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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Your Secret Mission as a Change Agent

    "In, but not of"-Living in two different worlds. does that work? Aliens, you say? Yes, I know what you mean. Looking for a city? Yes, I am. Whose Kingdom and Maker is God.
     So, what do we do in the meantime? Pretend like we don't know better, and join in the merriment? The consumerism? The pleasures of this world? The feigned laughter of this present earth that is corruptible? The false pretense of living, working, dying, and then that's it?
     No, He said, "Occupy til I come." The worldly notion to occupy has to do with staking one's claim, establishing deep roots in a place, and in a sense, taking over a piece of green earth, or buying up land. But, to occupy to a pilgirim son or daughter, who is just passing through, means to let His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,  until we see His appearing. In that way, we hold the fort in His Name, and for Him.
     We do this by binding and loosing the powers that bind here on earth and in others, we exude the values of His Kingdom by being seperate from the culture around us, by being different from and not one with the values of this world, we proclaim His truths and walk in His ways, and we keep connection with our King daily, opened to His guidance and leading as we go, being ever-ready to drop any thing we might be doing to do what He commands, and we love doing this. We love to occupy for Him. We are loosing creation from it's futility and we await His soon arrival.
      So, if you are an occupying son or daughter, who experiences this "in, but not of" state of being and sometimes get forlorn in this duplicity, look up, your redemption is getting closer than when you first began. Let your exhaling sigh be, "Even so, come Lord Jesus." I think you'll feel better then. I know I do.


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