Dear Bro. Tom and Sister Patti in Christ,

Greetings of grace and peace be unto both of you from Jesus, our dear Lord and Savior.
We honestly do believe that this mail would find each of you in good health and happiness. Also while regularly praying for you, also praying God to grant you a good harvest from your fields where you are working so hard. We sincerely admire and appreciate your hard efforts in farm work.
I and Dorothy would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you both for your love and hospitality when we were at your sweet home. Especially much thankful to you for buying a flight ticket for me to visit our dear Bro. Court Wood at Bristol, and also for providing the train tickets from Chicago to your place. Particularly for filling my hands with your precious love offering. When I reached his home, he was so anxiously awaiting for my arrival, and then, we both together had a very nice and blessed time, and have shared so many things related to his health and also all about our ministry both at India and at the US.
And especially, if your love can permit us, we just wanted to let you know that soon after our arrival to India, we have rushed to our Miracle Centre to see the extent of damage duly caused by the recent cyclonic storm and floods. But to our dismay, very sadly, there was a great extent of damage, mainly to the Orphanage building. Almost all the doors, glass windows were broken and some have fallen to pieces. Also the water supply pipe-lines including electricity lines were also broken. Therefore, as now it is the winter season, the cold waves are entering into this orphanage building, and most unfortunately, the little loving children in it are suffering from that severe cold. Very often, we used to be there, especially at nights, and sadly, these children were shivering and suffering a lot for not having doors and windows. It is sad that our hearts were broken on seeing them in that severe situation! Simply, we knelt there in prayers, and urged God to fill our hands as to get them repaired or to replace with new doors and windows. We pity them a lot and it is so painful to see those dearly children in that hard situation. But unfortunately, as we do not have money at hand, unable to do any remedy to them now! Please find the pictures showing all this damage including the damage to our rice crop which was just washed away by these severe flood waters.
Therefore, as we do have much faith in your prayers, we beseech your prayers for this very precious need, and if God fills your helping hands, be pleased to bless our hands so that we may able to protect these dearly little children from that biting cold conditions. And also if it is possible, we do encourage you also to announce about all this damage caused at the church of Bro. Thomas Cecil Blount. And when we have asked for its estimated cost, the Engineer has estimated the cost would be around US $ 4,311. We request you to please do have mercy.
With prayers, love and reverence, looking forward to hear from you,
Yours in His service,
Pastor George & Dorothy from India.