Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Restoration Now!

     Could it be true that we aren't healed or made whole because there are things in us (blockages) which we are holding onto, consciously or unconsciously, which are preventing that from happening? I put forth this possibility to all of us today. God says, "Today is the day of salvation," and salvation means so much more than "believing in Jesus so that you can go to heaven when you die." It means total wholeness also.
     If this is so, than we need the searchlight of the Holy Spirit to reveal those hindrances to us. As we believe Him for wholeness and that He wants us and everyone of the face of this planet to be made whole, He will then show us the things in us which are preventing our healing from happening. They can come in the form of unforgiveness (a big one), jealousies, false beliefs, or any number of things. Whatever they are, we have held onto them for reasons that all lead back to not trusting and not acknowledging all that God is, and wanting to handle things ourselves. But this handling or managing of ourselves has led to our own needless suffering. Even so, they have filled some kind of sick need we have, and we like it like that.(Again, subconsciously) Oh, our hearts are deceitfully wicked! What man can know it?
     There is a good kind of suffering and a bad kind. The good kind is in believing God's truth, and the subsequent death of self that follows. The bad kind is when we try to manage our own lives, with our blockages fully intact. It can't be done smoothly, that's for sure. It is like trying to wrestle with God; our will against His. Need a hint on who will win, and who will suffer needlessly? I think I'm getting the picture.
     Two weeks ago I would not, and probably did not believe that I could delay the restoration He wanted to happen in me. Now, though it seems like I've been relishing in the process, not believing that I could be the one who was forestalling and dragging it out. I am beginning to see that my resistance, on whatever level, is the exact thing that has been stopping God's plan. With being open to acknowledging who God is in His fullness, and what His plan is for complete restoration for every human being and responding to them in that way, will cause an extreme makeover in a very short period of time. I don't have to spend anymore time in the wilderness, and I can cross over into the promised land. And so can you. If the desire is truly there, then you will believe the truth and the rest is history as He works out His plan in you, through you, and ultimately to the world.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Heart of Restoration

     What is a heart of restoration? It is God's heart for us and for all mankind. His desire is for all the wickedness (everything which is not of Him) in every person, to be redeemed and made whole. In the Word, He tells us that at some point in time, He is going to restore all things. I don't draw a conclusion as to when or how He will do this, or even what that will look like, but just acknowledge that He will do it. I have confidence that what He says He will do, will be done. He is faithful and true.
     So, if His heart is for restoration for all, our own renewed hearts will emanate that same desire. In situations that come up in our lives involving others' sin, approaching them with His heart of readiness to forgive and restore them, is life-giving. Somehow other people can sense our feelings towards them of either condemning or receiving them, even if we don't speak a word. It's a spiritual thing.
    The Father is waiting on the hill with love in His heart, watching for the prodigal to return home so He can receive and restore him to wholeness. Even though the elder brother is angry and jealous and self-righteous, and has remained at home (atleast physically) He longs to receive and restore him also-"all have fallen short of the glory of God." No one is overlooked.
     So, "the good and the bad" truly are "filthy rags," and in need of restoring and tranforming.  Viewing other people with this perspective and heart, can activate the cleansing power of His love to them and through them. In order for this kind of love to flow through us requires that our hearts are fully persuaded to the truth of His desire for restoration for all, in order to release it to others. As we do, our own hearts are further cleansed and made new, and His healing power does it's work.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crossing the Great Divide

     Examining the concept of a child of God growing in grace and truth and love, and if this perpetual growing is the best God has for us, or if we can simply "be ye healed," and if our staying in this process, instead of walking into His freedom is something that is unconsciously holding us back. Wow-what a question!!! And, as I type this, I am holding it up to God, wanting His understanding in all of this, expecting Him, by the Holy Spirit, to give understanding.
     I fear that I am not ready to hear the answer, because inside me I am hearing that "yes, I am holding something back" and that is why I am going through this long process of healing. And what is it? What is being held back? I think that it is being in control of my own life, which when looked at honestly, is most daunting. It is like putting myself, my thoughts, my ways above His. Am I choosing myself as my own god? Again, this is idolatry.
     If I put myself totally "in Christ" than He is healing, He is truth and He is love, and everything else that He is, which is everything. He will bring our mountains down as we place ourselves in Him. In fact, the greatest mountain in us is us! Will we trust Him to do that? Will we let Him do that? Have we really given outselves to Him fully? Until we do, we will experience struggle and unrest.
     People declare with great assurance, "I gave my heart to Christ back in 1968" and keep retelling and reassuring themselves of this "fact" and keep struggling on in their lives. Could the truth be that we didn't really give ourselves like we think we did, and we are holding back something or more than likely some things because we think we know best, making ourself our own god?
    These are very serious things to consider, and the only way we can really know where we stand in these things is to really want truth and open ourselves up to the voice of God (and He is speaking in you even now) and agree to see what He sees. The biggest danger is to say to yourself, "no,that's not me," in an attempt to justify the lies within us.
     Getting alone with God is vital in finding out this most heart-challenging and ultimately life-changing answer, and then we must make a decision. You've heard of the expression " a decision for Christ" and we think that we have made it based on a former public declaration of faith at some point in our lives, but letting God show us if we really did that or not, can be the most freeing thing we do if we will respond to it by truly giving of ourselves to Him from the heart and with full knowledge of what we are doing. Agreeing to let go of us and all the us we are, and saying "yes, come Lord Jesus" and live in me and be my God in real life, is stepping over the chasms that have prevented us from overcoming in all things.   

