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Saturday, February 09, 2013

He's Building His Ecclesia!!!

     The Lord is building His Ecclesia, because His Word says that He will, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. The Ecclessia I am referring to is what some have termed, "The Church Universal." (I won't go into why the word "church" was put there by men in place of the word "ecclesia."-there is enough on the internet already about that.)
     The "called out ones" or the "called together ones" have been called out of their sin, but also out of the organized religious mindset,  and into the living Body of Christ. They are the people of God, His living stones, who have made Him their Head, Father, King, and Master, indicating their willingness and desire to follow His lead wherever that might take them, because they know that He loves and accepts them, through Jesus Christ.
     People who are religious are caught up in following traditions of men, and are devoid of listening to the voice of His Spirit each day, in the many ways He speaks.They are either born into the proticol, or learn it from the institutional hierarchies by being groomed by the powers that be. They look to their standards of truth and practice, for cues on what they are to do, and how they are to do it. This "box" of expectations, are used consciously or unconsciously, to judge someone's standing in Christ, and is none other than trying to be acceptable to God by fulfilling these expectations. Living this way, negates the salvation which Christ won for us on the cross, and the reconciliation between God and man it provides, and our access to Him, now that the veil of partition has been torn.
     That was a major reason Jesus condemned the religious leaders of his day-they were interfering with people knowing Him by putting weights on them which He did not. It continues to this day. Even though we are now living on this side of the cross, the religious institutions shackle men by their doctrines, into believing that "unless they do such and such" then they are not really acceptable to God.
     This lie, if believed, causes many to keep on trying to be acceptable, and are caught in the endless trap of trying to "do it better," to no avail. The mindset of "it's all on them" creates a constant doubt as to their acceptability to God, because, in their minds (and satan fuels this lie in many ways) they are always falling short.
     There is another mindset which develops, though, in believing this lie and that is that many believe they are actually "good enough" to be pleasing to God, comparing themselves to others' lives. This pride creates a colossol barrier into receiving God's grace, because, afterall, they are pleased with their own goodness, so why shouldn't God be?
     But, nevertheless, God is building His ecclesia,  for those who have ears to hear, and really love the truth. He is "calling them out" of this mindset, and many times out of the institution itself if it continues to infect people's souls with these false beliefs. He is showing them His acceptance and love, despite their former teaching and programming.  I see it happening in many circles of people today, as He is bringing it about by His Spirit in individual lives. The gates of hell (satan's devices and schemes) cannot prevail against a people who know that the One who has set them free, loves and cherishes them, through the sacrifice Jesus made for them, and will forever and ever. On this and no other foundation can His ecclesia grow into His image.


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