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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Possess Him!!!!

     "The land of milk and honey"-I wonder what that means in the New Covenant? In the old, it was literal, but I suspect God has deep, spiritual understanding, truth and reality for us this side of the cross.
     We know in the old, it was a land God made to flourish in all ways, as the people followed in His ways, and didn't compromise with the ways of the people around them. It was a land full of abundance and life! It was a place of fullness; never lacking!
     Could that have been a type of place-a dwelling place-such as when we allow ourselves to be placed in the heart of God? A place of repose and peace? A place where we never lack, when we choose to be satisfied with Him only? Is this the still waters, and green pastures? Our Beulah Land on earth as it is in Heaven?  A place where we cross the Jordan fearlessly, as we have come to know that He truly loves us, which has led to us trusting Him to take care of us?
     Close your eyes for awhile and "be there." Can you hear the beautiful sounds of the birds, and gentle pure water flowing ? The cool breeze slightly blowing your hair? Peace is in the air, and you sense His glory all around you with His love embracing and enveloping you. Oh, sweet Jesus!
   The New Promised Land is a Land full of His Promises: He promises to never leave you. He promises that nothing can seperate you from His love. He promises He has gone before you and has prepared a place. Could this place of rest be that place? Is it a foretaste of the feast to come?
     Nothing can hurt you in this place, as it is a place deep within the heart of God. His heart is surrounding you. Our physical bodies may hurt, as we think of hurt, but our spirits will be preserved forever, come what may. And isn't that what is important?
     So, still we can have rest. We will not be in want because He has filled everything in us, and we have learned to be content with that. We traveled many miles and years in the wilderness to consent to receive Him only, deciding that He was sufficient for all our needs, and cancelled out all our wants which derived from our own self will. Oh, blessed assurance-Jesus is Mine!!!He is that Land of Milk and Honey!!!


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