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ignoring God's Wisdom

     I have just been made aware of our responsibility in the things that have "happened" to us in our lives. While it is true, as infants and young children, there are traumatic things that might happen where one is truly a victim. But, as we get older, and accessible to God's wisdom, we often ignore it, put ourselves in vulnerable positions, and then someone takes advantage of us, resulting in harmful or hurtful violations. And ignoring God's wisdom is no small thing, as it signifies trust in ourselves above God. It is an exalted position; a prideful one. It is idolatry; it is sin.
     Most of the time because we were hurt by someone else we have focused on their sin, instead of our own choices which led us there. An example might be someone who hangs out with the wrong people. They know that it is not wise to do so, but they continue doing it. These people might be drinking all the time, doing drugs, and even into stealing or other criminal activities. Before the person started hanging out with this group, there were probably a few, if not many people who had warned this person of the dangers, and yet they chose to ignore them. (Shutting out God's voice through others) So they continue on. One day they discover their wallet has been stolen, and then no one in the group admits to doing it. They may even be ambivalent about it, or even laugh.
     How does the person usually react? He is angry and feels betrayed by "his friends." If there was any trust between them at all, most of that has been destroyed. So hurt feelings and blame becomes part of the picture. He's thinking and may say, "Can you believe they did that to me?"
     In letting God search us and know us to see if there is any wicked way in us, we must let Him reveal the parts of us that have ignored our own sin, even if something bad has happened to us as a result. I must admit I missed this part (my part) in situations where I was sinned against. The trauma was so horrendous that my own part in it remained hidden. Until last night. Oh, God is still about the business of revealing things to us, as we allow Him to, so that we can be set free!!! And I thank Him for it!!!
     As we acknowledge our sin of ignoring His wisdom, by setting our hearts and minds in doing our own thing, and receive His forgiveness for those sins, and trust Him to do it, He brings His healing in those tiny cracks that had previously been in bondage.When He knows our hearts are truly for Him coming inside of us and working His restoration, He will begin to bring us back to those events in which we have done that.  I'm so thankful for that. I depend on it. We can't get inside ourselves and see those hidden things that we want to get rid of. Only He can. Restore me completely, even if it hurts (and it does) even if it kills me ( and it will-thank God) Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Not Just Knowing, but Believing

     What jumping off the cliff has meant to me is that I made myself available to be remade by putting myself into a place where I had virtually no control once I made the decision to jump. The most important component of making my decision, though, was in believing that my Parachute (Christ) would open, and so in reality, it really wasn't frightening at all, although it has felt like it. This has also shown me how our feelings betray the truth, and if we continue to cling to them, we will never experience the effects of free falling. In this spiritual scenario, we will just be assured of our Parachute's faithfulness, but never really experience or grow by it. We will be looking down the cliff with our knowing intact, but not engaging with the truth, by believing it, and therefore not reap any fruitful results in our lives.
     That is exactly the point I was at in my life before the jump. I knew that Christ died for me and loved me unconditionally, and yet I didn't choose to respond to that because, it's obvious to me now, that I didn't really believe the truth. When we believe it, we jump. "Faith without works is dead."
      I have previously on occasion made small jumps, more like from the roof of a house, and God had worked with my belief and there have been results here and there. But, the big jump is where you put everything left in you on the line; all at once. And me doing this was HUGE!!! Coming from one who my son remarked that my sense of adventure was wearing mismatched socks. He was right.
     I can't say that I have loved the free falling because my feelings have prevented full release, but I believe that I will as I continue to fall. This is a very large mountain!!! In fact it goes on forever!!!The point here is when we get to a place of letting go of the last things we had held onto, trusting them to Christ, and then believing His promises,( most of which we didn't even know existed), our eyes really begin to open to new vistas in Him. And, abiding in Him becomes the rule of the day!!! Out of that place, comes possessing the Promised Land, full of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Life within us happens.

If you find yourself in a stuck place, feeling up against a wall in your growth in Christ, and can't find your way out and you desire to have that total transformation, I suggest telling the Lord that directly, and then trusting that He will lead you into the Truth (the heart of God in Christ) that will eventually set you free. Ready, Set, Jump!!! You'll never be the same again.

Friday, February 22, 2013


     One thing about jumping off a cliff is that there really is no going back. You've already committed; the die has been cast when your body left solid footing. You have chosen to put yourself into what seems is a precarious position. I say, "what seems" because it would be in the natural. I means, sometimes parachutes don't open. It could happen.
     But when this jumping off place is one in the realm of the spirit, choosing to put yourself in what could feel like harm's way, and the parachute is Christ, and you are His, we can be assured of Him opening up and securing us completely, without fail. Even if we faint on the way down, or we have heart palpitations, or even become mentally or emotionally ravaged, He will catch us. If the jump causes us to be unduly shaken, He will restore of repair us. No scenario imagined will permanently harm us. He is our Keeper.
     Last night I experienced a challenge to my mental and emotionally self, as fearful thoughts flooded my mind. They were thoughts that made me want to turn back (whoops, can't do that. I'm mid air) or tempted me to block out the whole experience altogether. The truths that I have been presented with were challenging the core of my being, and the very truths themselves will do that. My desire for quick resolve in all things coupled with my desire to be free of any confusion created this showdown. I resisted the urge to "make a decision one way or the other" and decided instead to look to the Parachute in which I trust, putting the confusion in His Hand and Heart of Love for me.
     Well, this morning I woke up, and found myself in "bewildered rest." ( I didn't know that could be a reality, but I didn't know about alot of things I am learning as I fall down the mountainside.) I am still bewildered at the startling and challenging truths that have been presented to me ,but resting in Him, as He demonstrated His power to override the strong feelings which wanted to dominate me last night.  And being bewildered is not an uncomfortable state to be in. It's kind of dreamy really, but I don't plan on staying here long, as the point is to "awaken" to believing truth, and then trust God.
     So, I continue to let go and fall in a more peaceful state now. I believe He was the one who led me to the cliff, and He was the One who encouraged me to jump, and He was the One who gave me the courage. I was the one who had to make the decision. What I did not know was how "undone" I would be as I fell, but I did and still do know who would break my fall. And so  I said, "Yes, Lord," I will. His Will be Done in me. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Safe In His Arms

