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Thursday, April 17, 2014

There's Gold in Them, There Hills!!!!

     How exciting to enact the Lord! I can say that but I don't really know what it means-Odd!
     He has been unveiling for me and others who have been asking Him, His vision for His Body. It is funny how, when we ask to see what He sees, and lay down what we have formerly seen, how He is ever ready to reveal, and He is doing that to us. And what He is showing us is more awe-inspiring than the Grand Canyon, or any other wonder of this world. The spiritual vistas He's allowing us to see are stupendous!
     One of these is the reality of the close connection that I am now feeling with others in His Body in the Spirit. My husband and I don't meet physically with other believers on a regular basis, and it has been my hope and desire to do so. From time to time, I would try and gather us to a small group out of this need. Each time it wouldn't work out, and it would leave me frustrated and sad. I am currently "meeting" with 9 other people, some of who I know, and some who I've never met, by praying "together" every Friday night. It was by email that the invitation was given to 51 of my contacts, and 9 people responded favorably. And what I want to comment on is that I FEEL SO CONNECTED TO THEM!!! That is the amazing part. And I don't feel connected by who I have known them to be in the flesh, but by their spirits. God has shown me that the reason this is possible is that when they are enacting Him in prayer, they are looking to Him only, and it is then that I sense good and true connection-spirit to spirit!!!! And that's how He wants our fellowship to be; our looking to Him together.
     As anything given and understood by revelation, words often seem inadequate. But, I can't help my excitement at what He is showing us. Of course, we don't even see a milligram of the whole, but only a crumb of what He sees, which He is revealing to us, but, nonetheless, it is so fulfilling to our spirits. I'm realizing too, that what I have tried to understand of His truths in the past which were by my own mind, will and emotions, (soul) has been wood, hay and stubble compared to the gold He is showing me now. Just like a person would stare at a nugget of gold, his revealed truths have the same effect on our spirit. Our spiritual eyes are opened real big and we gape in amazement at their beauty and purity!!!And they prepare us to receive more!!!
     I am beginning to live in a new place with Him. It seems that I've crossed over somehow. It is an ever expansive land to discover. Anyone can come here, if they are willing to let go of their own fleshly visions, which is only killed at the cross, so it is a costly trip.  


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