Great and Unsearchable Things

Things the Lord gives me, and then I write them.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Great and Unsearchable Things According to His Will

Notice I changed the header of the blog to coincide with the new purpose the Lord has established: seeking His heart on any and all matters we desire to know. In Jeremiah He tells us to call on Him and He will answer and tell us "great and unsearchable things" which we don't know, so that is what we, His sheep, who He says know His voice, are doing. We invite you, as a believer, to join us in tapping the depths of our Father's heart, understanding that it is His will to decide to hide or reveal to us, and that all in His timing and way.
I got a slight impression this morning concerning this hiding He does, and it was that in some cases it is for our protection. We tend to think that the more we know, the better, and the more details we know, the better. But God, in His sovereign and perfect wisdom, knows better, and I believe He willingly hides things from us as well as reveals them. I am a seeker of truth-always have been. Sometimes to my detriment, because my desire to know the truth, many times, supersedes my ability to hold it. These are the areas in us that God knows about and, I believe, uses to make His determinations. I am (slowly) "getting it" to release to Him all areas in me, even that desire (sometimes just a carnal one) to "have to know."
And so, this seeking Him, must be from a mode of respect and trust, and not of demandingness or pride in which we think we can handle it. "Don't think of yourself more highly than you should." Sometimes I tend to do that, and I get in trouble (meaning I bring trouble upon myself)
So, help us Lord come humbly in seeking You, trusting Your will in what You CHOOSE to reveal. Prepare us to receive of Your understanding and ways.

Lord- Could you show us something of this beautiful spirit of submission that You desire for us, your children, to possess? We know that You possess it and it was demonstrated through Jesus as He walked this earth as He served You, and reached a pinnacle in the Garden of Gethsemane. Also, the love that prompted the submission-what does that look like?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Crucifying our Flesh

Lord, Paul said in your written word, "I die daily." Also in Your word it is written that we are to crucify ourselves. Then it is written that "we are crucified with Christ." Then, again, we are to deny ourselves. What does this look like in real life? This daily dying? This denying ourselves? Are we already crucified or are we being crucified? And what does this mean? Does it mean saying "yes" to everything someone else asks of us, if it doesn't violate your standard? Could you give a few examples or is it just something that is spiritually discerned? Lord, if I can be doing something to "purify" myself, I want to do it. So, help us, Lord, understand what is meant by all of this. Thank you, our Father, for what You have revealed to us so far. It has been very comforting and refreshing. We seek and expect to hear from You. Your children need and want their bread.(To do Your will) We listen and wait, expecting to hear.

Please seek the Lord with us and post what you "hear" from Him in the comments section. This post will be opened for 2 weeks. Your contribution is important to the Body. We are equipping one another as we all come to the full stature (or maturity) in Christ Jesus.