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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Counting the Cost of a Lampstand

     "Let your light so shine," the Word says. Of course when we read this, we know that it is really His light shining through us and not ours. Or is it? If not, it should be so.
     We do have a light of our own. It might be our good personality imprinted on our DNA, or our ability to be cordial developed by our instructive upbringing, or even could be seen resulting from our good acting ability we've honed over the years in wanting others to think everything is great with us because we fear being real and true.
     But His light in us is of a completely different nature. His light breaks through us, as a result of having ourselves brought to the cross and crucified, so that He may increase and we might decrease. John the Baptist didn't want to be seen and noticed and adored in his day when Jesus walked the earth, but rather he wanted Jesus glorified, and so he spoke those words. (decrease/increase) And as we grow in Him, we discover that same desire is in our hearts.
     Crucifying brings new life. Death first and then life. I have been in contact on and off with a brother in the Lord who has lived with a group of people now since 1985, who believes that as people share their lives daily, living in close proximity, and are opened to each other's exhorting, encouraging and admonishing (by the Word with love) that it is then that we are crucified to ourselves and out of that, His light shines. Collectively when this happens over time, a "lampstand" is formed not only for the hosts of heaven to see, but also for those around them. But he cautions,

 "there can BE NO LAMPSTAND, PERIOD in a place that is borrowing words and platitudes, importing figure heads for the franchise, or searching for “ideas and concepts and methods”—rather than seeing and being willing to experience the rejection and pain and humiliation of a Corporate Cross. Men can “plant” a little happy club about anywhere."

     Notice the words , "rejection, pain, and humiliation" he uses. In other words, what I think he is saying is that if you really want to be a part of being a lampstand (where His light so shines) in the area in which you live (or in moving if He tells you too) you will have to be honest with yourself, if you are willing to go through this process to have that priveledge. Of course, I am getting the sense of what these saints believe is that subjecting ourselves to each other's eye, (the Holy Spirit in them) in these ways, as we walk daily with Him, is the way this happens. The result of the brokeness that will happen in us, is that His true light does begin to shine, which is His way and His will for His family.  So, extending that further, the question becomes are we willing to go through the pain to fulfill His heart's desire?

     I am contemplating all of this myself, as it could happen in the not so far future that a couple could move into our house next door. First, we are waiting to see if our desire is just a fickle and fleeting one, which passes over time, and then there's the question of if everyone is on board. I thought this last thing was all that was needed, but now God is revealing the deeper aspect of it in "counting the cost" of entering into such a community, which is: Do we think it's worth the pain, rejection and humiliation God will use to get us to the other side, so that He might be glorified and shine through us? That we must consider.  If we would but open ourselves up to this crucixion process, a lampstand in our area would be truly placed here.

If you would like to read more about this lampstand, click on the link of Jesus Life together, under "letters" at the top of their webpage, then under the heading, "Desiring a Lampstand."



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