     I have jumped off the cliff with my parachute on my back, and am in the phase of the free fall, but no matter how scared I might feel, it is ultimately NOT scary because I KNOW that the parachute will open, and that's because the parachute is Christ. What I am talking about is when we decide to open ourselves up to more of God and His truth-that's the jumping off the cliff part. To do this in the first place you have to trust that He will keep you safe, and that He won't let you go off into some false beliefs. The free fall is the place between the truth as you've known it, and the truth that He is presenting to you, whether through someone else who is living in it, or directly by His Spirit to yours. Either way it is His Spirit that is leading you, as one of His functions is to lead you into ALL truth. The truth of course, is only according to God's heart and mind.
     Because I believe that it was under His guidance for me, I agreed to  participate in a week long exposure to "new truth." Reconciling my former way of looking at many things about God and His Kingdom, and being presented with a new way which will replace the old, if He is leading me to this, is the free fall part of the jump.
     The parachute is Christ, and all that He is. With that in mind, I am assured of the final outcome that it will be good, true, right and safe. He is our blessed assurance and Jesus is mine, so venturing out into new territory is not to fight against, but to go with. He is making all things new, and so, in our growing into His image, it is necessary to jump at times. We can choose to climb down the mountain. We will get there, but it will take so much longer. But, it is not without, in fact, it is with much hardship that we enter the Kingdom. It's a jump that will terrify, and undo all that we have been, most of what we have believed in, and will strike at the very core of who we are.
       Nevertheless, forward we go into this new life. In doing so, we let Christ be glorified through us. What a joy! What a privilege! What an adventure!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Rich Piece of Property, but Free

     The truth that it is ourselves that is responsible for not believing who God has shown Himself to be is a hard pill to swallow, but the understanding that we can begin to choose differently right now is good news. This is part of the transition that I am currently in, as I go in and "possess the Land," which is simply an undivided, or whole Christ. What is meant by that is that we have chosen parts of who Christ is, by either scorning or discarding other parts, to our own dismay with harmful results. But trusting in who He truly is fully, without division, changes everything. It's at that place where mercy and truth have kissed, for He is mercy and He is truth in all it's aspects. To pick and choose part of Him, is to be a part of divisiveness. Is Christ divided? No. Then we can let Him be who He is and "accept Him as He is." In this way we will possess the Land, and experience His promises (for that Land is called the Promised one) and be transformed into His likeness, and experience many more surprises as we begin to plumb more and more of the depths of His love. He beckons us with opened arms to "come."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life Forever More!!!

     I want to go where the Lord wants to take me; I want His truth. I want to live in His truth. I want to experience His truth. Looking at these words, I realize that He is truth and that I could substitute Him whenever the word "truth" is used, such as I want Christ. I want to live in Christ. I want to experience Christ.
     As my walk progresses in Him, I am accessing more of Him daily, and I have been satisfied with that, but I had someone this morning tell me that there were truths in Scripture that, if believed and received, could propel me into so much more of Him very quickly. Although inviting, I must say that I've never been a "microwave" girl. In fact, I have been wary of it. I have believed that it was out of suffering that "new life" resulted, and this proposal of a quick fix is unsettling to me. But, if God is telling me that, and if He is saying my wandering is over, and that He wants me to "go in and possess the land," like I have heard Him beckoning me, than I'm interested.
     Remembering that He has recently called me to "the promised land" I go with Him by my side, by His power, with His protection to seek my dwelling place which is in Him, for He is the promised Land. As Moses said, "if you don't go with me, than I'm not going." But, He is going with me, so I am going.
     How I go is to open up my spirit to hear what those who say they live there have to say; those who are going to give a good report and not the spies who say I can't take the land because of the giants. I naturally have a "yea, but" in me that I hope doesn't try and sabatoge me going, if it is truly my good Shepherd who is calling.
     Lord, let it be your voice only that I follow. That has always been my desire, because I know that You will not lead me astray. In You I put my trust alone. If you want me to "go in and possess the Land, the good soil that is You, I want to be firmly planted here forever and ever and ever. Amen.

Monday, February 18, 2013

What Do You Want, My Child?

