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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A Dream Needing Interpretation

     I had a dream last night, and it went like this. I ordered some clothes through the mail and received them. My husband, who was playing my mother, (?) (you know how dreams are) saw that something was wrong with them, and so he called the company complaining. He told the person on the phone that we didn't even order the clothes and we wanted our money back. I knew he had witnessed someone else lying by saying this, and it worked for them, so he was now trying it. I couldn't believe that he would do something like this, because I thought I knew him! In my stunned state, I didn't say anything. Then a little later, I had ordered some more clothes. Again, there were flaws on them, and he called them again, saying we didn't order them. I was listening to him talk. Then when he got off the phone, he seemed mad, and said, "you'll have to pay for the clothes. They won't take them back." I was wondering how I could work or get money to personally pay for them, but what bothered me the most was him being able to lie like that. I hollered out at him, saying with passion ,"Jesus works in the truth, and not lies. If you would have just told them the truth, and given God  a chance to work, it may have worked out!!!" Feeling so distraught and confused, I woke up.

I know God is saying something to me through this, but I don't know what. Anyone who gets an interpretation by the Spirit please give it.


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