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Monday, March 31, 2014

Trusting and Loving

     My husband wrote me a poem before we were married and one of the lines said, "So deep in love is trust." This meant to me, that trust is embedded in love, or another rendering would be that to truly be "in love" one has to have trust in the other person for it to work.
     I believe that is affirmed in Scripture when it says "Love believes all things." If one loves someone, with God's love, they trust that what the other person is saying and doing is the truth. And I did that. 
     But, what if trust has been violated or is in question, from someone who you loved? This happens everyday in life, somewhere in the world. What if it happens in your world, with someone you believed in, and who you gave your trust to? How can you trust again? Just pretend like you do, when inside of you, are questions and doubt? If you think someone has lied to you, is it wise to come together and talk about it? If they have done something wrong, and are unwilling to admit it, will putting everything on the table on your side, be of any use, except to give them another opportunity to lie again? Won't this only lead to more frustration and hurt, with things still not being resolved?
     Then there is the question of our own suspicious leanings. If we are looking for wrong-doing, won't we find it, or think we have?
     Can mistrust always be resolved? Or, sometimes, do we have to just accept leaving things alone, and the distance that results between people, who formerly were connected?
     Since I can't trust unless something is proven or misproven to me, I will have to live with that, until or unless God reveals things clearly to me, because I know myself, and I know to pretend otherwise, is to invite more disaster into a relationship. But, I'm sad, I must admit. I want certain relationships to be restored, but the current situation of me not communicating with them, may be God's protection for me, which I must accept.


  • At 4/04/2014 9:39 AM , Blogger Marshall said...

    "cursed be the man who trusts in man..."
    [Jeremiah 17:5]

    While I cannot trust in man, I can and do trust God in man; the presence & power of Christ in a child of His.


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