     I'm thinking about prayer this morning, and how our praying evolves  over time. I know mine has. Since most of my prayer is private, I've noticed that I've quit the finely tuned ones. Even though I do like words and it is hard not to use the ones I know, even with God, the way I pray has changed. I pray "as I go" in the thoughts of my heart, knowing that He knows what I am saying or asking Him for, and trusting Him with that. Sometimes I just think of a person, and what they are going through, and don't even pray per say, but just sort of lift them up to Him and release them to His care so He can work in the situation with what He knows needs to happen. When I don't know what to pray, it is just "your will be done, Lord."
     I use to think that if I got on my knees or closed my eyes (the tighter the better) or pleaded harder and longer that God would answer my prayers even quicker or better or something? What was I thinking?  That I could "do something" so He would "do something"? Or was I thinking that He would think better of me if I did those things? We hopefully grow as we go.
     The Word does give us a glimpse on the subject. It says if we pray according to His will then our prayers will be answered. It's as we know more and more of what His will is, that we can pray that way. Then there's "we have not because we ask not." I probably fit into that category many times, as I am so afraid I will "ask amiss" or "according to my lusts." I"ve always interpreted that as asking for what I want, but maybe that's not it. Maybe it is alright to ask for what you want, if it is not for self-indulgent reasons. For God to do anything for me personally, just because I want something is hard for me. Then throw in the statement that God knows what we need before we ask Him. So does that mean we don't ask, knowing He knows, or is it just saying that He knows to assure us when we can't verbalize it?
     I have something currently that I asked Him for, not to test Him, but to step out in faith and trust Him for, and if I have asked wrongly, to trust Him in that, too. I am trusting Him to extend His grace to me in this case. I need Him to do something for me that only He can do, and I asked Him to do it. I guess I am feeling that I need to know that He loves me so much that He will. The truth that Him being my Shepherd, and His promise that I will not be in want is what I am basing my prayer on, and of course His love for me.
     I think He is teaching me that I can ask Him anything. I believe He is encouraging me to not be afraid in doing so. Talking to our Father can be a very intimate thing, especially when we are asking Him for a personal favor. We draw close, He receives our request with an open heart, and we humbly speak what is on our heart to Him. In doing so, our relationship is strengthened and trust is developed further. The trust part is that we begin to realize that no matter if we aren't asking according His will, and we are asking in igorance, that He doesn't feel differently towards us. In fact, I am thinking that He is glad we trusted Him enough to feel comfortable to ask.
     Hmmmm..........A relationship with Him of being totally free to express ourselves, without fear of rejection or abandonment or judgement. Now, that is true love. "To boldly approach the throne of Grace"-that's what I'm talkin' about. He's showing me His love.



Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let the River Flow

     Letting the River of God's love, forgiveness and grace flow through me, seems self-indulgent at times, but I know that it is not. (It's like don't you know there's a world in need of Jesus out there, and here I am soaking up God's love?) I really do know, however, that flow must happen on a continual basis in order for me to be made whole, so why do I sometimes push it away or hesitate to receive it?
     Maybe it's because I don't feel worthy of it (which I'm not) or because I want to be in control. Probing further, wanting to be in control means I put myself in the most comfortable position that I can, so as to "protect" myself from feeling vulnerable. Vulnerability produces strange feelings in me. Feelings associated with being controlled and dominated, which perhaps developed in my early development. I think I associate these former feelings and project them unto God and the love He has to offer.
     In the past I've seen this River as a torrent which will smash me up against the rocks, and yet in truth it is a gentle stream just wanting me to float serenely in it, refreshing me along the way. So, I've developed a faulty belief about God's love, and that is why I've resisted it. Next week, my mind will be renewed in this area as He is taking me on an adventure with Him; an adventure in which I am sensing His purpose is to show me what His love really looks like.
      "I'm not going to hurt you," I hear Him saying. "I don't want to control you, but I want you to feel free to fully express yourself," is another message echoing from His heart to mine. He tells me that His love is not binding, but freeing and healing to my soul, and it is undergirded with His total acceptance of who I am. And He delights in me!  I've never known that kind of love. I want to be able to truly believe it though, but I know I will need His assurance. And I'll need His enabling power to do so. He is telling me that I have it.
     How will my life look and be different than it currently does, if I do? My fears of being a push-over, or someone who others will think they can freely tromp on stand in wait, but if perfect love casts out fear, than opening up to believing in  His love for me will destroy those too. So the picture of me and my life after Love remains to be seen. I can't even imagine it.
     I'm thinking I will look something like this:

Psalm 1:3 NIV
He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers. (Brings life!)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Something Strange is Happening to Me


     God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I think that is saying that we are "neat" people. Have you ever gotten a glimpse of how God has crafted you? Have you looked objectively at the "you" God has fashioned? Probably not, because when we look at ourselves, many times it is not with amazement, but with criticism. Have  you ever thought that to criticize ourselves is the same as telling God that we don't like what He made?
     Last night the above song came to my mind. The reason it did was because I am experiencing what Johnny Rivers is singing about. "Something strange is happening to me;something more than my two eyes can see"-that line in particular is currently true in my life. I am changing, and I know it and I feel it, and frankly, it feels strange and slightly uncomfortable.  The fact that I know it is from God and it is good ultimately undergirds these feelings though.
     There I was rocking along in my mundane, and I must say discouraged mode, seeming to not be going anywhere, and BAM, God snuck up on me and offered me an opportunity to grow exponetially in Him. Needless to say, I was ready to receive His offer, although I proceed with cautious excitement!!! That feeling of excitement is new for me in light of the fact that the situation I am entering is so full of unknowns, and in the past, I think my mindset would have been mostly fear, not excitement. So, that in itself shows some degree of work He's done in me already. But, really, I think the unknown parts are the very things that He will use to grow me, by me choosing to trust that He has set this up, and that He will guide and keep me through it. Some even might call it an adventurous challenge.
     I tell myself that if I can go to India 3 times, than I can do this. The difference, though, is that I go to India for other people, and this offer God has extended is just for me. That is the uncomfortable part. Is it because I feel unworthy to receive? If so, maybe the purpose in this is to learn and accept the value that He sees in me, and to believe and receive that as a given fact. I know He's been moving me towards believing that He does indeed love and accept me, and perhaps this offer of a one week mentorship, free of charge, is the setting in which He will help me be assured of that once and for all?
     Oh, back to the point of the first paragraph. When I was thinking of this song, and how it describes some of my feelings I'm having presently, I thought, "how old was I when I listened to that album over and over and over, soaking in the words of many of the songs?" I must have been about 16 years old then. At first I was tempted to criticize myself, thinking "who at that age, where one usually thinks of more surface things, listens to songs that sing about seeking truth?" It must have been God that interrupted my negative thoughts, and said, "you do, Patti. I made you a deep thinker, and a seeker of truth early on. You went a different path than most, and here you are today still seeking Me deeper and deeper. I love that about you. I chose that about you. You are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made."
     It seems He is changing my perception about myself, and I know that it is a direct result of Him giving me the ability to open up to His love for me. His love on the inside of us changes everything, as we allow it to permeate our beings. I see that river in the city of God flowing, with the trees planted on either side. Those trees are us, His children, and that River is His love and acceptance of us that brings us healing. Then in turn, we can release that River to others and bring them healing. Enjoy a song about this River. I love this song!!!!!:)


