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Friday, May 30, 2014

Rolling Out the Red

    Relativism has affected the Body of Christ. With all of our belief systems in place, and all seemingly contradictory, we sometimes say, "Well, that's how I see it."
     The question remains, however, is not "how we see it" but how God sees it? Isn't that all that matters? To truly have the vision of God progressively we need to: ask Him for it, and let Him slay our flesh daily. In doing so, His vision takes the pre-eminence in us, and then we truly can see. We don't want to see things from the eyes of our flesh. If we do, it becomes a matter of "how I see it" and "how you see it." Maybe that is why there are so many denominations. Could that be because all those beliefs out there have been built around how man has seen the Scriptures from his corrupt and carnal mindsets?
     We have the mind of Christ; that is an staggering statement! If that is true, and it is, how is it being suppressed in, and through us? Because we have wanted to see with our own eyes/mind and because we have not allowed Him to have His way in us. His way is to conform us to His image, and He indeed has made all things new, but we haven't really understood or believed that, and so we don't reckon ourselves dead.
     Help us, God, submit to your glorious will to let You truly be King on the inside of us. Dethrone us, if necessary, and may we welcome You by rolling out the carpet for Your entry and dominion, so our eyes will be Your eyes, so that we truly can see things as they are. Amen.


  • At 6/06/2014 4:01 PM , Blogger Marshall said...

    "how we see it"
    Stunning for me, how many times men gathered to Christ are opening their revised remarks with I think...
    Let us know we have the mind of Christ, and forever be speaking words of Truth and Life outside the old carnal eyes.


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