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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Let Them Come

     One particular facet I am seeing about the Body of Christ is His inclusion of children; not only in being a part of it, but also in participating in a real way. When our grandson spent the night with us last Friday, we all prayed together. Then when he was at home, he asked his Mom about it because she, too, is part of the group. He asked her why she didn't tell him about it, and she said that there were alot of things she was involved in that he didn't know about. She then, asked him, "why" he asked that, and he said, "well, I might want to be involved too."
      He is an 11 yr. old boy, and he is hungry for more of God, and that is astounding. How many times in our minds do we dismiss our children's hunger for God just because we assume they wouldn't be interested? We think they are so involved with video games or their own world that we think "they have their world, we have ours." But, I don't think God sees it like that. I think of little Samuel as a type of a hungry child in the temple, being taught in the ways of God.  Is this not showing us to open up the eyes of our spirits and tap into the desire in children to be included in His Body in a real way, and not assume they won't be interested in God, their Creator and Father?
      As a result of what my grandson said, God showed me in a new way, "for such is the Kingdom of God."
     We, as parents and grandparents need to look for this hunger in them, and fan the flame, so that their desire can grow, and not push them aside. They can share what God is showing them too, if only they are encouraged and welcomed to do so. We will either fan the flames of their spirits or quench it. Lord, help us be more aware of the children in your Body around us and open our hearts to include them, as You do. Amen.


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