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deep calls unto Deep

     Have you ever heard the phrase "Revelation is caught, not taught"? I think this is a true statement, because our minds can be taught, but our spirits have to catch the revelation that only God's Spirit conveys.
     I have been with people who have caught revelation before and I know they truly see something with their spirit. I, however, don't see it at the time, but long to. One reason, I feel, that I couldn't perhaps see it at that time, was because I was trying to wrap my mind around it, and I was using the wrong part, so to speak.
     So, I am in transition in letting God train my spirit, and to disengage my mind. Now, I'm not talking about being a bimbo here. I know we need or minds to function in this world, but I'm talking about tapping into the conversation of God's heart and His mind with my spirit. This is the path of real understanding, and of having the truths of the Kingdom and of our King transposed.
     For such a long time, I have tried to activate my mind so as to understand spiritual truth, so that is why perhaps, I have been rather confused and frustrated. But now, God, by His Spirit, has moved me to another place in Him. He is awesome. Despite our faulty understanding, if we have a true desire to walk in His ways and see Him, He will overide us, and get us there regardless.
     And so, I find myself there now. One time someone told me to "open up my spirit," and I must confess that I didn't know how to do that. Now, I see, it's because it's not a "how to" thing. That is of the mind. It's more like a let go thing or a trust and relax thing, and then God does it in us.
     So, from mind to spirit-I am on that trip. I am already sensing only good coming from this, and am looking forward to it. I'll let you know what He "reveals" to me. I'm reminded in all of this that it is my Father's good pleasure to give me the Kingdom, and am looking forward to enjoying it's riches.
Won't you come along with me on this great adventure? Let's go deeper!  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Possess Him!!!!

     "The land of milk and honey"-I wonder what that means in the New Covenant? In the old, it was literal, but I suspect God has deep, spiritual understanding, truth and reality for us this side of the cross.
     We know in the old, it was a land God made to flourish in all ways, as the people followed in His ways, and didn't compromise with the ways of the people around them. It was a land full of abundance and life! It was a place of fullness; never lacking!
     Could that have been a type of place-a dwelling place-such as when we allow ourselves to be placed in the heart of God? A place of repose and peace? A place where we never lack, when we choose to be satisfied with Him only? Is this the still waters, and green pastures? Our Beulah Land on earth as it is in Heaven?  A place where we cross the Jordan fearlessly, as we have come to know that He truly loves us, which has led to us trusting Him to take care of us?
     Close your eyes for awhile and "be there." Can you hear the beautiful sounds of the birds, and gentle pure water flowing ? The cool breeze slightly blowing your hair? Peace is in the air, and you sense His glory all around you with His love embracing and enveloping you. Oh, sweet Jesus!
   The New Promised Land is a Land full of His Promises: He promises to never leave you. He promises that nothing can seperate you from His love. He promises He has gone before you and has prepared a place. Could this place of rest be that place? Is it a foretaste of the feast to come?
     Nothing can hurt you in this place, as it is a place deep within the heart of God. His heart is surrounding you. Our physical bodies may hurt, as we think of hurt, but our spirits will be preserved forever, come what may. And isn't that what is important?
     So, still we can have rest. We will not be in want because He has filled everything in us, and we have learned to be content with that. We traveled many miles and years in the wilderness to consent to receive Him only, deciding that He was sufficient for all our needs, and cancelled out all our wants which derived from our own self will. Oh, blessed assurance-Jesus is Mine!!!He is that Land of Milk and Honey!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

He Goes Before Us!!!

     "Flying by the seat of your pants"-ever done it? Of course, I know many of you have, as some people are bent to live that way. Impulsive. Spontaneous. Risk-takers.
     Myself, on the other hand, has hardly ever lived this way. I'm wondering if my measured life has pushed aside opportunities which would have otherwise been exciting and productive, or even life-changing. Or, if my cautious approach has indeed kept me safe, as I have wanted it to.
     I'm thinking about the Scripture that says if I lose my life, than I will find it, and am wondering if God is telling me that "letting go" is better. I'm wondering if He has something for me on the other side of my firm grip such as "abundant life"?
     Well, yesterday, I made a quick decision about something, backed by my husband's support, which was so unlike me. This decision holds so many unknowns in it, and is one in which I agreed to give a big hunk of control to others. This means ,in my book, that I decided to trust, which ultimately means I am trusting God with His care of me. And perhaps the reason that I have tried to control my life so much is because I haven't trusted people,  and this has affected my trusting God. Hmmm...........
     It's like I am at the camp with the Israelites when the spys came back to report what they saw. Some reported about the giants in the land with fear; the others said that with God we can overtake them!!! Because on the other side of Ai, was the promised land.
     This decision I've made could put me in the Land of God's Promises if I will but see, believe, and receive. As I take this step to "go in and possess" I go with God's protection and loving care of me. I wouldn't go without it. To me, it is as unpredictable as when my husband and I went to India the first time. My stance then, as it is now, is "unless the Lord goes with me, I'm not going." But I know He is going with me, so I will go! And I know that He has many spiritual treasures there for me, and so I anxiously await to see what they are.
     I see in my mind's eye a big and beautiful basket of "goodies" with a great big bow on it that He has prepared for me, but I can't see exactly what is in it. Those things remain to be seen; like surprises from Him. There is a note tied on the basket that says, "With love from Me to you."
     This leap of faith, I believe, will hurl me into a new realm of being. Already by making this decision, I have crossed a line which has catipulted me to a new place. I no longer am lingering at the Jordan, but have picked up tent and supplies and have taken a step to cross it, trusting Him on the journey. The Land of Promises awaits! Can't wait to see and eat those big grapes!!! Fruitfulness, fullness, and wholeness beckons!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Covers, so Go!

