Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Let His Truth Arise!

     God has set me free from the desire ( and something I thought had to happen) of having to have what He was showing me, and other's agreement on it, and visa versa. I have had a hard time in understanding the different understanding of God and His Kingdom that others, who I love, have from mine. I had wanted our beliefs to coincide, and mesh together, and, if they didn't, I had doubts about my own. Now, God has set me free of this. I can't say what happened, except I am at peace in what He has shown me, and it's alright if others don't see it. In fact, He has taught me not to even share what He has shown me unless He directs me to, and He has given me confidence, even though I keep some things private. I don't have to have others endorsement anymore. What He's shown me, many times, is just for me to operate in, and not for me to convince others of. But, when He does open a door for me to share, I am finding I am so charged up with the truth of it that others seem to catch it too. Because it is the Spirit who is speaking, and not me. God has gotten my former desire out of the way, and He is able to speak through me. It's not about what I have discovered or found, and I need to convince others of; it's what He has revealed to me and wants to use my mouth to proclaim. That is different. One is from my own will; the other from His. As we glorify God in any way in our lives, by dying to our own will, His will appears and is effective and life-changing. Amen. Let God be true, and everyman a liar!


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