. I tried so hard to say something encouraging to her, and I did, but later when I thought about it, it was as if, I had been completely deceived (by the enemy) with something like a bait and switch technique, not fully realizing what had occured. For a second, I too had been hood-winked.
     Earlier in the week, I received a total shock involving someone else I love very much. She made a decision and told me about it, which did not make any sense, and was one in which she would suffer tremendously but it was as if she was blind to what was happening. In the past, she had enjoyed this activity she was now resigning from. It was something which could have increased her spiritual growth, and solved many problems for her. I know it was the enemy "making her" do this, because it was self-sabotaging. Come to think of it, blindness was involved with the other incident to.
     What responsibility do we, as brothers and sisters in the Lord, have to each other when we can clearly see something in each other, that they cannot? Should we talk to them about what we see, if the enemy is involved, or would he "eat us for lunch" with his scheming wiles and ways? Should we "stand in the gap" and fight a battle for them against the powers and principalities that are warring against them?  Or is God perhaps blinding people these days, because they have suppressed the truth in unrighteousness, meaning they have worshipped the creation (anything or anybody) more than the Creator? Have they hardened their hearts to His Will, which they once knew and followed, but have now chosen their own will and fleshly desires? And, has that left them opened to the enemy to deceive them, and then them become deceivers? Only He really knows the hearts of men.  These are perilous days indeed.


  • At 4/11/2014 5:30 PM , Blogger Marshall said...

    these are perilous times. brother may betray brother, or worse yet. With each intrusion of the Adversary, the flesh, or the world, becomes an opportunity in wisdom as love requires. Our God is the revealer of great mysteries!

    something has been overtaking a friend of mine, and for it I am stumped today -- and more than 3000 miles distant. Father will show us the way with each one to caring and pursuing by His Grace.


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