     Do you ever feel trapped? I do, and today I realized that it's not other people getting in my way, but my own fears. I'm frustrated that I have them.
     In the book, The Dynamics of Grace, it says that these are dams in our ponds, which prevent the flow of God's grace and love from flowing fully through me to others. Fear is one of those dams.
     I have done many fearful things in my life when I believed it was God telling me to do them. Some of them would cause rational people to coil back, or, if they knew would try and talk me out of them. Such as, when one of the four men who broke into my house when I was there by myself 15 years ago, was released from jail, I felt the Lord telling me to be there when he was released, and ask to talk with him. I took him one of my teddy bears, because I knew something about him that happened when he was a young toddler which was so sad, and felt that somehow God would use it to bring him comfort. I also gave him the name of a minister in his neighborhood, who had agreed to talk to him when he was released. Of course my prayer in all of this, was that he would find the Lord, and receive Him, as I knew that was the only way for him to reverse the destructive cycle he was in, and find new life.
      I stepped out this time in faith believing that God would enable me by His power, and that He would keep me safe. Can you imagine what the D.A. thought and the surrounding law enforcement officials when they saw me, the victim of the crime, asking to talk with the perpetrator when he was released from jail that day? (I look at that, and even think myself to be crazy, and would have been if it was "me" and not "Him in me.") I know God must have used that to speak to them.
     Sometimes when I am just living the normal life (or should I say "the self indulgent life") I think I am not serving God. My desire is that I would be helping the outcast, the suffering, the down-trodden, and the mentally and emotionally bereft, every day of my life. But, I'm out here in the middle of a cow pasture, and I don't know how to make that happen.
     So, I "sigh," and "wait" and "watch" hoping I don't miss it when the opportunities present themselves. I think I'm ready-well, atleast I'm willing, and as I relay a past occasion of "stepping out" with trust in God's everlasting arms holding me, I am encouraged by His love and care of me when I do.
    Someone once said, "Do it in fear." That has helped me remember that the fear we have doesn't have to be gone as we go, but when we trust God to do it through us, His love for us and others will overide it, because "perfect love casts out fear."

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get Out of the Way

     Hello there, Singapore! May God's rich goodness indwell your soul today, and may you grow more and more into His image, so that His light in you will be seen by all in your world.

     I'm amazed at how God can create circumstances in our lives in such a way as to "cause" His will to be done. Have you noticed this? It's as if He throws things together, and then you wonder, how did this happen? It's like it was out of your control, but yet you participated in it.
     Let me give a good example. One day back in 1971, when I was going to college, I was in the student union to get something to eat. I saw some friends sitting at a table, and so my friend and I, sat with them. There was a guy there that I didn't know, but I found him very attractive. I mean, really attractive. As my friend and I put our books on the table, and proceeded to get in the food line with our trays, I excitedly said to her, "Don't you think that guy is cute?" She said, "He's o.k.." I was floored, as I couldn't believe that she didn't see what I did.
     Well, I thought it would end there. I wasn't the type of person who pursued something I wanted, so I just continued on my way.
     A few weeks later, I met someone who asked me for a date on the spur of the moment. For some odd reason, I accepted. He seemed cute and nice. After I was dressed to go, he called me on the phone in my dorm room saying that he had forgotten that he had another date, but that he had a friend with a "fine car" who would be willing to go out with me if I wanted to. I replied, "I don't care about the car. What about the guy?" to which he assured me was "fine" too. So, because I was ready to go somewhere, I accepted. He told me his name was Tom something.
    When he came to pick me up, and I walked out into the lobby to meet him, he was "that guy" who I had found so attractive in the student union. I said, "Are you Tom?" to which he affirmed and he said, "Patti?" and I, too affirmed. Now, what are the odds?
     The neat behind the scenes part is that he too, had been attracted to me even before the student union scenario, and had asked a mutual acquiantance of ours, about me. Unfortunately, the person he asked told Tom that he wouldn't go out with me. I have no idea why he said that to this day. Probably because he knew I wasn't a loose woman.
     Regardless, I found it awesome that with my attraction to him, and his to me, and yet neither one of us were the kind who were assertive enough to connect with the other, that we were "thrown together" I believe, by God.  I think He uses who we find attractive, as a impetus to put people together, but if they don't respond to this, and He has chosen someone for the other one and visa-versa, He can and will overide their particular limitations, so that His will is done. Yes, I believe that God arranged it for Tom and I to meet and get married, through these circumstances, despite our uninvolvment.
     When we started dating voluntarily after this, I sent a picture of Tom to a friend in a letter and said, "This is the guy I'm going to marry," way before we had even talked about it. And that is not my usual way, either. I am one who is prone to cover my bases, and not put myself in a vulnerable positon, but in this case, I believe that God had given me this knowledge in my spirit, and that I was speaking prophetically.
     So, this is what I meant in how God uses our lives and arranges things, without our seeming involvement, so that His will is done. This happens more than we know, and sometimes He lets us in on it. And, if we don't resist the circumstances that unfold in our lives, and allow Him free reign, things turn out beautifully for all concerned.
     As I typed this last line, He just answered a prayer that I had. He caused me to know that I can trust Him to work out the greatest dilemmas we seem to be in. He has spoken to me before to "stand back and watch the glory of God," whenever I didn't know what to do, thinking that I was the one who needed to work it out, and He is saying that to me now. I stand, I wait and I watch.


