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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Ultimate Increase

         " Paul planted, Apollos watered, but God gives the increase"- I Cor. 3:6.  Did you know that in this day, we are the planters and waterers? God has a field of potential souls, and He desires to make a bumper crop; a bin buster as my husband, the farmer, calls it. He desires that none perish.
      Do we go to work each day to labor in His farm? Do we make ourselves available to plant and water by following His voice? First, we've got to have "ears to hear", and this requires listening to the Holy Spirit daily. We've also got to be able to lay down our own agenda if and when He does call us.
     If we, those of us who have already been harvested, invest in His plan to work as laborers in the remaining harvest, He will have His heart's desire!!! He has already secured the ultimate increase when He died on our behalf, and now He leaves it to us to offer this truth to the world. BTW, the ultimate increase is "salvation" for all who believe.
     I am wondering how many die on the vine, if we neglect to do our part. The cultivating of a soul by speaking and teaching truth, watered with love, is the most important form of labor we can participate in while we walk this earth. The rewards, not of a material nature, are so fulfilling, for we bless the very heart of the Lord of the Harvest, our Savior and King, and He lets us be a part of that!!!


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