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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life Forever More!!!

     I want to go where the Lord wants to take me; I want His truth. I want to live in His truth. I want to experience His truth. Looking at these words, I realize that He is truth and that I could substitute Him whenever the word "truth" is used, such as I want Christ. I want to live in Christ. I want to experience Christ.
     As my walk progresses in Him, I am accessing more of Him daily, and I have been satisfied with that, but I had someone this morning tell me that there were truths in Scripture that, if believed and received, could propel me into so much more of Him very quickly. Although inviting, I must say that I've never been a "microwave" girl. In fact, I have been wary of it. I have believed that it was out of suffering that "new life" resulted, and this proposal of a quick fix is unsettling to me. But, if God is telling me that, and if He is saying my wandering is over, and that He wants me to "go in and possess the land," like I have heard Him beckoning me, than I'm interested.
     Remembering that He has recently called me to "the promised land" I go with Him by my side, by His power, with His protection to seek my dwelling place which is in Him, for He is the promised Land. As Moses said, "if you don't go with me, than I'm not going." But, He is going with me, so I am going.
     How I go is to open up my spirit to hear what those who say they live there have to say; those who are going to give a good report and not the spies who say I can't take the land because of the giants. I naturally have a "yea, but" in me that I hope doesn't try and sabatoge me going, if it is truly my good Shepherd who is calling.
     Lord, let it be your voice only that I follow. That has always been my desire, because I know that You will not lead me astray. In You I put my trust alone. If you want me to "go in and possess the Land, the good soil that is You, I want to be firmly planted here forever and ever and ever. Amen.


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