Saturday, February 09, 2013

He's Building His Ecclesia!!!

     The Lord is building His Ecclesia, because His Word says that He will, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. The Ecclessia I am referring to is what some have termed, "The Church Universal." (I won't go into why the word "church" was put there by men in place of the word "ecclesia."-there is enough on the internet already about that.)
     The "called out ones" or the "called together ones" have been called out of their sin, but also out of the organized religious mindset,  and into the living Body of Christ. They are the people of God, His living stones, who have made Him their Head, Father, King, and Master, indicating their willingness and desire to follow His lead wherever that might take them, because they know that He loves and accepts them, through Jesus Christ.
     People who are religious are caught up in following traditions of men, and are devoid of listening to the voice of His Spirit each day, in the many ways He speaks.They are either born into the proticol, or learn it from the institutional hierarchies by being groomed by the powers that be. They look to their standards of truth and practice, for cues on what they are to do, and how they are to do it. This "box" of expectations, are used consciously or unconsciously, to judge someone's standing in Christ, and is none other than trying to be acceptable to God by fulfilling these expectations. Living this way, negates the salvation which Christ won for us on the cross, and the reconciliation between God and man it provides, and our access to Him, now that the veil of partition has been torn.
     That was a major reason Jesus condemned the religious leaders of his day-they were interfering with people knowing Him by putting weights on them which He did not. It continues to this day. Even though we are now living on this side of the cross, the religious institutions shackle men by their doctrines, into believing that "unless they do such and such" then they are not really acceptable to God.
     This lie, if believed, causes many to keep on trying to be acceptable, and are caught in the endless trap of trying to "do it better," to no avail. The mindset of "it's all on them" creates a constant doubt as to their acceptability to God, because, in their minds (and satan fuels this lie in many ways) they are always falling short.
     There is another mindset which develops, though, in believing this lie and that is that many believe they are actually "good enough" to be pleasing to God, comparing themselves to others' lives. This pride creates a colossol barrier into receiving God's grace, because, afterall, they are pleased with their own goodness, so why shouldn't God be?
     But, nevertheless, God is building His ecclesia,  for those who have ears to hear, and really love the truth. He is "calling them out" of this mindset, and many times out of the institution itself if it continues to infect people's souls with these false beliefs. He is showing them His acceptance and love, despite their former teaching and programming.  I see it happening in many circles of people today, as He is bringing it about by His Spirit in individual lives. The gates of hell (satan's devices and schemes) cannot prevail against a people who know that the One who has set them free, loves and cherishes them, through the sacrifice Jesus made for them, and will forever and ever. On this and no other foundation can His ecclesia grow into His image.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Someday My Prince will Come

     Sometimes, I think, our dissatisfaction with life is due to a deep desire for that which is perfect. In God's Word, He says "when the perfect will come, that which is not perfect will be done away with." 1 Cor. 13:10. That which is not perfect refers to the gifts of the Spirit given to us such as prophecy that tell us things "in part", or imcompletely or imperfectly. But the perfect, I believe, is none other than Jesus Christ, Himself, when He comes back. When He does, we will see Him face to face, and "everything will be perfect" or "perfected"-not only in us but between Christ and us with no barriers, and we will have that most blissful and filling relationship realized.
     And, I long for that time. I truly know that every desire I have for adventure, excitement, and true love cannot be fulfilled in this life. Any parcel that I experience, soon quickly fades away with another desire that springs up again. Trying to fulfill that which only "the perfect" can fulfill can lead to harmful results, when I choose to ignore that truth, for I will, as God says "spend money on what does not satisfy." If I continue to do this, I may not only come up financially and emotionally bankrupt, but spiritually also.
     Even though we can "eat of Him and drink of Him" in the here and now, I believe, that our total satisfaction will not be met until we look in His eyes, when "corruption takes on incorruption." 1 Cor. 15:53. But that means, either it's when Jesus returns to earth, or when we shed these bodies and "die."
     With all the people and things of this earth that we love and enjoy, if we only knew of the experience of seeing Him, we wouldn't think twice of which one we would choose. There would be no comparison.
     And so, as I awake this morning, I am pining for my One True Love. This blog's address is "this same jesus" and it refers to the time Jesus ascended into heaven and the angel declared to those who were there, that the same Jesus they saw ascending, would return in the same way. To me, that is saying that He will visibly come down from heaven for all to see.
     Even though I realize I can't just sit and wait starring up in the sky for His return, as He also told us to "occupy til I come" and "to go into all the world making disciples," my anxious heart is waiting and watching until He does.  I am assured that "someday my Prince will come," and take me away with Him, and we will live "happily forever after." It will be just perfect!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Are You a Repairer of Broken Walls?

