Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

It Must Be So

My daughter said this many years ago, and God has used it, time and time again, to reveal His sovereignty over my life. Let me explain. When things happen, which I am surprised at, don't understand, don't like,  or that don't  seem to fit into what I had formerly thought He was doing, this expression, and it's meaning seem to pop up in me. By it, God is showing me that He's got everything under control, because I am His. He shows me that He is making the moves and decisions, and that is why certain things are happening. He shows me that nothing is happening that first doesn't pass through Him. He is either protecting me or leading me in another way, or just applying His wisdom based on what only He can see happening or He wants to happen, or He's using it to shape me into His image. So, I think the point He tries to make to me in this statement,  is "just relax," and if I can't or won't, He shows me I still am not trusting Him with my life, or that my flesh is wanting it's own way, and is still alive and kicking. Either way, I am assured that He will continue to do His work in me and change all of that to get me to the point of complete surrender which is His Will, and mine. So, I say "yes, Lord-IT MUST BE SO!"


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