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Sunday, May 18, 2014

He Makes the Crooked Places Straight in Us

       I'm thankful, in a weird way, that I did not handle a situation rightly. In fact, it was shoot from the hip,  right between the eyes, fear inspired, and just plain wrong. But, of course, as always, when we are in the throes of a emotionally charged incident, we feel justified. Atleast, I usually do. Then when the emotions subside, I can begin to see again.
     Now, I am seeing it for what it was. The reason that I am thankful I did not do it right, was that I was feeling rather proud at my state of being prior, and so when I failed, it shot that down. I love it when my flesh is slayed, for it's a nasty monster, and a liar. It's boasts within itself, and it exalts itself against God.
     Although it was indeed killed on the cross, I am obviously not believing that in it's totality, and thus it is allowed to present itself. But God masterfully takes even our sin  and does a number on our pride with it, and makes good out of it all at the same time. Who else could do that?
"How great is our God, sing with me!"


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