     I'm starting to see life and other people in the light of transformation. The Word speaks of "the restoration of all things."Although I don't know exactly what this is, the words hint at it's  possible meaning. Some say it is when God creates a new heaven and a new earth, and this is a plausible interpretation. But even before that happens, I think that God's new life which occurs when we are born-again, and then when we grow in Christ, is a transformational process which restores all things in us.
     What are we being restored back to? The way man was before the Fall, or back into His image, which is into the image of Christ. Isn't it awesome that He makes all things new? He makes all things new in us, and then as we reflect Christ to others, they are somehow changed. If they are unbelievers, our new nature, (or Christ in us) helps the ground of their hearts be softened to receive Him later if they will, and if they are believers, He touches them through us and they grow more Christ-like. In this way, our vessel is used by Him for His purposes and glory, and it's wonderful to be a part of His work in this way. Our only part is to agree to "release Him" to others by letting His love, His acceptance, His support, His encouragment, His touch and affection, His comfort, and all that He is flow through us.
     When we begin to realize that His will is to transform all who are His, and even those who aren't His, but will be potentially, we start to see them as possibilities instead of as "lost causes," especially those who have failed time and time again. Our view of them, I believe, effects negatively or positively the course of events in relationship to them changing. I believe people's spirits are so sensitive that they can sense when we condemn who they are and what they do, even if we don't say it.
     We all have standards of right and wrong, which may or may not be in line with God's way, or you could say our expectations of the way life is to be lived. Sometimes we are correct in our assessments of things, but we must be careful not to judge the person as wrong by bringing shame upon them. Shame is one of the biggest killers to someone being able to change that I know of. It is a dark monster that paralyzes, and can even cause someone to go further into the darkness as it hides itself from the world for fear of having more shame cast on them.
     But, on the other hand, our acceptance and support of who someone is as a created child of God, and precious in His sight, no matter what they are doing and thinking and being, can be life-changing for them. The light  which emanates from unconditional love encourages others to walk in the light of His righteousness, more and more. We become partners with God's plan of "restoring all things," when we impart this to them.
     Let us be called "Repairers of Broken Walls" by  satisfying the needs of the oppressed in showing them God's unconditional acceptance in our attitudes and actions towards others. 
“If you do away with the yoke of oppression,
with the pointing finger and malicious talk,
10 and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry
and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,
then your light will rise in the darkness,
and your night will become like the noonday.
11 The Lord will guide you always;
he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
and will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail.
12 Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins
and will raise up the age-old foundations;
you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls,
Restorer of Streets with Dwellings."
Isaiah 58:9-12.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Come to the Waters and Drink

     Sometimes I don't feel God's presence because, I think, I am so used to feeling Him whenever I am struggling. When I am at rest, it seems like He's not there, or it feels ordinary and dull. I guess I am being adjusted on the inside since He has "lead me beside the still waters."
     Many years ago, about 15 or so, I was attending a church at a family reunion. The pastor asked the congregation who wanted to ask God, our Shepherd, to take us to green pastures and lead us beside still waters. Even though my husband's sister and her husband, who are very conservative, were there with us, I promptly went forward to stand in line with others who also desired God to take us to this place. I can envision it in my mind's eye, even today, as I type it.
     Recently, after going through tumultuos waters for all those years, and wondering what was wrong with me, was I really saved, no one else struggles like this, etc. He has brought me there. He answered my prayer, but it wasn't a magic wand sort of thing. It was hard and full of wrestling and required much perserverance of faith in His faithfulness to get me here. I know that I will go through more, but I honestly believe that He has gotten me passed many major dams in my heart. It took so long. I almost despaired. "I would have fainted if I had not seen the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."
     Now that things are alot more peaceful inside of me, they are more peaceful around me. And I'm not used to it. It feels lacking, although I know it is not. Peace is a good thing.
     I have a sign on my wall that says , "Shalom," which means "peace." That too is a reminder of what He has done, as it sat there prophetically speaking to me and I didn't even know it.
     Sometimes prayers take a long time to answer, but I know that it was His perfect time. As strange as it sounds, I wasn't ready on the inside to contain this peace until He had made me ready. Because it came and is here in me, shows the work He's done; that "readying" work to receive His love and goodness.
   It really is true that if we "faint not" He will come through for us according to His will, and it was; it is His will for us to let Him lead us beside those still waters where His peace resides. It is where He is, and He wants to meet us there. "Come" is something He is always saying to us. As we arise in our hearts to do so, He lights the way.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Revelation: A Precious Trust

     A revelation that God gives someone is a precious trust. It is to be handled with care. Sharing it is under the advice of His wisdom and counsel, as to time, place, and with who.
     It is to be defined as God imparting to someone a spiritual understanding of His Word by shining light on it. It could be for personal use, or for the Body of believers at large. I believe that God works in a heart of the recipient of the revelation in such a way as to enable them to receive what He shows them.
     God has given me such a revelation, and I am being very careful with it. It continues to unfold daily, as it has many layers to it. This is the reason that I haven't blogged anything in a few days. I have been staring at it's beauty and seeking God as to what I could share about it.
      It is blessing me greatly, and with the application of it in my life, will change everything dramatically. I've already seen the results of it. It's application in my life has brought me peace and a sense of being protected.  It involves Him showing me how I have been walking wrongly, and laying out a new and lighted path for me; a path of new hope and life never experienced before. It is a beautiful path, filled with His Presence.
     If I share this with the wrong person(s), it will lose it's meaning. He has given me one person to share with, and that person is one who He had already shown it to before. We can feed each other with these new revelations on this ever-encompassing subject, as He's already prepared us to eat of these truths.
     A few years ago, or even a year, or even a month, or even one day before He showed me these things, I could not have accepted this revelation. His perfect timing, knowing where He had brought me on the inside, was paramount in me receiving this.
     I don't mean to be mysterious or "teasing" when I write these things. I just want to convey the value of a revelation, and how sharing it has to be under His care and direction. If it is not, it will fade away and lose it's impact to both you and who you share it with.
     If God gives you one, you know that it's because your soul has been made ready for it through pain and despair and anguish and death. And then after death, life appears. At first you are tempted to say, "finally" but then you know that you had to go through what you went through (even it was the consequences of you reaping what you had sown) for Him to place a revelation of this magnitude in you.
     It's huge; it's deep-My cup runneth over!!!