Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

He Keeps Us Safe

    Have you ever caught yourself mourning the loss of the world's values such as fame, good looks, money and what money can buy, educational acclaim, pleasures, and accomplishment to name a few? Something came up recently in my life and presented me with the possibility of providing me with one of these. I pursued it in my mind a little while, but then recognized it as only a lure to be "in the world," and not just "of it."
     We still are being washed from our old mindsets and beliefs about ourselves which were deposited by a worldview instead of a God view, or what He calls important, and in how He sees us through loving acceptance, with no strings. The pull of the world to take us  back or even further in it than we ever once were, is a strong, and sometimes subtle force. If our sincere desire is to be in God's will, though, He is trustworthy to expose the lure, or to stop us from biting it in the first place.
     Thank you, good Shepherd, for keeping your sheep so faithfully.


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